Breaking News - Anna Jay was injured training & can’t compete in the AEW Women's Tournament 

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Breaking News - Anna Jay was injured training & can’t compete tonight. Anna requires shoulder surgery & is expected to miss 6-12 months. She’s replaced in the Tournament by alternate Madi Wrenkowski, a student & protege of Thunder Rosa.
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Wonky Hour ago
Jayren B
Jayren B 17 hours ago
Dang really wanted to see Anna Vs Britt 😩
Cisco Duncan
Cisco Duncan 19 hours ago
Get well soon. 🙏🏾
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 19 hours ago
And baker lost. Shes the best female you have...
Safwan Khan
Safwan Khan 22 hours ago
Gonna miss Stu being pushed around for 6-12 months But get well soon Anna
Chamoth Wanniarachchi
who dis
Jonathan Martinez
My baby will be out for 12 months wtf I’m hurt rn 🥺😔🤦‍♂️💔
Jamal Johnson
This is all dumb stus fault Anna hurt herself when she had to throw him to the wall... and the table..... and the trash can and maybe the parking lot but if Stu was more careful she would be alright
BIGARMADA1988 2 days ago
I guess this means no more BTE segments of shoving Stu Grayson for a while.
the ra1nmkr
the ra1nmkr 2 days ago
I wanted the doc to caress her a little bit more
Naru Pickles
Naru Pickles 2 days ago
This is one of those good luck with your future endeavors but in a passive aggressive way.
AngelCaido79 2 days ago
Get well soon😭😭😭😭
Syed Miftahul Haque
Thumbnail is misleading 😂😂😂 I hate my mind 😆
Renzo Raphayel
Renzo Raphayel 2 days ago
What do u think?
Renzo Raphayel
Renzo Raphayel 2 days ago
High five stories
She was the reason I watched this show.
Nathan Losinski
Nathan Losinski 2 days ago
Anna Jay all that I just want to say from the bottom of my heart & that is that I hope that you get will soon from your injury!
Tarik Fretes
Tarik Fretes 3 days ago
Sad. She and britt should be the face of the wd. I know that shida has language problrms but you cant tell great storys and build up a entertaining and interesting character if you cant hold any promos. Britt is the best example to see how important promos are. She went during her injury from a boring face to the most entertaining character of the division without any wrestling match
Alatin Akcura
Alatin Akcura 3 days ago
Get well soon Annnnnnnnnnnnaaaaa
George Francis
George Francis 3 days ago
Youcef Becha
Youcef Becha 3 days ago
get better soon
247marquis 3 days ago
Well there goes my reason for watching AEW
A Unique Disposition
You guys better push Anna to the moon when she returns. 😤
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
Until her return *Tay Conti* should be given the big push.
Mr. ZombieTurds
Mr. ZombieTurds 3 days ago
All those Dark Order Claws finally came back to haunt her
branger999 Sanchez
Breaking news .... mm trevor plis help... 🙏 xd.
Felix Cruz Jr
Felix Cruz Jr 3 days ago
Six to 12 months?! Damn
The_HBK_23 3 days ago
Brandi has totally squashed her momentum. Ugh, they need to fire Brandi
ArcaneAzmadi 3 days ago
Poor Anna. AEW's women's division never gets a break- they get criticised for not getting as much attention as the men, but whenever they try and do something, something goes wrong. From Covid cutting off access to their joshi and British talent, to Kris Statlander and Britt Baker being struck down by injury at the same time, to this, it just seems like the world is out to screw with them.
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
@Fresh Peace Leaf that was part of the storyline. Don't be a mark.
Fresh Peace Leaf
@John Doe She had a deviated septum from her April match against Shida, IIRC 🤔 It was where her bloody Roll Model T-shirt came from
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
Britt Baker's "injury" was so she could have time off for a nose job.
Pretty Reaper inc.
Is this the same shoulder????
DANTASTIC3000 3 days ago
The Dark order will look out for her, -1 will see too it.
Kev O'Connor
Kev O'Connor 3 days ago
Hopefully AEW will keep her involved in programmes like they did with Britt. She's a big loss to the women's division.
ehh. they'll be fine.
James Tamburo
James Tamburo 3 days ago
Get well soon Anna Jay😪😪 this is sad
masteratt 3 days ago
AEW is good at playing the 'smart fans', so maybe it's a work? I hope so anyway, Anna Jay was young in her career and already very good and improving seemingly every match. Big kick in momentum but I know she'll be back stronger. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 3 days ago
Nooooooo not Anna she was actually my favorite to win, she’s come a long way and Dark order needed Gold who better than Anna??
Ajani Tummings
Ajani Tummings 3 days ago
Don't believe it, show biz they didn't want britt baker to be eliminated so early nor anna jay
ArcaneAzmadi 3 days ago
I don't think so. If they didn't want either of them to be eliminated early, they simply wouldn't have booked them to face each other. Either they have something else planned, or this is totally authentic.
Ajani Tummings
Ajani Tummings 3 days ago
@James Tamburo yea but still one of aew veterans so having her eliminated so early naah best way was to fake an injury for one of them to not having one beat the next probably in the future we'll get to see them both up against each other i would love that
James Tamburo
James Tamburo 3 days ago
Britt Baker is a brat
Logan Hanssen
Logan Hanssen 3 days ago
Tp Ana Jay (99) get better soon.
joshua2814 4 days ago
You can see the pain in her face with that one move, but she’s a pro. Get well soon.
Kevin Winkler
Kevin Winkler 4 days ago
Oh no! Get well soon Anna!
Misael Martinez
Misael Martinez 4 days ago
I wanted her to be a champion
T.R.U. Louisianimal
That sucks
rob yam dam
rob yam dam 4 days ago
Injuries be running wild in the women's division
francisco Choque
francisco Choque 4 days ago
anna jay
Nooooooooo! AAAAANNNA! Aaaaanaa! AAAANNAA! Johnie hungiee voice
T.R.U. Louisianimal
Andrew Feurtado
Andrew Feurtado 4 days ago
Keep her on tv! Dark Order has been putting out the best non wrestling segments in decades! While we wait on 99 Tay can be 69 😍
Andrew Feurtado
Andrew Feurtado 2 days ago
@T.R.U. Louisianimal ok internet tough guy nice promo 😴
T.R.U. Louisianimal
@Kristina Brandorff I know right lol
T.R.U. Louisianimal
@Andrew Feurtado you clearly haven’t seen any wrestling past the previous 10 years saying that false ass shit youngster
Andrew Feurtado
Andrew Feurtado 3 days ago
@Kristina Brandorff have you seen wrestling the last 20 years? The nineties were more than 20 years ago now 🤯
Kristina Brandorff
Well... decades is a strong word, LOL
QAZ OMEN 4 days ago
Unfortunate, I was hoping with her anna Jay or tay conti would win the tournament
dean lilley
dean lilley 4 days ago
Height of her career! Doing so well.. hope she still remains with Dark order & we see her in competition next year.. to turn her as face when she comes back to the ring would be a mistake.. we want to see the queen slayer back in less than 12 months
dean lilley
dean lilley 4 days ago
I said this a few months back! Hope Anna isn’t injured because she has not featured for a month or so.. speedy recovery
MrComfyAustralia 4 days ago
we need the full physical video :P
Asim Zaman
Asim Zaman 4 days ago
I like Anna. She is so adorable.
future trunks
future trunks 4 days ago
I wanna be a doctor for her
Akmal 4 days ago
We will miss you Anna. You'll be back stronger than ever.
Gwynneth Hossain
Gwynneth Hossain 4 days ago
Lucky escape
mich sles
mich sles 4 days ago
no no no!
Allan Ford
Allan Ford 4 days ago
My pick to win the tournament 😔
dotnaf 4 days ago
aww :( get well anna!
GROGU 4 days ago
I love you and will miss you my Queen Get well soon
KevinTPham 4 days ago
Get Well, Anna Jay! You will be back in the ring on September 2021 at the minimum or March 2022 at the maximum.
Mr T
Mr T 4 days ago
She got 99 problems and her shoulder's one
robert lett jr
robert lett jr 4 days ago
Get will soon Anna Jay 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 💪 💪 💪
Cole Braddon
Cole Braddon 4 days ago
get well soon anna.
Keearies Hawkins
Keearies Hawkins 4 days ago
wolvie667 4 days ago
Get well soon Anna
BulbDrama 4 days ago
Get well soon Anna
Henry Erevbenagie
Get well soon. Speedy recovery.
Ahmad Fayyad
Ahmad Fayyad 4 days ago
Absolutely she is deserve it all
Cam Wwe
Cam Wwe 4 days ago
Noooo the thiccness Hope she gets better
Jon Gibbs
Jon Gibbs 4 days ago
6-12 months... I think this might mean she havin a baby.- just a story line injury to excuse the absencr
deltrae3 4 days ago
I'm not so sure about that. She has dislocated that shoulder twice before in a short amount of time.
Barnes falcon
Barnes falcon 4 days ago
Stay on BTE! just need to beat up stu a little less or get Tay to do it for you.
J P 4 days ago
I missed Anna on BTE today
Michael Santangelo
A free pass for my #1 Dr. Britt Baker D❤M❤D❤???? At the same time I feel real bad for my #4 Anna Jay❤😥I would've like to have seen Anna and Tay(if Tay beats Nyla Rose)in the semis
Sohail iqbal
Sohail iqbal 4 days ago
No Anna Jay Mum told her to leave wrestling - Cause she is too young-she getting Hollywood offers-
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
I heard that she doesn't want to do porn until she is older.
Juan Ricardo Penagos Plazas
Anna is so cute!!!. She is one of the reasons to watch AEW. I hope this injury is not serious and that you get better as soon as possible.
VicRaptor2589 4 days ago
For a second I thought Skylander was going to take her place in the tournament.
Pilot 4 days ago
statlander lol. i wish she was ok to wrestle . hopefully soon. shes the real BTE champion. and i hope anna gets well soon.
Jack the hover
Jack the hover 4 days ago
NOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Rafki Darma
Rafki Darma 4 days ago
Get well soon dark order sister Anna 😢😢❤️
William Mortel
William Mortel 4 days ago
this is too sad get well soon anna aka queen slayer 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Doctordoom 40k
Doctordoom 40k 4 days ago
BIG MIKE!!! Great job on the PE and eval. Thanks for showing us how it's done!!
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 4 days ago
Get well soon dark order sister Anna 99. 💯
CT 4 days ago
Cam Wwe
Cam Wwe 4 days ago
Yes sound like a work fool
P Chris21
P Chris21 4 days ago
Six months sound like its more than dislocation with possible impingement. Small tear? Lateral strength? Too young for popping or bone issues.
Town City
Town City 4 days ago
She's getting surgery
Reign Energy Mike
Anna Look At Chu You're So Perfect Mama Jay 🥰
Adam Rotella
Adam Rotella 4 days ago
Also have to admit on a side note I’m pretty darn sure I’m not the only one who thinks she is so damn talented and beautiful as hell
Adam Rotella
Adam Rotella 4 days ago
O Shyte damn that really sucks she’s one of the best members of the dark order too well here’s to hoping she makes a good quick recovery and heals up quick and good
Thabang Sammy-Junior
this is a work
Mundane05 4 days ago
This a work
Dom Cummins
Dom Cummins 4 days ago
Get well soon Anna!!
Bharat Verma
Bharat Verma 4 days ago
It's sad
FF ATHAL 4 days ago
I thought aew is hiring a celebrity she is so beautiful much than Tay conti
S F 4 days ago
Oh no! So sad I've enjoyed watching her get better every week! Get well soon Anna.
GOT EM 4 days ago
Ana Jay needs to be the leader of the Dark Order
Gaming 6FeetUnder
Anna Jay is so gorgeous even when she sad. Get well soon, maybe a title run when back.
The Great Canadian
Anna, looks fine to me
Taylan Ertan
Taylan Ertan 4 days ago
Water Feature Productions
I’m waiting for that swerrrrrve
Gerson Sinchez
Gerson Sinchez 4 days ago
Furry Donkey
Furry Donkey 4 days ago
That's why Anna wasn't on BTE .....Anna ! ....Anna !... Anna !... Where's Stu ?....Now she can't push him over ......
Marquise Alexander
Get well soon 💜
D W 4 days ago
Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Don't get hurt like that
maurice harth
maurice harth 4 days ago
Get well soon Queen Slayer
SCgirl 93
SCgirl 93 4 days ago
Anna, Anna!! Feel better soon!!!
Guichard Belton
Guichard Belton 4 days ago
This is horrible but the bright side is maybe she can stay on camera and help Tay Conti with her push. Kinda similar to Britt Baker.