4 Must See Round 1 Matches from Japan | AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament 

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AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament Round 1 from Japan | 2/15/21
#AEWWomensTournament #AllEliteWrestling #AEWDynamite
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Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
Brad Brooks
Brad Brooks Day ago
Maki Itoh is amazing! I want to join the neo Itoh respect army!
Tyrone Tittywaffles
I love the passion and personality these joshi ladies show but they need to work on making their strikes look a little more real.
IamcJ 2 days ago
450 Magical Girl Splash!!! Yayayayayayayay
Racso Duarig
Racso Duarig 2 days ago
🦉📿🇵🇷🐟{ 👍🏆🙏⛩️💪💘}
pils games
pils games 2 days ago
Just found out about MAKI ITOH, she needs be signed by AEW
StangF150 2 days ago
First match looked & sounded like 12 year old girls play wrestling, but trying not to hurt each other so their Moms don't punish them!
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 2 days ago
Holy shit that second match!
Mattia Bevilacqua
everyone seriously liked that? this is so cringe
jwbaker15 3 days ago
I love the ring announcer
happninmojo 3 days ago
Here for the Maki Itoh RE$P€CT Army. She's a great cowardly, conniving selfish heel. Reminds me of old school heel Flair and Lawler. She just needs to master thumb pokes, a few dirty behind the ref antics, maybe a Stan Lane loaded boot gimmick and the inevitable begging for mercy from the face. Dammit that's what AEW's women's wrestling needs.
Congslop's Diner
Congslop's Diner 3 days ago
Maki Itoh, with Jim Cornette as her manager
Raul Belomi
Raul Belomi 3 days ago
Let's Go Aja Kong 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
Jose Correa
Jose Correa 3 days ago
@ 14:17 looks like a scoop burning hammer
De Fowl
De Fowl 3 days ago
How I miss thunder rosa match this is the 1st hour of the womens diversion tournament
Father AxeKeeper
Father AxeKeeper 3 days ago
Fans like Itoh for her edgy twitter persona, but she's not a very good wrestler. Plus her gimmick is that she always loses. I don't know why so many people are surprised at her being eliminated??
Eli Yeary
Eli Yeary 3 days ago
Tag team version of this eventually please Also if you need an underdog to beat the odds grab riho. If you need someone to beat the ever loving crap out of the odds you get aja kong
CyberShiroGX 4 days ago
Will be really interesting to see these women clash with Nyla Rose and Britt Baker...
CyberShiroGX 4 days ago
Have Maki come to Jacksonville and have try and sing along with Judas please!!!
CyberShiroGX 4 days ago
Did Yuka do a 450 off the top rope? That's impressive!!!
joperhop 4 days ago
I need more Maki Itoh, she is great!
Maico 4 days ago
42:55 the best move on this tournament
Tall Rudd
Tall Rudd 4 days ago
Hats off to Excalibur for somehow always knowing everything there is to possibly know about wrestling.
Leye Adepoju
Leye Adepoju 4 days ago
very interesting matches
Joan Miriam Hicks
Rin..comes out to BUCK-TICK! I love it!
Josh Hadley
Josh Hadley 4 days ago
Maki Ito really started crying after getting slapped. She could probably get beat up by a high school girl.
Christine Webber
Christine Webber 4 days ago
These women need contracts. All do much better then 95% of aew females
Michael Wharton
Michael Wharton 4 days ago
The god of Love and Piss x'D
Purdy Keohokapu
Purdy Keohokapu 4 days ago
The magic girl fast paced wrestler
Tylik L
Tylik L 4 days ago
The is a contender tournament winner challenges Hikaru Shida for the women's title
Impact Fan Since 2004
didn't really care for the way Excalibur said Hana Kimura "passed away" you mean she was bullied online mercilessly by incels until they broke her spirit and she took her own life
Josh Hadley
Josh Hadley 5 days ago
Can these girls learn how to throw a clothesline?
Agenda 21
Agenda 21 5 days ago
10:19 SADAKO!! SADAKOOO!!!! lol
BanjoBrown 5 days ago
More like Rin Kadocutie. 😍😍😍
Neo The One
Neo The One 5 days ago
Maki and Veny. Elite. Now.
GuardofLiberty 5 days ago
I didn't even know who Maki Itoh was until this, which made me search for more of her. My God, sign her at the first chance. That woman has more charisma in her fingernail clipping than most wrestlers do in their entire bodies. It's super high. She would be an instant hit once the crowds really come back. For some reason, I'm just picturing a segment with her and MJF in an Inner Circle/Dark Order feud. Print money.
William Mortel
William Mortel 5 days ago
kinda love this ladies yuka x maki and even riho (on the us side of things) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Teh Joshua Montañez Shit Show
EmiSakura always been my favorite
Dragetsuyatamiki 5 days ago
The neighbors thought i was watching Japanese porn. They weren’t that far off
Drew Wendell
Drew Wendell 6 days ago
Finally... Yuka was hovering on the edge of "breakout" with American fans. It's great to see her back. Also, I think everyone who has been crapping on the AEW women's division during the pandemic needs to understand that the plan likely included a heaping serving of what we're seeing here.
Christopher Sananikone
Tits of the Iceberg
Excalibur holding it down here. Great job.
Pri LalaMour
Pri LalaMour 6 days ago
Veny and Rin are really good! I hope they show up more often in AEW. This tournament is awesome!!!
MrEmpireBuilder 6 days ago
There's a LOT of votes for Maki Itoh and I agree. She is a character for sure! Her ability for drama/comedy is just great.
MrEmpireBuilder 6 days ago
Holy moly. That Maki Ito girl is something! I just watched a short video on her after seeing this one... She is definitely a character AEW needs to get on board. She will be huge! She's got the moxy of The Acclaimed, the athleticism of Darby Allin, and the ego of Ricky Starks. This girl will go far! A natural lovable heel if there ever was one.
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 6 days ago
Nyla Rose, all the way
Fabricio Goulart
Fabricio Goulart 6 days ago
Excalibur is a world wide tresure, the guy even uses Veny's pronouns
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma 6 days ago
Now i realise why this is not on dynamite
Иuсleая Ротдто
Why does the commentator keep saying Their to veny?
Pengu Martin
Pengu Martin 5 days ago
he said they and its cus its a guy.
Mudkip Fan
Mudkip Fan 6 days ago
kettenfett 6 days ago
see Kimura's kimono cry like a baby we miss you hana :(
Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez 6 days ago
This is like the American version of STARDOM right ?
Mo Esquire
Mo Esquire 6 days ago
All these matches are so great. AEW really should have put these matches on Dynamite.
B-DALE Barksdale
B-DALE Barksdale 6 days ago
Some great Japanese Women Wrestling 💪😤👊💯🔥💃
The4cp 6 days ago
Kong is the Vader of women's wrestling
The4cp 6 days ago
I just fell in love with Maki Itoh
Mean Durphy
Mean Durphy 6 days ago
Could Rio Mizinami be Togi Makabe's daughter??
Luca Romanelli
Luca Romanelli 6 days ago
Maki Itoh is my new idol, in wrestling and life.
Luis E.A.
Luis E.A. 6 days ago
Excellent wrestlers ....
Johnny Malloy
Johnny Malloy 6 days ago
I could watch Emi wrestle everyday
Skippz 1904
Skippz 1904 6 days ago
Let's show TNT we want more Women's Wrestling!
Walter Torres
Walter Torres 7 days ago
Corny would fucking hate this, but I enjoy it lmfao! 😂
marcot 7 days ago
It's so weird that they wrestle for a crowd, but there's no one there.
karma823jp 7 days ago
さくらさんの本気はひさしぶりに見た。 あすかは もう アメリカにいるからだと思うけど venyっていい名前ですね
Copy Imitation
Copy Imitation 7 days ago
The ring announcers hair is so wild!!!
Miyaka Naruse
Miyaka Naruse 7 days ago
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen 7 days ago
Maki Itoh song sounds like an anime opening.
Tony Tox
Tony Tox 7 days ago
Sign Maki Itoh!
crazyli 7 days ago
I wanna see Big Swole and Maki Itoh trade headbutts
Adam Hong
Adam Hong 7 days ago
Excalibur was amazing doing the announcing work solo. Very reminiscent of the good old PWG days.
I Am Leviathan
I Am Leviathan 7 days ago
everyone here talking about itoh when a fuvking legend in AJA KONG graces our presence
Justin Shaw
Justin Shaw 7 days ago
I like this. It kind of has like a New Japan Pro Wrestling feel to it.😀💪
RadiantRainfan91 7 days ago
Love Veny
Michael Heise
Michael Heise 7 days ago
And I like that the japanese said "You may get over in USA, but in Japan you lose Itoh..."
Michael Heise
Michael Heise 7 days ago
Marking out for Maki Itoh
mrlaidback83 7 days ago
Joshis are some the best workers on the planet and this tournament alone proves it imho. I hope all AEW signs all these women at some point. I also loved Veny's tribute to Hana Kimura (rip) by wearing Hana's kimono.
Marqube 7 days ago
Much more of the women on Dynamite too please!
Phillip Bryant
Phillip Bryant 7 days ago
Honestly I am just here for Maki Itoh
Élaine Doumont
Élaine Doumont 8 days ago
AEW needs to sign Maki Itoh asap. Her entire gimmick and all the work she does along with the long-term storytelling would be a perfect fit for AEW. Plus the Womens Division needs more interesting, captivating stories and standout Characters. She is just that.
Hoss 4250
Hoss 4250 8 days ago
AEW needs to sign Maki Itoh.
Kandy Perez
Kandy Perez 8 days ago
OMG Veny is like Ayako Hamada in her Arison days! Like Damn! AEW please sign them!
Müller Kanebe
Müller Kanebe 8 days ago
Yeah, please more
Kelmo 8 days ago
Curry Girl
Curry Girl 8 days ago
Dustin 8 days ago
The match with Mizonami vs Itoh was amazing, Both can be stars in the US if they can speak english well enough to cut a basic promo or put with the right managers.
Kristina Brandorff
I became a huge fan of Ryo! Damn, she's beyond awesomeness. She knows how to bring fun in the game :)
Frank Gaspers
Frank Gaspers 8 days ago
Why is the announcer yelling at me every 20 minutes ?
OldSkullGaming 8 days ago
Since Maki Itoh was announced on Dynamite she has gained almost 15k followers on twitter....99% of the comments about her are positive and even the people that " dont like her " cant stop looking. She is red hot right now...I understand that she may have dates to fullfill back in Japan but AEW would make a HUGE MISTAKE if they dont bring her to Dynamite ASAP. She may be what the div needs to caught more people atention...she is right there and she wants to work with the company, please dont screw this up.
OldSkullGaming 8 days ago
I loved everythin about this matches but I have to be honest even with Kenny saying that "something tells himm that we are going to see them again" . I just dont think I can be ok until I see a confirmation that Maki Itoh, Veny, Rin and Mei are All Elite.
Limanukshi Pongen
Chris Dodson
Chris Dodson 8 days ago
Mizunami Itoh match was really entertaining. Not sure which performer I liked better but they put on a great match together. They really played off each other well.
Shuvam Basak
Shuvam Basak 8 days ago
Better than all AEW women's match. Special mention to May
Shuvam Basak
Shuvam Basak 8 days ago
@S P yes Mei. The first match with the red gear. Yuka is a veteran by now but Mei was pretty unique.
S P 8 days ago
Mei! not MAY
Carl Stratton
Carl Stratton 8 days ago
Wow, maybe a few plants would have livened up this studio a bit, perhaps some drapes?
S P 8 days ago
also maybe Jim Cornette commenting?
vmorales225 8 days ago
Maki Itoh looks like she eats mechakawaii for breakfast.
zackattack3867 8 days ago
Maki Itoh is my everything
Yusuke 8 days ago
Kevin Mcaleer
Kevin Mcaleer 8 days ago
Where has Maki Itoh been my entire life???
S P 8 days ago
Staying away from you!
Yusuke 8 days ago
with some other guy LOL
K F 8 days ago
Looking at the live chat replay, you can tell a lot of people never seen joshi before or only follow Maki Itoh on twitter because she's the first idol they've seen.
zackattack3867 8 days ago
There's a Maki Itoh semi documentary on youtube for those who are curious
Marcelo Saunders
Marcelo Saunders 8 days ago
I hope we see more of Maki Itoh in AEW. She would be so over with the crowd
Robert McKechnie
Robert McKechnie 8 days ago
Really enjoyed this, all fine matches. Am a little sad they didn't go all in by putting some of these on Dynamite but its still a treat. Emi vs Veny was as good as anything the AEW women's division has put on of late. Veny needs signing ASAP, they're a real badass.