4 Huge Matches. Who Will Move On? | The AEW Women's Championship Eliminator Tournament Show 2 

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US vs Japan. Show 2. 2/22/21
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Iván 「el Errante」
Escribo esta opinión antes de la segunda semifinal del lado americano y la final del lado japonés y hasta el momento Emi Sakura vs Yuka Sakazaki y Emi Sakura vs Veny me siguen pareciendo los mejores matches del torneo. Creo que el match entre Emi vs Yuka fue equilibrado, los años de experiencia que le lleva Emi a Yuka como luchadora prácticamente no se notaron y eso que contó con algo de ayuda de sus alumnas y en ese ataque a Yuka al concluir el match me hubiera gustado que su compañera de tag team en TJPW, Mizuki, estuviera ahí para ayudarla. Ojalá Yuka gane el lado japonés, en cuanto a la semifinal entre Thunder Rosa vs Riho me gustan ambas, cualquiera de las dos que avance seguro que dará un gran match vs Nyla Rose en la final del lado americano. Leyendo algunos comentarios, a mi también me gustaría que en Revolution, el 7 de marzo, el match por el campeonato femenino de AEW fuera un 3 way entre Shida y las ganadoras del lado japonés y americano. Ese cruce de miradas entre Hikaru Shida y Emi Sakura me hizo pensar en un posible futuro feudo entre ellas en AEW?. En cuanto al match 3 vs 3 que se programo se me hace raro que Mei Suruga y Emi Sakura estén en equipos contrarios, debido al ataque de Emi y sus alumnas Mei y Yuna a Yuka
kickbeez 12 hours ago
Emi hitting Yuka with the classic "OOOOOH HO HO HO" is gold.
Jonathan Di
Jonathan Di 22 hours ago
Upset for aja vs ryo...
Andy Lyngdoh
Andy Lyngdoh Day ago
I love nyla rose
Yohan Meth
Yohan Meth Day ago
Ryo Mizunami vs Tommy The rivalry of the year!
dumaramutsi Day ago
50:44 Aja Kong's HIGH I.Q lol!!!
Brad Atkinson
Woulda been nice to feature the US matches on at least Dark! This women's division is coming together but woulda added more credibility to the tournament and got everyone more invested! Still I'm here and all for more content from AEW, looking forward to Elevation and shout out excalibur best commentator doing it today
Windwalker88 Day ago
As a big anime fan, this japanese wrestling is a dream come true
Walãnce Matheus
Guys, let's face it, Taynara is one of the best aew fighters, if not the best, going to Brazil
K F Day ago
Tommi is a woman. How do you know random trivia about joshis but not know Tommi? She's been in the biz way longer than Taz or Excaliber.
philip hill
philip hill Day ago
AEW needs sign Thea Trinidad aka Zelina Vega
Jay Den
Jay Den Day ago
Tay looks like Bebe rexha
ADCxoDPC Day ago
Shida in the white suit 💚 Damn these ladies are all phenomenal.
G RC J Day ago
I love that little genie Yuka like you wouldn't believe
paul Day ago
I can’t take the women’s Division seriously now after Nila rose defeated Britt baker I just can’t no more
James MT
James MT Day ago
Damn, awesome matches!! Stellar performances in every round!
Santiago Silva Maidana
Horrible combate de la Dentista barata.
Buddy Duncan
Buddy Duncan 2 days ago
Brit going to get them fingers bit off
Shivansh Verma
Shivansh Verma 2 days ago
I wish to watch tay conti vs Shida Both are my favourite
Linyoshi Belle
Linyoshi Belle 2 days ago
Shida got the Naito suit!
allhell138 2 days ago
Yuka n Emi tore the fuckin house down as well. I’ll take all of their work I can get
allhell138 2 days ago
Hope to see more remote location stuff with the Japanese girls after the tournament until this stupid pandemic travel issues get cleared up.
Basuan, Keith Lenard
Mei Suruga is cute tbh
Basuan, Keith Lenard
@brian harris Oh yeah
brian harris
brian harris Day ago
Mikey Stearns
Mikey Stearns 2 days ago
Taz and Excalibur are funny enough on dark and ignorable otherwise, but I would’ve liked better announcers for this women’s tournament. Taz obviously doesn’t give a shit about women’s wrestling
GoCody 2 days ago
Madi got FUCKED UP
Karl Slack
Karl Slack 2 days ago
The Japanese matches where great, especially the ending Ryo vs Aja.
brian harris
brian harris Day ago
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 2 days ago
So Brandon Cutler is on my television this week but not Aja Kong? Good grief 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
charlie alexander
didn't I see nyla rose in mortal combat... I'm just saying.
charlie alexander
Nyla Rose needs to fight men.
charlie alexander
women's division needs a 3tag team championship. maybe even an x division.
CanadaSpaceman 2 days ago
Bummer that Tay Conti lost, but every time she is onscreen, it is a win for us :)
CanadaSpaceman 2 days ago
Yuka match was cool, but I came here for Britt
Clan leader Predator
Fucking love japanese girl man
Fernando Arratia
Fernando Arratia 2 days ago
Yuka! Yuka!! Yuka!!!
Jordon Foss
Jordon Foss 2 days ago
YO.... I love RIYO. She's awesome. Genuinely formidable.
Brutal Justin
Brutal Justin 2 days ago
No disrespect to Madi but I would've rather seen Shanna or Red Velvet take Anna Jay's place.
Zachariah Edmondson
This is great, more of this on dynamite would be really nice to see!
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 2 days ago
Can’t wait for yuka and emi to come back to dynamite/dark. Yuka was really connecting with the crowds here then she got stuck in Japan :( I thought the magical girl splash was awesome then she pulled that magical girl 450 out of nowhere last round. What if we get Shida v Yuka at revolution with Yuka winning, surprising us with by saying she’s staying in US after the match and then Britt and rebel can come out and interrupt her or something and they can pick up where they left off. One can hope lol
Pax Humana
Pax Humana 2 days ago
I would love to see a tag team fight between Awesome Kong and Aja Kong Versus Ryo Mizunami and Nyla Rose. I would sense the beginning of a long rivalry in such a match up between those four women.
matthew reviews
matthew reviews 2 days ago
Damn. They did Madi Wrenkowski dirty
Martijn Steinpatz
Sharp dressed Shida? I approve!
bobby5gs 2 days ago
Omg. The Brit Baker match was horrible
J. R. Magro
J. R. Magro 2 days ago
I wanted Yuka to win the tournament but after seeing Ryo .. idk who I want to win. Both of their matches were 🔥🔥 overall great matches through the entire show. Get well soon Anna!
Jay 2 days ago
Tay and Nyla had an incredible match, Tay could definitely be champion
Werner Contreras
Werner Contreras 2 days ago
A lot of these really needed to be on Dynamite.
Bisaflorian 2 days ago
Don't do such things to Madi! She's a winner!
Matheus Alves
Matheus Alves 2 days ago
Tay ia awesome
The Amazing MC
The Amazing MC 2 days ago
They should have put all of this tournament on Dynamite, just this hour alone is way better than any of the women's wrestling I've seen on Dynamite (maybe with the exception of Serena Deeb vs Rhio last week)
Kristina Brandorff
Who else wanna see Nyla Rose vs Ryo Mizunami? In that case I'm sure Nyla will be in a big trouble, Ryo is a powerhouse eliminator :)
Vox Doom
Vox Doom 3 days ago
Holy fucking shit that legdrop from Ryo!
Andros 3 days ago
Ryo Mizunami looks cool, wonder what she could do in the proper AEW Dynamite ring
Vineet Biswas
Vineet Biswas 3 days ago
Emi and Yuka had a great match... I am a fan of Emi Sakura
Ronny Febri
Ronny Febri 3 days ago
Aja kong is a legend, but she should retiring and give the estafet to younger talent
Richard Freed
Richard Freed 3 days ago
Nyla Rose Too Strong For Tay Conti
Joaquin Gonzalez
Joaquin Gonzalez 3 days ago
Damn tay conti lost nyla should harvest she has no push rn
UNREG 3 days ago
Let´s go Britt Baker!
Caderfix 3 days ago
tay is great and improving fast. I'm glad the match was booked so she looked strong in defeat, with great selling from Nyla
Tommy Ymmot
Tommy Ymmot 3 days ago
YUKA better win the tournament and go on to win the women's title!! She's the best in the world
The one
The one 3 days ago
britt baker is incredible
Kl Montgomery
Kl Montgomery 3 days ago
Britt baker wrestle a good match. That match Britt baker is great being a evil heel. Britt baker would be a great heel Aew women's champion. The problem is Britt baker always lose to lady japanese wrestler in one on one matches.
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele 3 days ago
AEW IS AWESOME, you'll be seeing me on Wednesdays 💯💯
Kl Montgomery
Kl Montgomery 3 days ago
Yuka sabzaki already bea.t evil Britt baker. Because evil Britt Baker a sore loser. Britt baker attack her and broke her teeth
LENNY! 3 days ago
I'm predicting Ryo Mizunami to get the upset win and face Yuka in the finals.
LENNY! 3 days ago
*YEAH YUKA 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻* I hope she gets to the finals at Revolution.
Mickey Shepard
Mickey Shepard 3 days ago
ANNNAAAAA get better 🥺
EJamKing 3 days ago
I now need Aja Kong vs Carrion Cross
jowblaze30 3 days ago
Shame that Anna couldn't be a part of this :( I thought she would win the whole thing.
ぼんくら 3 days ago
Steven Bookmark
Steven Bookmark 3 days ago
Why is Nyla Rose allowed to wrestle with those massive fake nails ? Sure they look cool, but aren't they against the rules ? Cool Match btw.
Excalibur and Tax, please shut up when the great Doctor Britt Baker D.M.D. speaks to the camera, thank you.
Pedro Aguiar Barroso
Damn shida with the Yakuza style clothes 😳😳... can she keep that plz ? And the gimmick too ?
Neil Ericksson
Neil Ericksson 3 days ago
Don’t understand why this tournament is even happening. Women’s wrestling is not that entertaining. So who cares?
Jonny Worldbeater
Once again, some world-class talent on display from all of these competitors. I think perhaps Mizunami and Kong stole the show this time. It really amazes me to think that Aja Kong has probably been wrestling longer than I've been alive and still has the capacity to deliver such tremendous performances. Mizunami is obviously no slouch either. A lot of power, intensity, dynamic energy and charisma. Sort of reminds me of a female Togi Makabe. Looking forward to seeing who comes out on top between her and Yuka Sakazaki, in what's sure to be another barnburner.
These tournaments have been great. Second match and the last match were the best out of the four. Also I got to give Dr. Brit a whole lot of props for making this Madi Kid look good. Brit has improved so much I am very proud of her.
Rufin Fury
Rufin Fury 3 days ago
Tay Conti is fucking fantastic
Heaven Sent Hell Proof
Knightofsapphire 3 days ago
Madi still looks green but has great potential. She had some moves I've never seen before!
Reyler Gutiérrez
Rômulo Kennedy
Rômulo Kennedy 3 days ago
Tay Conti a melhor
Khijir Chowdhury
Khijir Chowdhury 3 days ago
Britt will win the entire tournament. Yuki definitely making it to the finals
petyu3 3 days ago
What happened to awesome kong?
Guichard Belton
Guichard Belton 3 days ago
I'm a simple guy. Give me a tournament with a little story and I'm invested.
Joshua Cross
Joshua Cross 3 days ago
Yuca do this
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
*Yuka VS Britt* needs to happen.
Roy Astro
Roy Astro 3 days ago
I like Emi Sakura a lot but I don't like her entrance music at all lol. It has that weird opening fanfare, the boom boom clap Queen beat for what, 2 stanzas? then a different drum thing, then finally when the song starts it's a really flat underwhelming trumpet melody. It's all over the place. My money is on Yuka to take the Japanese bracket, while the U.S. bracket is definitely a huge toss-up, all 4 could be viable finalists. I personally want to see Thunder take the whole thing. Also, giga-lol at all the Itoh simps in the comments. I totally get it, she's more than worthy of it, but she lost fellas, its OVER lmao.
fixpacifica 3 days ago
Itoh losing was part of the plan. Trust the plan!
sara exe
sara exe 3 days ago
These matches are so good! Hopefully we can see more of them on Dynamite!!
Coyote Style Pro
Coyote Style Pro 3 days ago
Ryo Mizunami has la SUPER SWAG 😎 HUGE win for her. She deserved that 😁
Enchantress 3 days ago
7:14 Tays first hurricarana🥺🥺🥺
Angel 3 days ago
This had to be tay night even if she did not win the tournament, she better get a title shot by the end of the year or i won't watch dark ever again the aew women division is weak and the only woman who can lift it are dr britt , tay. Ivelise,thunder, and that one Portuguese French girl I forgot her name and yet we keep on getting nyla whyyyyyyyyy????????
Victor Wright
Victor Wright 3 days ago
Tay Conti had that match won, but that nfl referee screwed up everything.
spfdesigned 3 days ago
Tay's DDT would be a believable finisher.
Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart 3 days ago
Why wasn’t Nyla’s manager in her corner for this big opening round match?!
One Opinion
One Opinion 3 days ago
I don’t appreciate how outta shape Nyla is.
One Opinion
One Opinion 3 days ago
Yo, Tay Conti is fucking gorgeous. An old fashioned smoke show.
One Opinion
One Opinion 3 days ago
Here for Britt Baker
wickidpissah 3 days ago
I will say this everywhere I can say it: it is impossible to not love Yuka Sakazaki.
Wheelchair Whacko
Big respect for Aja Kong, still doing what she does after 30+ years. Mizunami is growing on me too
Ozzie Lopez
Ozzie Lopez 3 days ago
Those heavy chops Emi Sakura delivers remains me of Chief Wahoo McDaniels.
Richard Butchko
Richard Butchko 3 days ago
Britt has gained weight but in a good way.
Dedy White
Dedy White 3 days ago
wrestler from japan its very poor not good..