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All Elite Wrestling, LLC (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. Professional wrestlers Cody, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega, collectively known as The Elite, are serving as both in-ring performers and executive vice presidents for the promotion.
OldSkullGaming 21 hour ago
This is one hell of a promo!!!! What I dont understand is why you guys are posting this until now??????
Safwan Khan
Safwan Khan 21 hour ago
Mox: So last time we had chains, glass shards, ice pick, barbed wire bat, barbed wire broom and yeah an barbed wire bed. So what should we do this time? Kenny: Oh here me out, we will have a deathmatch just like last time but with barbed wires and explosions. How does it sound Mox: Cool
ringo barooka
ringo barooka 21 hour ago
Cool... More megabyte ronnie please
Isaac Hall
Isaac Hall 21 hour ago
Ryan is a damn 👊 bag for AEW Lost after lost 😆 😆 😆
Darren lee
Darren lee 21 hour ago
I guess hhh finally offers him the world and all the money in it, revolution last match goes home to help renee ànd eventually returns on smàckdown live.. Sounds too good to be true doesnt it 😉🤫
Doopy Doody
Doopy Doody 21 hour ago
Exploding barbwire death match... what a joke. I’m sorry, I usually appreciate modern wrestling for what it is but some days it just hits me how little modern wrestlers actually know about what professional wrestling is about. It used to be about taking the audience through a story in the ring, taking them on a fucking journey each match. And selling the effects of that journey on your body. The wear the tear. Each powerbomb, each spear, every single move felt impactful and important because of this mentality. Each move was a step in that journey and effected the wrestlers for the rest of the match. That’s what made it feel worth watching, exciting. But modern wrestlers don’t see that. For instance Jeff hardy. What made him the risk taker... truly? Was it how often he climbed ladders? Was it how he’d do a front flip onto people? No... nothing Jeff hardy did would’ve mattered without the story he told each match. Without the journey. What I’m saying is what gave Jeff hardy his name isn’t the amount of spots he did. But the fact that he sold, every fucking move he took, like it killed him. One clothesline and jeff was on his back, reaching for the ropes as if he’d got broken in half. It was this underdog factor, the illusion of Jeff being half fucking dead from the punishment he was recieving. That made the audience actually care about him. That made his stunts impactful, it was this factor that made the Swanton even worth doing. Because the audience unlike today, wasn’t just seeing a stunt, they weren’t just seeing a cool move. They were seeing a kid who was half fucking dead from being beaten to shit, somehow still willing to take a huge risk. You see the difference right? You see how one has at more stakes, feels way more important than the other? Has a lot more storytelling to it? The thing modern wrestlers have confused is that they don’t tell story’s in the ring anymore. They don’t take you on a journey, let alone sell the effects of it. They just... do moves. And as you are seeing right here, doing moves isn’t what made professional wrestling work. Isn’t what made the sport interesting.. That’s why wrestlers today have to resort to basically saying, “hey look at my move! I’m gonna go through exploding barbed wire!” To create stakes. Because they have lost touch with what actually made each match interesting. The journey. Even seemingly obvious factors of making it look like you’ve been in a fight modern wrestlers don’t do. Like at the end of the match. As soon as they’ve been covered, as soon as they couldn’t lift their shoulder off the canvas for 3 seconds... as soon as that bell rings they roll all the way out of the ring. Why? Your supposed to be down and out?
Arbert Kream
Arbert Kream 21 hour ago
Cody rhodes is the star ✨✨✨✨✨
Kenny Omegax
Kenny Omegax 21 hour ago
I hate Jonathan 🤬
Dyllan Games
Dyllan Games 21 hour ago
I wish he would’ve said “even people I called my brothers” when he said people tried to take him out to pay homage to the shield
Madhav Vinod
Madhav Vinod 21 hour ago
JAH 1 21 hour ago
he is old and knows nothing about wrestling retire Shaq watch your back the big show is in aew
xxcosbyxcorexx 21 hour ago
QT Marshall is maybe one of the more boring wrestlers I have ever seen.
Delvin Combs
Delvin Combs 21 hour ago
I wanna see rey fenix win the aew championship some day
J T 21 hour ago
Can't wait!!! It sucks waiting for this game, but as much as I'm waiting for the "Console game" I'm more excited for the first exclusive current gen game" when they wonder be help back a little by making it for last gen as well. Cause if this game turn out as awesome as it's looking, sounding and I think it will. Just imagine what the next game will be like 2 years from now on just PS5 and.... whatever the lastest Xbox is called, sorry not an Xbox gamer, so I'm not sure. Xbox series X I believe right? Or is that the smaller one? Whatever it's called ha, no disrespect intended to it, it's just not my console preference. Sony and Nintendo is what I like, anyway just imagine. Gonna be so dope. I hope anyway
Jenny Bates
Jenny Bates 21 hour ago
Pure gold! Old school sting, and Darby Allyn.
Chizzy B
Chizzy B 21 hour ago
This will be one hell of a match up but it be better as a PPV main event than on Dynamite
Mitchell Alexander
Mitchell Alexander 21 hour ago
2:28 He truly has People behind him. With legitimate cheers.
DDJ Reacts
DDJ Reacts 21 hour ago
If want Moxley to Win that AEW Championship, Gimme a Hell YEAH!!!???
8_bizzle 21 hour ago
It's gonna be another Hardcore Classic between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.
Mox on fire
Lucas 22 hours ago
AEW taking their time spitting these videos out
cryforthemoon 22 hours ago
0:05 I do too. THE BIG SHOW!!!!
DANNY D 22 hours ago
Jon Moxley 🔥
my fealing
my fealing 22 hours ago
Ye banda king 👑 hai reall
i don't like shaq vs Cody.. didn't even match.. better jade vs Cody better sound.. i like jade n Cody
The Xilaman
The Xilaman 22 hours ago
Brandon Cutler is looking like a contender for a midcard title! Well done man
GamebroTV 22 hours ago
Where is he going? Is he taking a break to be with his baby?
Oscar Ramirez
Oscar Ramirez 22 hours ago
Stupid JR and his stupid mistakes He keeps on having. His señor moments Get him tf out of there already!!! Annoying old man !
Oscar Ramirez
Oscar Ramirez 22 hours ago
Lmao true
Mark Dohner
Mark Dohner 22 hours ago
The young bucks are much like what people say Miz is like....people pretending to be someone pretending to be professional wrestlers
Alex Lazarus-Hall
Alex Lazarus-Hall 22 hours ago
This is straight out of CZW
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 22 hours ago
The fact they dont do scripts is what makes aew even better then expected. I mean jon litteraly promos straight out his heart soul and mind. The man can make even a single word have power and meaning. Just like cody did when the first empty arena almost a year ago
Mickey S.
Mickey S. 22 hours ago
Moxley is the real thing. Like Funk and Austin.
NofaceNoCase 22 hours ago
We gonna act like we didn’t hear tazz say “shit”
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 22 hours ago
Please introduce women tag team championship balt please introduce women announcer and commentary
Brutal Justin
Brutal Justin 22 hours ago
This promo kinda sounds like a farewell :(
Rachel Ender
Rachel Ender 22 hours ago
Wooowhoo gettem moxely
The Age Of Roman reigns
*The lady in the ring ik a gaint* *me the big show*?? * lady says squq* *me bruh wtf*
Larry5six2 22 hours ago
What's that smell 😭😭🤣🤣
cryforthemoon 22 hours ago
Exploding barbed wire is what the world needs right now.
MegaKurgen 22 hours ago
Exploding garbage can match. CZW would be proud.
Daniel Plascencia
Daniel Plascencia 22 hours ago
Hikaru Shida passes Jon Moxley as aew’s longest reigning champion
Daniel Plascencia
Daniel Plascencia 22 hours ago
Hikaru Shida reign as champion: 278 Days Jon Moxley reign as champion: 277 Days
Mysterious J 123
Mysterious J 123 22 hours ago
Pineapple Pete has potential.
szczęście jest koloru czarnego
This promo reminds me of "IPW Jon Moxley Promo From Insane Intentions " (yt). His promos are freakin excellent!
Txwers 22 hours ago
LunitcFrege in aew yessir
Kadrian Spruill
Kadrian Spruill 22 hours ago
No he don’t
Jonathan Di
Jonathan Di 22 hours ago
Upset for aja vs ryo...
Wolfie 22 hours ago
I know Jon moxly won’t see this, but I’m coming up with a brand and I would love to send him some stuff , he like his living breathing proof of my brand and I hope one day to meet him and personally give him some of my clothing
Marcos Figueroa
Marcos Figueroa 22 hours ago
Seeing Darby on the zip was one of the most exciting things Ive seen on AEW
Aman K
Aman K 22 hours ago
Mox's Video outperforming Shaq's Video despite being uploaded 4 hours late lol and people still think Mox ain't a draw
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 22 hours ago
Another week another Moxley blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. The most over rated wrestler in AEW. He boring just another Cena. Put Page in the main even all ready million times better than Moxley. Page Fenix Sammi Archer they have plenty of actually wrestlers.
Elliott Blair
Elliott Blair 22 hours ago
HgH gut 👀
Malcolm Coderre
Malcolm Coderre 22 hours ago
we love MOXley!! 💚
Kadrian Spruill
Kadrian Spruill 22 hours ago
Why they post two the same day then next and then the next day
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 22 hours ago
Lance Archer is 43 years old and just 4 years ago had back surgery which was a major threat to his career, he got past that had a Killer final run in Japan before signing to AEW where he’s delivered every time he’s been in a big spot and the fact that this 43 year old tough SOB kept up with one of the best luchadors the world has ever seen says a lot about his dedication to his craft and his toughness. Lance Archer has been killing it in his second stage of his career and I’m loving every second of it.
Niko Paske
Niko Paske 22 hours ago
Papa Bucks is too funny for me to watch this seriously ^^
Q PINTA 22 hours ago
Andre Tatum
Andre Tatum 22 hours ago
The whole shield turned heel on two different brands 🔥🔥🔥🔥
DANNY D 22 hours ago
Sting The Legend
David O'Reilly
David O'Reilly 22 hours ago
2019: unsanctioned match 2021: exploding barb wire death match 2023: machine gun thumbtack ring of fire match in a barb wire electrified cage
Dee Shah
Dee Shah 22 hours ago
I'm lost👎🏿
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 22 hours ago
Lol in a month or two hope we gonna lose the almost useles mask.
Shadow21 22 hours ago
Can't wait, but before this. In 2 day's, Mox vs Kenta, Iwgp United States Championship!
Jericho_mpm 22 hours ago
1:20 - 1:22 i don't care where he is from - simply told promo...
browns1ism 22 hours ago
Njpw USA I guess that’s what they’re going for.
murder orgy
murder orgy 22 hours ago
Shaq vs Big Show
Mad Sarutobi
Mad Sarutobi 22 hours ago
Use women's wrestler for tag team division come on do it AEW
jt 22 hours ago
Exploding barbed wire deathmatches confirmed for the aew game now?
Ankit Chandaliya
Ankit Chandaliya 22 hours ago
Please signed Indian TV deal Big fan from India
Junior O
Junior O 22 hours ago
This promo reminds me of his CZW promo when he won the title he is the fire of the current extreme/hardcore style of a wrestler
Shaq vs Paul white (the big show)would be an excellent match
Kais Butt
Kais Butt 22 hours ago
It's most likely Sammy is gonna return at Revolution and screw Jericho and MJF
chives 223
chives 223 22 hours ago
What a fucking match
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira 22 hours ago
Spectacular 5 minute promo with no script. Incredible.
Adli 99
Adli 99 22 hours ago
Jon Moxley is the Tomasso Ciampa of Aew
Marissa Smith
Marissa Smith 22 hours ago
when is matt sydal gonna win
Richard English
Richard English 22 hours ago
The women's tag division is moribund. Get rid of those insulting medallions, declare Ivelisse and Diamante the champs, and put some proper belts on them. The female tag champs should be weekly fixtures on Dynamite (or even Dark, if that's the best you can do), and they need to face actual female tag teams, not thrown-together duos. The women's tag champs could take the spaces currently being wasted on guys like Peter Avalon & the Gunn Club. AEW does so many things so well (so much better than Vince & Co.) that it barely feels like a competition anymore. That being said, WWE's women's division, most days, kicks AEW's butt. These are just my opinions, but I'm willing to bet that many people agree with me.
Omurice 22 hours ago
I'd put this promo along with Jay white's after the dome as one of the best promos of 2021 so far.
Agent 47
Agent 47 22 hours ago
Ofcource he is going to take it he is born to be a champ nd he does it very well Kenny run as far as u can cause mox is not something to joke with
joeynova555 22 hours ago
eau.c144 22 hours ago
Saturday Night SlamMasters!