A Very Special Message from Brandi and Cody Rhodes | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/17/21
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Mark Day ago
The greatest day of my life
D. McElroy
D. McElroy Day ago
OK so this child’s name is either going to be Dusti or Dream
le ciné d'Ethan
My god a future wrestler 😄
SM 2 days ago
Rollins family gave birth to a daughter, Moxley and Renee revealed they are having a girl, Cody's having a girl. Damn Women's division is gonna be fire 🔥
bear in woods
bear in woods 2 days ago
L. CT 2 days ago
Hunter and Steph at it again. Can’t wait for Brandi to start emasculating the Male Roster.
Alfonso Green
Alfonso Green 2 days ago
That's what's up. I have a daughter myself n I gotta say Congratulations 2 Cody n Brandi
Inkling Mario
Inkling Mario 2 days ago
Aww cute it a baby girl congrats to them they'll be lovely parents.
Stealth 107
Stealth 107 3 days ago
She got really big.
eddie finley
eddie finley 3 days ago
Who cares this is wrestling
9Deuce_GoStang 3 days ago
Name her Goldie Seven after her uncle Dustin. 😛
monica blackman
monica blackman 3 days ago
Congratulations. 💖💘
Md KAnE 3 days ago
This is a really good sports based wrestling, i like turtles
Trakouri Jackson
Trakouri Jackson 4 days ago
It was all a dream!
KevinTPham 4 days ago
The baby is a girl. The baby will look like her father's side.
Fuzzed Up
Fuzzed Up 4 days ago
Nobody cares. A very cheap segment.
Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn 4 days ago
Does anyone care... Is their anyone that could have needed this segment, to cut a fire promo for a babyface or heel to get heat. Or does the show have to grind to a halt cause brandi needes to be on the show more than most of actual In ring talent?
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 4 days ago
It's a Girl!! In Cody's mind: "Damn, I want a boy! "
Rock Ape
Rock Ape 5 days ago
Hmmm. I don’t know if this is a Jeff Jarrett kinda stroke your ego or a Triple H kind of strike your ego 🤔
Shane Harun
Shane Harun 2 days ago
Иuсleая Ротдто
Aww was hoping it was gonna be a Cody Rhodes Jr
jona melody
jona melody 5 days ago
Who cares
John Ruddy
John Ruddy 5 days ago
Honestly you’re way past go away heat and have now officially entered go away and never show yourselves in public ever again heat
Von Kaiser
Von Kaiser 5 days ago
I'm a fan of Cody, but the things he and Brandi do together on TV are starting to make Triple H and Stephanie look humble by comparison.
Rock Ape
Rock Ape 5 days ago
A L 5 days ago
This is what ego stroking looks like. A baby reveal was on national television.
jhon viel
jhon viel 5 days ago
do we get pregnant brandi action figures to collect? id like one for every month of pregnancy.
Rohan Plantboy James
I was all for AEW but after this I doubt it's going to last.
Jesus Christ Loves You
Captain Chainsaw
Captain Chainsaw 5 days ago
What a fucking ego trip
Tom85AVFC 5 days ago
Who in the blue hell would care one iota what the gender of a wrestler’s unborn baby is?
Matt Madox
Matt Madox 5 days ago
This was waay better than Nachoman proposing to Elizafat in Worst Wrestling Failure. AEW AEW AEW AEW>WWF
AJ's Wrestlin' Review
Pure narcissism at it's very finest.
Denilson Mathias
Denilson Mathias 5 days ago
Congratulation for your little girl Cody and Brandi.
juan arjona
juan arjona 5 days ago
Congrats 🎊🎈🎉🍾
Valhalla 5 days ago
Honestly why is this part of the show?
BigBoss 3 days ago
@RedDeadKBII fucking Cody has convinced a whole sea of soy milk-drinking, beta male, AEW marks that he's the modern day Hulk Hogan. In reality he's more like the modern day Brooke Hogan.
RedDeadKBII 5 days ago
Because Brandi has convinced Cody and Tony that she’s a star.
dr0ogie 6 days ago
who cares?
niall joeseph
niall joeseph 6 days ago
You're show is that you have to fill it with stuff like this?, 😂😂😂
Augustin Delors
Augustin Delors 6 days ago
ok but we don't care ...
Ralph Male
Ralph Male 6 days ago
When do we get a gender reveal of the AEW's Woman's championship?
James McCain
James McCain 6 days ago
Congratulations on having a baby girl.
britton 6 days ago
AEW is a fuckin joke. Whats next, are they going to televise the baby shower ? LOL
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell 6 days ago
Congrats to you both
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 6 days ago
1:06 Future AEW Women's Champion BOOK IT 📖
Theodore Mariner
Theodore Mariner 6 days ago
Congrats Cody and Brandi.
Robert Sonora
Robert Sonora 6 days ago
Congratulations 👏
Tiffany Cotter
Tiffany Cotter 6 days ago
I have a feeling when the baby gets here, she’ll have a pyrotechnic entrance.
R Brice
R Brice 7 days ago
I missed Brandi "Best damn promo in the Business" Rhodes.
Adriane Ponder
Adriane Ponder 7 days ago
..he's gonna be wrapped around her lil baby finger, watch.. 😂😂
RichieB76 7 days ago
I pity the 1st boyfriend she brings back to the house, Cody and Dustin casually waiting for him in the front room.....
Tinheart Nowak
Tinheart Nowak 2 days ago
She'll bring some punk only for Cody to give him Cross Rhodes into Dustin's Curtain Call
leoreysan 04
leoreysan 04 2 days ago
Lmao no one will mess up with that girl
Gishnu KP
Gishnu KP 7 days ago
she is big already 🤭🤭
Jeffery Brummell
Jeffery Brummell 7 days ago
That awesome they got a girl
Mr T
Mr T 7 days ago
You could see the disappointment in his face. You shouldn't have done this on TV
Mr T
Mr T 5 days ago
@TT so you're saying this is one of Tony Khan's long term booking plans for his daughter to turn heel on her 21st birthday. Sounds like a plan
TT 6 days ago
He'd have known what it was beforehand, this was just for TV.
Mr T
Mr T 7 days ago
@Chibi Jan and how's that kid gonna feel when they grow up and see the disappointment in their dad's face. This was a stupid, egotistical idea. Some things should be done in private.
Chibi Jan
Chibi Jan 7 days ago
Nah, he just wanted a boy.
DJC 7 days ago
Congratulations on your Baby Girl
x LatinAssazzin
x LatinAssazzin 7 days ago
Peter Griffion voice Who The Hell Cares
Chibi Jan
Chibi Jan 7 days ago
Griffin* and everyone cares so don't like it then dont press or tap the video. Even Dusty Rhodes did a gender reveal before cody was born
devon zuidema
devon zuidema 7 days ago
Congrats 🎉
João Salsa
João Salsa 7 days ago
cody is a lucky man.. damm
mamadreza 88
mamadreza 88 7 days ago
Elizabeth Cruz
Elizabeth Cruz 7 days ago
Omg :3 Felicidades ♡
Takuya Ishida
Takuya Ishida 7 days ago
Princess Rhodes coming soon
cilindrina Jean
cilindrina Jean 7 days ago
Questa bimba con due colore meraviglioso e bellissima ❤❤❤❤❤❤👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👫👫🍼🍼congratulazioni
achiando raymond
achiando raymond 8 days ago
All wrestlers get baby girl 😂, congrats Cody
John Sea Wind
John Sea Wind 8 days ago
Congratulations Brandi and Cody, I know Dusty is smiling ear to ear wherever he is.
BigBoss 3 days ago
Hopefully he's condemning these two ego maniacs.
Hezekiah Thomas
Hezekiah Thomas 8 days ago
The Rhodes dynasty continues
Ash Turner
Ash Turner 8 days ago
Good for them but I didn't pay to watch gender reveals on TV 😆
trizzy 101
trizzy 101 8 days ago
Congratulations to y'all another Rhodes for the family that's what's up
Chxse 8 days ago
I want Cody as aew champ but he can’t challenge for it no more😩
F C 8 days ago
Congratulations Brandi and Cody!!!!☺️
The Pontiff
The Pontiff 8 days ago
why is brandi so annoying?
Laura Gianfranceschi
Hey Cody and Brand I'm so happy for you guys you guys going to have a beautiful little girl. Cody it's going to be a really good dad I can definitely tell because he was so sweet to Brodie Lee JR when he went on Dynamite. Brandi a good Mom to a different can tell she likes kids too. I hope you guys enjoy being parents is you two definitely deserve to be parents☺😊😀😁😆😇👍👏🍼🍼
Peter White
Peter White 8 days ago
Great video. I pretty like the entrance.
Card Canuck
Card Canuck 8 days ago
I thought we were done with Brandi getting her tv time but nope lol Becky announces she's pregnant, hasn't been seen since, Brandi announces she's pregnant....back on the show two weeks later lol
cogitoergo 8 days ago
Congrats but is this really necessary? Save it for instagram. A gender reveal party on a pro wrestling (supposedly) show.
TT 6 days ago
Yea it was kinda pointless, imagine someone turning the channel and seeing this...wtf?
Justin Reid
Justin Reid 7 days ago
Are you really bother by this, this took less then 2 mins and there's been worst segments then this on other shows
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 8 days ago
Cody wanted a boy haha!! Congratulations to Brandi & Cody. Hope they have a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I'm sure Brandi & Cody will try again for a boy though down the road. 👶
ryan king
ryan king 8 days ago
Dam it’s a girl that’s disappointing
M B A 8 days ago
Is it legal?
Aubrey Pearson
Aubrey Pearson 8 days ago
"Cody has a big mouth". 😝
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson 8 days ago
congrats guys! I just had a little girl 5 mths ago!
Shay 8 days ago
I came here to read all the hate comments 🤣😂
David Pearson
David Pearson 8 days ago
Womens revolution 2040 is going to be very interesting. All these wrestlers having girls atm
RCLVisuals 8 days ago
Dusty Would Be So Proud Of Cody. 🥺🥺🖤 Long Live The American Dream. 🖤
Congratulations to them both but talk about stroking your own ego Will the birth be played live on Tv too 😑
MrAlwaysWorking 8 days ago
i do not watch aew to know about the rhodes personal lives. keep that shit private.
The babys birth will be live to...pyro and everything 🤣
Beauty Beatdown
Beauty Beatdown 8 days ago
Awww I haven't watched this week's dynamite yet, but I'm so glad I saw this on the AEW Heels group on Facebook! Congrats Brandi, you look beautiful
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 8 days ago
Aww the aew gender reveal was cool. Just hope the kid will grow up well and yay new talent in ring just 18 years to wait
TheDayveion 8 days ago
We have 2 boys. 1 just turned 12 yesterday and the other is 9. In 2019 after WISHING HARRRRD...we had our little girl and I must say...boys are awesome, but it's something about having a daughter. They rule. Congrats!
jeff ong
jeff ong 8 days ago
Congratulations nightmare family
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 8 days ago
One of the worst segments in aew. Wrestling doesn't need this shit.
Lsa Lushai
Lsa Lushai 8 days ago
sick of these rhodes family trying to popularise themselves and please everyone....Inner Circle storyline is the best
Chibi Jan
Chibi Jan 7 days ago
Oh shut up, cody is executive vice president and brandi is the chief brand officer of AEW
Massive egos running wild Brother
Tiger Sailing
Tiger Sailing 8 days ago
Honestly cringe, cringe, cringe. Did this really have to be on the show? Who fucking cares? Brandi just needs attention. Name one good Brandi match? Showy couple.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 8 days ago
Imagine using TV time for this shit, nobody cares to see this on a wrestling show, a simple tweet is enough. But no, Cody needs his godly chanting, his fireworks and all the attention he can handle (which is alot.) Cody is so over with himself at this point its hilarious. One of the biggest egos in pro wrestling today.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 8 days ago
@RANDY NOT HULK HOGAN they definitely are
They're Massive Marks for themselves
Gold Canima
Gold Canima 8 days ago
Steve Regimbald
Steve Regimbald 8 days ago
I dont know why but two names just came to my mind.."Stephanie and HHH"..
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 8 days ago
The two egos aren't even comparable, Cody and Brandies egos are wayyyyy bigger
At least they never did shiy like this lmfao
Jake Steel
Jake Steel 8 days ago
😂 fuckin done with this shit I tried man
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 8 days ago
Congratulations Brandi and Cody! That child’s definitely in loving arms
The Flying Sailor
Wrestling's royal family just gained a new Princess.
Ksdnsd Kumar
Ksdnsd Kumar 8 days ago
So it's girl.....Rhodes legacy ends here......
FreshNews247 8 days ago
Oh my god. Imagine NJPW trying to do this Shit
Mark Day ago
They won't brother. They know people won't give a shit
Egos running wild Brother
Buff Bagwell
Buff Bagwell 8 days ago
I taught Cody how to pull baddies when he was getting in the business, dusty had me show him around and the rests history
Boogie 8 days ago
Good thing you didn't teach him how to take the juice.
arsen world123
arsen world123 8 days ago
Wait......how did brandi get so pregnant so fast? Wasn't she on aew like last month with a flat stomach? Damn when cody gets someone pregnant they get good and pregnant
Toriano Reno Jr.
Toriano Reno Jr. 5 days ago
Black women eggs are extremely fertile. I got someone pregnant on my 1st time😭
Aquilla Steele
Aquilla Steele 8 days ago
Congrats all the best
Zubayer AhameD Rüpøm
Congratulations 🔥🔥