Are the Young Bucks Ready for Chris Jericho and MJF at Revolution? | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/10/21
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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
Junior Original One
To stinger 🤣🤣🤣will too sweet for me lol
pezjme 8 days ago
I want a Private Sharty shirt
jennifer jinni
jennifer jinni 8 days ago
Hay 4 grupos Cris jericho y mjf Santana otis Young bock Carl aderson y el pelao Champion kenny omega Moxley ex champion Sting loss
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 8 days ago
Bring back Festus!
Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson 9 days ago
Man, it's really nice to see these guys together again, does anyone get DX invading WCW vibes?
Tobias de wit
Tobias de wit 10 days ago
Sorry but i got no respect for a focal trump supporter like Jericho.
Kaaakaa 11 days ago
Waiting for luchabros to beat the shit outta young bucks
Nick Naim
Nick Naim 12 days ago
I don't understand the fascination with the Bucks. Their promos are midcard, not championship level.
Rana Hawlader
Rana Hawlader 13 days ago
Jon moxly best
Roaring House
Roaring House 13 days ago
Hi Allen, I know you are watching this.
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 13 days ago
What if... The Young Bucks, Sting and Darby Allin will form a Bullet Club Wolfpac 🙏🙏🙏🙏👀👀👀👀
Chase Adams
Chase Adams 13 days ago
Sweet, too sweet.
ron paul
ron paul 13 days ago
bullet club 4life.
angelo crisostomo
angelo crisostomo 13 days ago
HippyC from LongB colver
I wonder what the chances of Sammy Guevara becoming part of Bullet Club after he interferes in this match !
ginn Dro
ginn Dro 14 days ago
Bullet club 4life
Jason Sweigart
Jason Sweigart 14 days ago
Why do I feel like MJF & Jericho are going to lose and MJF is about to turn on Jericho at the PPV? I'll probably get some flak for this but didn't MJF do the same thing against Cody some time back??
Mohamed Alaa
Mohamed Alaa 14 days ago
They can't cut a i
Mohamed Alaa
Mohamed Alaa 14 days ago
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Y'know, be interesting if something were to happen causing the Bucks to *LOSE* those championships. Cause a rift and split from former faction mates 😏? Not to mention Santana and Ortiz facing Jericho and MJF in a awkward situation. Lines to be drawn, from tag-team to 3 on 1..?
RJ Sills
RJ Sills 14 days ago
I jusy need a comedy show headlined by Gallows and Anderson.
T Reaper
T Reaper 14 days ago
Sting’s reaction would have broke the 4 wall
Eric10_22_99 14 days ago
If the young bucks wanted to defend against Good Brothers why didn't they just give them a match like they did with Ortiz and Santana
Wagoo Hud
Wagoo Hud 14 days ago
Man, the bucks need an acting coach
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 15 days ago
Penta is on his way....gold for the bros 👌M
Davis Graham Smith
Davis Graham Smith 15 days ago
Sammy is going to cost jericho and mjf the match
F C 15 days ago
Wonder if the good brothers will cost Nick and Matt the Tag Titles 🤔🤔🤔
John Doyle
John Doyle 15 days ago
Rather see Santana and Ortiz win the titles next week and defend them against Jericho and MJF at revolution. Then the Bucks can go at it with the Good Bros, that feud won't need a title
Hunter Stone
Hunter Stone 10 days ago
I'm into that idea. Young bucks challenge for the impact titles. I personally don't like them with the titles. I think Jericho/Mjf would be good heel Champs
CyberShiroGX 15 days ago
I think the Bucks will retain because Sammy will interfere...
Hector Figueroa
Hector Figueroa 15 days ago
They totally said red and black Wolfpac 🤣🤣🤣
Big Derk2081 harris
Oh yeah i love this right here honestly they should have santana and ortiz win vs the young bucks. I think P&P as champions would make the tag team division better. I'm pulling for Pride & Powerful
AZRY 93 15 days ago
its actually will become interesting IF santana & ortiz win the titles and have a tag match for both inner circle members at revolution . like no one would see that coming
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 11 days ago
An Inner Circle Civil War. Oh yeah, is just heading into an implosion at REVOLUTION.
Ian Cahill
Ian Cahill 15 days ago
Sammy will infer to cost Jericho and MJF the titles
Ian Cahill
Ian Cahill 15 days ago
@Hector Figueroa he is a face now so u don't know what will happen
Hector Figueroa
Hector Figueroa 15 days ago
Sammy will be new member of BC.... ehhhhhh nah
Ralph Mack
Ralph Mack 15 days ago
I dont get it are these guys faces? Why are they acting like such heels tho? Do these guys understand wrestling psychology? WUDAH?
Bizza 15 days ago
Imagine santana and ortiz actually winning the titles and face MJF and Jericho at revolution. and then Sammy costs MJF and Jericho the title.
Baconofthe Ark
Baconofthe Ark 14 days ago
LAX reunites with Konnan? Impact and AEW working relationship. Sign me up bb
Quimet Martinez
Quimet Martinez 14 days ago
The good brothers cost the bucks the titles, Santana and Ortiz battle their Inner Circle buddies, Sammy costs Mjf and Jericho the title. We got a solid story line right there
T.A. Xie
T.A. Xie 15 days ago
I know it's unlikely to happen, but I wouldn't mind Santana and Ortiz beating the Bucks for the tag titles. Drive more dissension within the Inner Circle (MJF: Chris and I should be challenging!) + puts the Bucks in the position where they're suddenly on a lower level to Omega, Gallows and Anderson and MAYBE spur them to get more aggressive and heelish.
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
@Hector Figueroa that ain't happening anytime soon
Hector Figueroa
Hector Figueroa 15 days ago
@Mitchell Sommer then we get the Guerillas of Destiny crash the party
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
Dude it's really that's where they're going for, The Good Brothers will be involved in the finish. So we get Bucks vs GB at Revolution too
Collinz 15 days ago
Lahiru Gardhihewage
Still waiting to see Thunder Rosa vs Leyla Hirsch , it’s the second week that you guys upload half videos first and then the remain videos like 10 hours later , what is the problem ?
De Fowl
De Fowl 15 days ago
There they go putting them selfs over again
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
Go to school. Learn to spell. Then try to act like a smartass
De Fowl
De Fowl 15 days ago
They need to face chuck and orange Cassidy they in line for the titles
Help Me
Help Me 15 days ago
The Good Brothers hold titles for a company with two tag teams. Impressive.
eindeus 15 days ago
someone masterplan on the way, get ready.
FrediCalderon800 _texas
Imagine if the inner circle feuds with the bullet club
william west
william west 15 days ago
Middle age bucks vs Fat Jericho and the new side kick? Ohhhhh ahhhh
TheChillOut 15 days ago
And gayliam pussywest as the refeere
No Game No Life
No Game No Life 15 days ago
When can Shinsuke Nakamura go to AEW?
Abhishek Acharjee
Abhishek Acharjee 15 days ago
To become the best man for Oranga Cassidy
Kanekiz 15 days ago
The good brothers are manipulating these good Christian boys.
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 11 days ago
@Kanekiz Yep. The journey to REVOLUTION looks to heat up even more. And who knows...MJF may screw Santana & Ortiz to become tag champs, or the Good Brothers may interfere weather the Young Bucks like it or not.
anuar0307 12 days ago
Christian AF
Kanekiz 14 days ago
@Jon Poon you notice how they imeeditly shifted the blame towards Santana and Ortiz who like any other tag team was fighting for an oppurtunity. Matt immediatly got fired up and put his chips on the line, also notice how they always try to mask their intentions with their over the top antics.
Jon Poon
Jon Poon 15 days ago
The good brothers put the AF in Christian AF
Mike 15 days ago
What if mjf tries to help Santana and Ortiz and ends up costing them? Maybe sending Wardlord and they get DQ or he hits Santana with a chair unintentionally
Trent Parker
Trent Parker 15 days ago
Santana & Ortiz win and Jericho & MJF feud over the belts
Montez Ford
Montez Ford 15 days ago
Good brothers are so stale
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
Uhh what
Derek Knott
Derek Knott 15 days ago
They need as many bullet club regurgitations as they can get.
Reggie Wolfpac
Reggie Wolfpac 15 days ago
Look it former Bullet club I want the real Bullet club 2 show up in AEW.
JOYOUS AHUJA 12 days ago
Bullet club 4444 life
Michael Speer
Michael Speer 15 days ago
If there was one ☝️ Wrestling shows would Brought back the attitude era you could say that was a wrestling show that really cared about the fans a whole lot Seriously they will never Care about the money at all and didn’t give a shit about the ratings either All they seriously cared about was the fans being happy but like I said before wrestling is dead all the wrestling shows care about is money
Michael Speer
Michael Speer 15 days ago
Honestly Kenny omega goes back-and-forth Tuesdays and Wednesdays both Shows like I said before his storyline does not make any sense oh Kenny omega does it sit on a bus when he goes to impact Or watch on a TV like I said before the store line does not make no bit of sense just get rid of the darn storyline Because AEW looks foolish doing it and also impact does too
Nguyễn Trần Quyết
I want Jay White debut at AEW
WacKratos 15 days ago
Wasn't the battle royal supposed to determine the nº1 contenders? Wasn't the triple threat tag match to determine the "real team" in the inner circle? Why are they handing a title shot to Santana & Ortiz? It makes no sense.
aerialpenguin 15 days ago
#1 contenders get a title shot at Revolution, PPVs have bigger stakes and theoretically bigger pay and exposure, plus opponents have more time to prepare. Hoping for the upset though by Santana & Ortiz.
Miles Frazier
Miles Frazier 15 days ago
Man i love aew somebody 2 sweet me 🤘
Miles Frazier
Miles Frazier 15 days ago
Stings a wolfpac im dead lol
Zaye 15 days ago
The inner circle definitely finna implode if mjf or chris take the loss
thehmph1 15 days ago
Stinger be around the corner like: "These two turds gonna get the bat, then the drop"
Sad Guy
Sad Guy 15 days ago
Bc the best
Chuck Richardson
Chuck Richardson 15 days ago
AllOfThePoptarts 15 days ago
Did y'all hire someone new for these post show clips?
Deathifyin 15 days ago
Lol I mean they are a crap ton better than they originally started off as. Hated the old post show or even mid show videos of people backstage, because it looked so sloppy and half a$$ed. Now it looks a hell of a lot better.
retronewgamers 15 days ago
Cirque du Soleil tag team champions
Derek Jang
Derek Jang 15 days ago
The newly reformed Bullet Club need their own t-shirts and theme music.
Reggie Wolfpac
Reggie Wolfpac 15 days ago
They can't call themselves Bullet Club tho.
Derek Jang
Derek Jang 15 days ago
Too sweet! 😃
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
when they decide to drop the new merch, im sure it will selll like hot cakes!
Shaun Dave
Shaun Dave 15 days ago
Sammy guevara costing y2j and mjf the titles
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
its going to be good when inner circle finally reunites with sammy and kick out mjf!
HACHI 15 days ago
LOL they don't want to get to sweet because Nick got PTSD'd on WWE's ceast and desist...
goat666db 15 days ago
“Private Sharty” 😆
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
TheJHouse21 15 days ago
Am I the only one who doesnt see the appeal or talent of the good brothers? I think they're crap in the ring
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
Yes you're the only one
JOYOUS AHUJA 15 days ago
Yup you are the Undesirable One
eau.c144 15 days ago
Dna 15 days ago
balding buck is wearing a hat lol
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
Dna 15 days ago
what's it like to be a AEW mega mark fan? how do you people live, how do you cope? please explain
Hector Figueroa
Hector Figueroa 15 days ago
How does it feel being fat, lonely, unemployed and beating off to old videos of the undertaker?
AMG 2001
AMG 2001 15 days ago
Damn jeez let AEW fans enjoy AEW. Don't be a loser bro.
JOYOUS AHUJA 15 days ago
How it's like to be a troll on YT and get attention ?
smichaelb1980 15 days ago
How's it feel to be an incel? How do your types cope with being unattractive, 30 yr old virgins? Please explain.
Good Brothers are annoying af
eau.c144 15 days ago
Then they're doing their job. 😊
Pynkee ThePink
Pynkee ThePink 15 days ago
“Stinger, will you too sweet me?!” 😂🤣
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 11 days ago
WCW reference hit hard on TNT. Absolutely brilliant.
Z PERFECT 14 days ago
🤣🤣🤣love AEW
Iakeem Aldrich
Iakeem Aldrich 15 days ago
Sting wolfpack brother red nd black lol
Beep 15 days ago
I hope Sammy helps the young buck to keep there titles just to piss of MJF
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 11 days ago
@knightshousegames Is a good angle to follow if AEW pulls that move. AEW always pulls a good twist in the storytelling.
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
that would be awsome!
knightshousegames 15 days ago
Oh on the contrary, Sammy should help Santana and Ortiz win. Just because he left the Inner Circle doesn't mean he doesn't feel some sort of loyalty to his friends. And also forcing MJF to face the rest of the Inner Circle at Revolution screws with his plans big time, It forces confrontation and really opens a lot of interesting possibilities for outcomes for the match at the PPV. And sets up a REALLY good match.
Sassy Cat
Sassy Cat 15 days ago
Good Brothers: Hey Sting, will you too sweet us? Sting: Where'd I put my bat...
Gta 500
Gta 500 14 days ago
You can't always clean up a wrestling federation with a bat but sometimes that's exactly what's needed
Reggie Wolfpac
Reggie Wolfpac 15 days ago
Right bruh you should've saw when they asked Scott Steiner.
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 15 days ago
The AEW Word Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs The IMPACT Word Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers this is match become epic The Young Bucks are the best tag team in the world 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Augustine G
Augustine G 15 days ago
Shouldn’t the interviewer be in the middle
Rachel - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
Pictures don't do justice to your beauty.
B.K. Newrd
B.K. Newrd 15 days ago
L.G. : Google your net worth....
christopher castro
christopher castro 15 days ago
I love the Good Brothers there so funny and have great chemistry with the Young Bucks
elitewrestling Hélder
Eric B
Eric B 15 days ago
Thunder Rosa vs Leyla Hirsh????
Gabriel Horse
Gabriel Horse 15 days ago
@Sam Wall the bar one is the best
Sam Wall
Sam Wall 15 days ago
@Gabriel Horse I was able to find the one from in the bar on Twitter, I don’t know about the other one
Gabriel Horse
Gabriel Horse 15 days ago
Hangman's segment is missing too
•Edenさん 15 days ago
RIGHT?! I thought I was the only one that was like, “where tf is the women’s match?”
Joseph F
Joseph F 15 days ago
Young Bucks vs Good Brothers would be too predictable. Let the Bucks go full Heel with Kenny and the Good Bros.
Zaprad15 15 days ago
Can you post the thunder rosa vs leyla hirsch match
francisco Choque
francisco Choque 15 days ago
impact and aew great
Ceres 15 days ago
Maybe we see Bucks shocking loss to Santana & Ortiz next week (Good brothers interference?) And we see and all Inner Circle tag match, which creates further break up. Also see Bucks still feud with good bros
xkzlo 15 days ago
rajah316 15 days ago
They should have the young bucks be the good brothers both belts on the line winner takes all belts
Thomas Hester II
Thomas Hester II 15 days ago
I love that they acknowledge Wolfpac Sting, the Red & Black Stinger The Bullet Club x nWo 4 Lyf It's just too sweeeeet 🤘🏾
Dna 15 days ago
the kids love it
DJ Settix
DJ Settix 15 days ago
PnP gonna be Tag Champs! Revolution will be PnP vs Jericho/MJF. Uhhh i like it
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 15 days ago
Werent the bucks heels 😂
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
Gabriel Horse
Gabriel Horse 15 days ago
@Joshua Scicluna kind of weird but they are more babyfaces than heels right now. I think it depends which opponents they have
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 15 days ago
@Gabriel Horse yeah i dont get it
Gabriel Horse
Gabriel Horse 15 days ago
Since they won the titles they are acting more babyface, so you can say they are tweeners
Ryan Fresh
Ryan Fresh 15 days ago
Anyone else die when Gallows said “Private Sharty?”
Jamie 14 days ago
Behave yourself lad with the corny comments
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 15 days ago
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 15 days ago
If Chris Jericho and MJF failed to win the AEW tag titles , then Jericho will turn on MJF
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 11 days ago
It's gonna be MJF turning on Jericho and Double or Nothing will be Jericho vs MJF. MJF as the heel and Jericho as the babyface.
Mr. Tangle VS The World
Probable, but not likely.
Chukwudi John
Chukwudi John 15 days ago
Tamzid Mohsin Khan I pray Chris Jericho will turn on mjf
1_Rakoon_1 & 2_Rakoon_2
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett 15 days ago
Wardlow will fuk it up sumhow
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 15 days ago
The Good Brothers are dodging The Young Bucks for that tiny "mistake" during the Tag Team Battle Royal. They are messing with Matt & Nick. It might implode at REVOLUTION.
PAC 15 days ago
Young Bucks>FTR and that's painfully obvious. I have a feeling this is when MJF and Y2J will start to get off the same page.
Stra4315 stra4315
Stra4315 stra4315 15 days ago
@B G do you even know what buried means? Since they arrived they ranked no1 team in the world, they had the best tag team championship reign in aew so far and they only have ONE LOSS. They can't be champions forever. There are also other teams that wait for their chance
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 15 days ago
@B G lol
Gabriel Horse
Gabriel Horse 15 days ago
@B G Man, they are not even close to buried, havent lost a tag match since Full Gear snd Dax just had a banger with Jungle Boy
Dna 15 days ago
@B G ftr is playing with kids, can't take them serious
B G 15 days ago
FTR is already buried
Cassandra G-K
Cassandra G-K 15 days ago
That means Nwo Wolfpack is OGs to bullet clubs whole gang wow lore just grew.
Bhumibol Rushing
Bhumibol Rushing 15 days ago
It'll happen eventually
James Pittman
James Pittman 15 days ago
I like the young bucks and the good brothers they are great wrestlers.
AMG 2001
AMG 2001 15 days ago
@Dna Jeez just let him enjoy man. Don't be a fucking asshole.
Dna 15 days ago
what is it like to be a super mark, are you a kid? how can you stay interested let alone mark out?
Stra4315 stra4315
Stra4315 stra4315 15 days ago
Fingers crossed we see Santana and Ortiz winning the tag titles next week, something that had to be done ages ago
Steven Willie
Steven Willie 15 days ago
Sammy gonna cost MJF the match
Jungletraveler00 12
It's too obvious so not going to happen
Dude Duff
Dude Duff 15 days ago
The Young Bucks vs The Good Brothers would had been a dream match.
Derek Knott
Derek Knott 15 days ago
@Dna don't forget super kicks.
smells like zach
smells like zach 15 days ago
They’re waiting for crowds
Dna 15 days ago
they will do a bunch of flips and no one will care
Beep 15 days ago
The young buck would win
Dane Hutchins
Dane Hutchins 15 days ago
The Hung Bucks
Dean Woodford
Dean Woodford 15 days ago
What an occasion. First 10 comments. So, want to say thanks to AEW for bringing wrestling back and not just back, the crossovers are of Marvel proportion. Amazing to all that made that happen. Thank you.
EJ Lopez
EJ Lopez 14 days ago
I wish AJ Styles, Adam Cole, & Balor would cross over. Bullet Club battle
Jawan Farmer
Jawan Farmer 15 days ago
Ofc they are and they are putting there titles on the line next week against Santana and Ortiz and they talked to the good Brothers