Arn breaks down Lee Johnson's first win & another Anderson is on the way? | Coach's Corner 

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The legendary Arn Anderson breaks down Lee Johnson's first win, and are we going see the next generation of the Anderson soon? | Coach's Corner
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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 98   
Dun Cadal
Dun Cadal 3 days ago
Brock Anderson in AEW, that's gonna be great !
roadblock24 3 days ago
is it me, or does brock look a bit like ole..
PICKETT PRIDE 5 days ago
Looks just like his dad!
Geechie-Don 8 days ago
Make this happen! We need a new age Anderson
Anakin Flytalker
Anakin Flytalker 9 days ago
AA has the Midas touch
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 11 days ago
FTR, Hangman Page, Arn Jr. 🐎🐎🐎🐎
VintageWrestling 11 days ago
Arn's son looks a lot like Ole Anderson...
Joe Webb
Joe Webb 12 days ago
Is it just me or is anyone else waiting to see Daniel Tosh pop up at AEW and give old Arn a bitch slapping? 😁
Lamingus Maytubbie
Lamingus Maytubbie 13 days ago
Marty Arn Lunde son Brock definitely has the size time will tell if has it in the ring or on the mic. He could turn out be a Randy Orton with a lot of potential or a Kendall Windam
angelo crisostomo
angelo crisostomo 14 days ago
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright 14 days ago
And since no one else says it.... Brock looks like Tony Schiavone.
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright 14 days ago
Exactly how I pictured his kid: Arn WITH hair.
Laid back Headbanger dude
AA's son vs Tazz's son would make a good storyline.
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 11 days ago
AA's son vs Tazz's son vs Charlie's son
William Mortel
William Mortel 14 days ago
Anderson's son can follow his footsteps very very soon 😀😀😀😀😀😀
William Mortel
William Mortel 14 days ago
Anderson's son can follow his footsteps very very soon 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Okay, just saying, Brock Anderson and Austin Gunn facing eachother? Think that'd be a terrific match. Followed up by Cody having the generation starts all in the mix.
Rohan Plantboy James
Razz ma tazz?
Jos Gor
Jos Gor 14 days ago
All Arns career, he cleaned Ric Flairs boots. Hope his son actually does something with his career.
Geechie-Don 8 days ago
Not sure where you grew up, but when there were territories, AA held his own in and out of the ring. Don't let the 4 Horsemen gimmick fool you.
chriis napolion
chriis napolion 14 days ago
He wanted to learn
Adam Reyes
Adam Reyes 14 days ago
Lee's got no charisma. He deserves to lose another 29
Harry 15 days ago
Arial Razz - Ma - Tazz
WindKnight60 15 days ago
Arn- AA, Brock- BA, hopefully Brock has a son so we can have a CA
Grawira wenang
Grawira wenang 15 days ago
Anyone knows the interviewer's name?
GrubHub Main Man
GrubHub Main Man 15 days ago
Michael McCann
Michael McCann 15 days ago
Screw you arn tosh is gonna kick your ass
Wendigo 15 days ago
Brock Anderson should make his debut using his father's old WCW theme.
G Man87
G Man87 15 days ago
New Four Horseman: Brock Anderson, Joe Henning, Brian Pilllman JR and Tessa Blanchard.
Dean Smokin Ambrose.
Anderson's kid definitely looks like his father's son. If it turns out he can work like him too, damn.
Taju Noor
Taju Noor 15 days ago
I always already impressed with Lee Johnson, when he had match against Ben carter on AEW Dark. Dudes check that match, you won't regret it.
phenixpolar 15 days ago
Lee Johnson in ring talent no doubt, but IMO needs more personality or a gimmick,
Mr Paradise
Mr Paradise 15 days ago
Arn reminds me of Bubbles from trailer park boys! The Green Bastard!
Eremenkko 15 days ago
Mr. Anderson!
Ryan Baurle
Ryan Baurle 15 days ago
If Arn's son and Lee Johnson end up tagging, they'll be Brock-Lee
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 15 days ago
That advice about not staying down unless your unconscious is similar to what Eddie Guerrero said to a young John Cena. Show heart and guts.
DoomedMarine 15 days ago
Damn, Brock looks like a chip off the ole block. I can't wait to see him
Parthiv Sarma
Parthiv Sarma 15 days ago
Stop lying Arn, that's not your son, that's Curtis Axel.
Charles Hicks
Charles Hicks 14 days ago
Stop being dumb he looks nothing like curtis axel.
Mantonio Banderas
Mantonio Banderas 15 days ago
Uncle Ole and Uncle Lars must be proud.
Darrell Hood
Darrell Hood 15 days ago
The beast Brooooooock Anderson!
Blackie Whiterson
Blackie Whiterson 15 days ago
Brock Anderson, Son of the Enforcer
The Manohar
The Manohar 15 days ago
Peter Avalon is like James Ellsworth, but he never pin World champ (AJ or Kenny)3 times
Dna 15 days ago
there are too many videos, even a AEW super mark doesn't have time for this shit
viclops Xmen
viclops Xmen 15 days ago
Arn anderson The enforcer ! Holy crap his son good luck on filling those shoes seriously
Squared Circle Squares
We stand with Brock
Bando Killa
Bando Killa 15 days ago
When I Seen The Title I Thought It Was Gonna Be Mr Anderson From Impact
Jungletraveler00 12
Bring back the four horsemen
AAMAZIN TRIBE 15 days ago
All Elite Wrestling Big Shotty Lee Johnson ,congratulations of winning your 1st Wrestling Match in AEW brotha. One.
Dna 15 days ago
congrats on winning a fake match
mrvvolf 15 days ago
Arndre the giant
JKokubu 15 days ago
Just love how AEW is becoming more and more about family and genuinely good people raising each other up.
Istic Clouds
Istic Clouds 15 days ago
Interview QT next
The UndisputedQueso
Coach em up hard arn Lee has a lot of potential just needs some time to cook and he's surrounded by a wealth of knowledge
MW12121 15 days ago
Arn’s son is gonna be something special if he has the ability of his dad
Matt Dimmock
Matt Dimmock 15 days ago
I can see arn turning on cody to help his son
Bryan Sting
Bryan Sting 15 days ago
Is that J Palumbo?
menewisch82 15 days ago
Generation Why Productions
Brock Anderson turning on Arn and joining Tully alongside Spears and FTR would be awesome. I DO NOT wanna see him reduced to representing the “nightmare family” on Dark and escorting Cody to the ring for his big matches... The nightmare family is one of the most pointless factions in history.
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
@Generation Why Productions can't wait for the day his whole school joins him and he comes to the ring with 100+ people or so and the entrances takes 30 mins
Generation Why Productions
@Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊ comorotto is the guy from AEW Dark who looks like a big caveman or maybe like Bruiser Brody? People from Codys wrestling school should definitely join his stable.
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
@Generation Why Productions Who is Nick Comorotto? I don't care who they take. Let it be Cody's baby, Cody's dog, Cody's mom, Fuego Del Sol or that Havoc girl from the Nightmare Factory ... as long as his manager group keeps growing, I'm happy and will have a good laugh.
Generation Why Productions
@Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊ he’s got a baby in the way. Have that escort him to the ring. I’m not a fan of Nick Comorotto joining his faction either... The guys a natural heel ans could have been brought in as The Butcher & The Blades insane muscle or give him a caveman gimmick and put him with Jurassic express. He could have been the Dark Orders new leader or debuted as part of Team Taz.... or just bring him in as a solos guy. I really don’t see anything that makes me believe he would hang out with QT and Dustin or for that matter, Cody.
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
But who else do you wanna see to be added to Cody's manager group? It has to grow constantly to keep that running joke alive.
KairosObjective 15 days ago
Great that Lee Johnson's time has finally come! Hes been a great mainstay on Dark for almost a year now. His future is bright.
Sassy Cat
Sassy Cat 15 days ago
Go Brock!
Johntavious Hardwell
Go get more Ws, LJ!
D Eddy
D Eddy 15 days ago
Good to see Jess Palombo. She's definitely one of AEW's unsung heroes keeping everything running smoothly with all of the pieces put together so well. And hope to see Lee Johnson hit the stratosphere. The work he's been putting in looks to be paying off.
Victor Arroyo
Victor Arroyo 15 days ago
Loved to see Lee Johnson on Dynamite and getting his first win!!!!!! This guy has a lot of potential and is very refreshing to see a star like Cody involved in his match and helping him. Says a lot of good things about the EVPs that they are willing to elevate younger people and about Jericho by the way.
Gaige Richardson
Gaige Richardson 15 days ago
I watched every single match he lost hoping he'd win. Soooo glad he finally got his first . Now on to bigger and better
Kouvre K
Kouvre K 15 days ago
Since Karl is endorsed as an Anderson, I'd love to see him and Brock team up if Brock turns out to be good.
Memphis Dale
Memphis Dale 15 days ago
I could listen to Double-A read the damn dictionary Not too many can cut a promo like him anymore
SuperSaiyanBlast 15 days ago
Either of the twins need a date for Valentine's day?
some guy
some guy 15 days ago
@AEW COACH'S CORNER?!?!? Are you fuckin' serious?! Are you guys at AEW this desperately terrible that you can't come up with a name of your own, and instead have to rip off a legendary sports segment of almost 40 years in Coach's Corner?! Maaaan, that is some very pathetic unoriginality and blatant laziness, not to mention the plagiarizing. What a total freakin' joke! You guys should be both ashamed and embarrassed of yourselves.
The Devils Playground
lol This girl makes Arn look like Andre The Giant...Damn she is tiny...
Own Know
Own Know 15 days ago
Zenzuu 15 days ago
Well he is 6’1 after all which is pretty tall.
Mark L
Mark L 15 days ago
Damn... I know they're not ACTUALLY related... but... Am I the only one that noticed how much Brock looks ALOT like Ole?
Adam High
Adam High 15 days ago
Jess Palumbo in front of the camera!
Own Know
Own Know 15 days ago
*Arn's son looks just like him in his younger days. If he can wrestle, work and talk as well as Arn, he will be awesome.*
N L 15 days ago
@FZ Essex don’t forget that he already had a son that could do 5hat, but didn’t get over
Own Know
Own Know 15 days ago
*🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣* @SuperTarantaTikaTaka*, that is hioarious!!!!*
its Ole, he's been to the fountain of youth and is using a fake name
Own Know
Own Know 15 days ago
@FZ Essex*, a perfectly well-executed spinebuster would be the perfect finsher for him.*
FZ Essex
FZ Essex 15 days ago
As long as his son can execute a perfect AA spinebuster, then he is the next star
F C 15 days ago
Your son looks just like you Arn. Can't wait to see what he brings to the AEW Table💯💯
Hridoy Ali
Hridoy Ali 15 days ago
Arn Anderson such a big fan of Lesnar that he named his son after him /s
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
He even waited until his son was 4 years old before he gave him that name.
Kraymer Mcvey
Kraymer Mcvey 15 days ago
He was on dark week after week taking pins but Johnson has some arsenal he can do alot of moves ....sells well.. future star there
Raging Inside
Raging Inside 15 days ago
Arn Anderson still has it respect The Enforcer The Coach Arn Anderson
Last KingBAYBAY 15 days ago
Wish him nothing but luck
Edward Osei
Edward Osei 15 days ago
i like Cody, and i’m happy for Lee Johnson getting a win, but the Nightmare Family is one of the worst factions in AEW imo
The Brave Introvert
They arent a faction really.
Trey Flowers
Trey Flowers 15 days ago
Damn. He looks just like his Dad.
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 15 days ago
JR and Tony's comments about Brock Anderson had me in stitches. "He looks like Arn and Ole Anderson"; "Oh God! Don't curse the young man!"
Mark L
Mark L 15 days ago
I think he looks more like Ole. Yes... I know they're only kayfabe related... but still... I think he has more of an "Ole Anderson" look
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 15 days ago
AA's son. Man, is nice to see other sons and daughters of wrestling legends taking a shot in professional wrestling. Hope to see more of these guys on AEW.
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 15 days ago
Lee Johnson and Cody Rhodes together are amazing amazing big frist victory by Lee Johnson him is amazing athlete and him meritatly more and more victory 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Kaplan
David Kaplan 15 days ago
Look forward to this video segment. Giving Arn time to cut promos is gold.
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 15 days ago
Shotty Lee Johnson has a bright future ahead, glad he finally has a win in his court. I'm also quite intrigued by Arn's son Brock Anderson possibly joining AEW in the near future. The next generation of talent is among us.
24Bit Slammer
24Bit Slammer 15 days ago
And Tessa Blanchard.
24Bit Slammer
24Bit Slammer 15 days ago
Hopefully we'll see David Benoit in AEW as well.
thevoid99 15 days ago
@Vidya★James and they all look like they want to do the work. pay their dues and do things the right way. and if they do that, the future will be bright. lee johnson worked his ass off to get a win and a job. he wants to be a wrestler and he is doing things the right way.
Vidya★James 15 days ago
Arn's Son eventually joining D-Von's Sons, Billy Gunn's Sons, and Brian Pillman's Son...all under the leadership of Dusty Rhodes' son...hell Brodie Lee's son is *already* a semi-regular personality. LOTS to look forward to in the days ahead 👍
Apex Pred32
Apex Pred32 15 days ago
Love these. Can't wait to see Brock Anderson hitting that spinebuster on Dark in the future. Lee will be a big player for AEW in the next year or two.
Wrestling 3:16
Wrestling 3:16 15 days ago
AEW is not to bad so far👍🏽
francisco Choque
francisco Choque 15 days ago
not is great good aew
SUB4YOU 15 days ago
Congrats to Lee on getting his first win. That actually got me kind of emotional too.
Eric B
Eric B 15 days ago
Thunder Rosa vs Leyla??? Where is it?!
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 15 days ago
Arn Anderson is like a father figure to Cody Rhodes that he is worried about
꧁ღIsamar Aguilarღ꧂ - CHECK MY PROFILE
Don't get attacked by a bear, it's night-time!
J05h 15 days ago
Bro double A's son could be a BIG star in the future of AEW
Mad Sarutobi
Mad Sarutobi 15 days ago
Arn son looks like Curtis axel
nathueil1 15 days ago
Im seein a storyline twist a mile away with Arn and Brock.🤣
Millie Cauich See my Channel
Oooh, you're so naughty.
Mike H.
Mike H. 15 days ago
Arn Anderson!
Jawan Farmer
Jawan Farmer 15 days ago
Arn is doing a great job with Cody and the rest of the group and I would like to see his son in a Aew ring
Justin Cobb
Justin Cobb 15 days ago
Great to see Lee Johnson get a win! I didn't realize it was his first, congratulations!
FZ Essex
FZ Essex 15 days ago
He could have gotten his win earlier if he fights Fuego hahahaha
KairosObjective 15 days ago
Ya must not have watched Dark often. Hes been a work horse on there for a long while.
Nick Edge
Nick Edge 15 days ago
Upload Thunder Rosa vs Legit Leyla match ...?? Wake up US-first guy
Afaq Ahmad
Afaq Ahmad 15 days ago
@Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊ was on dynamite
horace bay
horace bay 15 days ago
😂😂😂 they sleep
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
How do you know it already took place?
Own Know
Own Know 15 days ago
Y. E. A. Yawson
Y. E. A. Yawson 15 days ago
I was thinking the same thing. We're still waiting for the Leyla Hirsch vs Thunder Rosa match.
Kristofer Carter
Kristofer Carter 15 days ago
Is so awesome too is that Lee Johnson wins his first match that guy is an awesome wrestler to see he is a very amazing person. aew is winning.
Seth Freakin Rollins
Brock Anderson looks exactly like his father. Hopefully he'll do well in AEW.
John Doe
John Doe 15 days ago
I have to warn you that this was done as a hockey thing, I am not sure if there is a copyright issue there, so I would watch it.
Vesperitis 15 days ago
Brock Anderson needs to do one thing well: The Spinebuster. If he doesn't he's gonna be judged for it forever.
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
Spinebuster + People's Elbow
Noobz4Hire 15 days ago
His hands are the size of her face
Hadlee 15 days ago
Holy that over the top rope move looked clean as f
KairosObjective 15 days ago
@SUB4YOU Hes been great on Dark.
SUB4YOU 15 days ago
That was a sick looking corkscrew he did.
Doug's Guitar Works
Arn Anderson is a living legend he was amazing in wcw
Darbs 31
Darbs 31 15 days ago
Is Cody hurt?
Luis Zelaya
Luis Zelaya 15 days ago
Yea. His. Injure of Shoulder
Vesperitis 15 days ago
slight tear on his rotator cuff (shoulder)
X. Invictus
X. Invictus 15 days ago
You're indeed first.