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AEW Dynamite, 2/10/21
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Feb 12, 2021




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Comments 100   
thats The most best way to end that segment hahahahah
Tommy Henderson
Tommy Henderson 8 days ago
Ricardo Tekingue
Ricardo Tekingue 9 days ago
I was not a fan of this story, but now i can't wait to see what is gonna happen.
Enrico 11 days ago
Orange is awesome
SuqYa Mudda
SuqYa Mudda 12 days ago
Miro really has sucked since he’s been in AEW
Mike Madsen
Mike Madsen 5 days ago
Keep it honest
President Garrison
They just put him in another shitty wedding storyline, I wonder if this is his punishment for calling out Meltzer
Raungel Yubos
Raungel Yubos 12 days ago
Orange Cassidy vs Miro in Revolution
Sagardeep Das
Sagardeep Das 12 days ago
2019:Rusev jumps out of wedding cake to crash Bobby Lana's wedding. 2021:Orange cassidy pops out in Kip penelope wedding.
John Myers
John Myers 12 days ago
None of these people should be in the business
Halim Wong
Halim Wong 12 days ago
Rusev machkaaa
William Robinson
William Robinson 12 days ago
Has there ever been a wrestling wedding that went well, LOL?
DeadmanInc336 12 days ago
Can we just agree that Penelope Ford is definitely one of the most beautiful women in professional wrestling? She's right up there with Brandi, Sasha Banks, and Alexa Bliss.
TARHUN 12 days ago
Wish the original segment was this short. It was pretty painful to sit trough imo
RUDY HAMZAH 13 days ago
Miro and Lana
iamdwyanecardiff 13 days ago
It's my little dog Pockets
Tharan Theivendran
Tharan Theivendran 13 days ago
Glad to see Miro enjoying himself. Such a talented dude.
AK information
AK information 13 days ago
👍watch my video Comment and reply Please apko kaisa laga
Carlos Loya
Carlos Loya 13 days ago
@1:27 needs a Brazzers logo
The Hazardous One
The Hazardous One 13 days ago
Such beautiful juxtaposition with miro going insane but OC and chuck so casual and laidback. Made me laugh out loud ngl.
The Mook
The Mook 13 days ago
thumbnail looks like kip enjoyed his honey moon too soon
Antonio Junior
Antonio Junior 13 days ago
I started watching until I realized that the priest is a demon! This type of subliminal message is becoming very common in these events with great sponsors, nothing of this garbage enters my house.
Madame Feast
Madame Feast 10 days ago
Lol jesus christ
silentcatalyst 12 days ago
C M 13 days ago
Aew is pure garbage
deshawn bobb
deshawn bobb 13 days ago
The Sloth Sin, strikes again😎
Joema Cano
Joema Cano 13 days ago
Jared 14 days ago
Oh yes! That is the funny shit I like!
Evilfr4nkie 14 days ago
Why isn't Miro wrestling against Moxley, Archer, Kingston, Pac, and Omega. He should be MAIN EVENTING in AEW!!!
Muneh Boi
Muneh Boi 14 days ago
Rusev machga!!!
James Thong
James Thong 14 days ago
Penelope Ford is hot.
Mark Flores
Mark Flores 14 days ago
So no one really cared about James Mitchell?
Aman Kharwar
Aman Kharwar 14 days ago
Comment me
Aman Kharwar
Aman Kharwar 14 days ago
Watch my video
deepshriva 14 days ago
Oh god penelope looks so good 😍😍😍
Sierra G
Sierra G 14 days ago
What did they think would happen !?? 🍊🎂 LOL
El Berno
El Berno 14 days ago
Hmmmm, so the title, is the headline to draw people into AEW ...so you use dialogue from IMPACT's James Mitchel Not Miro, not Chuck and not the Ant in double denim. When subcontracted talent, are the draw, maybe some "future endeavours" are overdue. Make the cuts and hire The Sinister Minister. You can save Kip and Penny, they are young, talented and pretty. Plus, you haven't totally buried them yet, Your viewing figures drop when Miro is on. Chuck would be fired by Burger King and... How are the sales of Cassidy's figure? Shhhh El Berno, people don't like learning the obvious
Arshia Shabani
Arshia Shabani 14 days ago
Weddings never work in wrestling, why everyone keeps doing it?! Also, Kip is boring and his pairing with Miro is making Miro boring as well. I don't say book him in main event but don't book him as a character that anyone else on your roster can be.
Dna 14 days ago
lol they didn't put out a dozen shitty videos today, only one, good job guys xD
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Kip's like, "What good are you? Arcade cabinet destroyed, let's an Orange crash my BEST day..." maybe a break-up? xD
Slev Aunyafeist
Slev Aunyafeist 14 days ago
It's decided, no wedding without miro and cassidy. The best man, freshly squeezed.
Griffin Emerson
Griffin Emerson 14 days ago
What is love?
Alexandra D
Alexandra D 14 days ago
Miro should have now better and cheek the cake. HM was it not a year ago he hide in one by another namne. But hell this match will be great.
TundraWings 14 days ago
I’m so ready to see Orange Cassidy beat Miro😎
Jon Poon
Jon Poon 14 days ago
Cassidy drinking a lil bit of the bubbly straight from the bottle... Reminding everyone that he beat Chris Jericho
Sgt$yed 14 days ago
Billy Yoga Dewanto
Billy Yoga Dewanto 14 days ago
Young boy betrayed his master
Pron Joffitt
Pron Joffitt 14 days ago
weakest wrestling wedding ive seen....remember when HHH drugged and married an unconscious stephanie mcmahon?? lmao oh the good ol days....
Matthew Pelletier
Matthew Pelletier 14 days ago
I can't wait for Trent to come back. He'll probably make a big return saving Chuck and Orange from Miro, and then they're going to give the people what they want. Then they're going to be the next Tag Team Champions.
kimends 10 days ago
Trent is out for at least another three months and I really can’t see this feud going past Revolution. I’d love to see trios belts introduced by the time he’s back though and let them be the first to win those.
Matthew Pelletier
Matthew Pelletier 12 days ago
@Sadiki Akil Well for one, I do. For two, the two comments are separate. They are going to give the people what they want, and then they're going to be the next Tag Team champs. In this context, giving the people what they want is Chuck and Trent hugging. Go watch any best friends match on Dynamite, Excalibur will explain it to you.
Sadiki Akil
Sadiki Akil 14 days ago
What people want that?
Blackie Whiterson
Blackie Whiterson 14 days ago
The ending!
Welowee 14 days ago
So Orange Cassidy drink champagne too? I thought he only drinks freshly squeezed orange juice.
Cedric 666
Cedric 666 14 days ago
Yes sir
Upper 90
Upper 90 14 days ago
Aew, you guys do realize MJF is a superstar.
Elusive Handle
Elusive Handle 14 days ago
"To have and to grope" should be normalized in wedding ceremonies 🤣
Ever Escamilla
Ever Escamilla 14 days ago
Miro to Charles I treat him like a brother lmfao
Levi McGlinchey
Levi McGlinchey 14 days ago
Such a babe
SPAMDEMIC 14 days ago
Must me a satanic wedding with father James
Great Heights
Great Heights 14 days ago
Love when Miro gets on the mic and interacts with the crowd. He's hilarious.
sreenjoy Chatterjee
It was an orangey surprise 😂😂
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 14 days ago
Lol yeah, what else could've gone wrong heeheehee 😂😂😂
John Nicolo Natividad
Miro is on the Top 5 Rankings.
michael murillo
michael murillo 14 days ago
Didnt Penelope dress up as orange cassidy once. She is secretly a fan of his.
Stupy Shark
Stupy Shark 14 days ago
She's wearing a white wedding dress
Prince hans Owobu
Prince hans Owobu 14 days ago
It's been a long time since orange Cassidy wrestled
Kronic4u2 14 days ago
Wrestling is so crappy right now. Covid 19 has changed everything. 😣
Gustavo Aguirre
Gustavo Aguirre 14 days ago
What is love? Oh baby, don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more xDDD
Anthony Maldonado
Anthony Maldonado 14 days ago
Kip sabian is underrated
thatfitzgeraldgirl 14 days ago
KairosObjective 14 days ago
Glad its over...now what?
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 14 days ago
never trust james mitchell with your wedding.
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 14 days ago
who's gonna show up next? su yung?jazz?
Christopher Dotson
Christopher Dotson 14 days ago
Jazz is not under contract with Impact and she showed up at the Casino Battle royal in 2019
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 14 days ago
wrestling weddings never go well.
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 14 days ago
james mitchell on aew?
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 14 days ago
now impact guy's are coming to aew.
SDGAMES97 14 days ago
porn thumbnail
Bobby Farmer
Bobby Farmer 14 days ago
Kip sabian and Penelope ford are now a married couple,I can't wait to see Miro vs orange cassidy
Delvon Ferguson, Jr.
When a wedding is ruined, then you know it's a real professional wrestling wedding
Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen 14 days ago
CaptainKvRaynePikachu Foxx
Caused by my best friends orange Cassidy and chuck taylor
DARC 87 14 days ago
AEW is a little hit or miss lately. This was a bit rough. But good efforts on the segment!
the one and only Clorox bleach
Miro needs to drop this jobber
resop3 14 days ago
This angle was pretty problematic. The only way this could have worked (and doubt if it would be a good idea or if Chuck and Orange could have pulled it off) was for the beat down to be savage with buckets of blood and have Orange and Chuck to turn sadistic heels who take the thing way too far. As it played out, you have two fan favorites acting like heels by ruining a wedding between two heels who weren't doing anything bad by getting married. Miro was barely even bullying Chuck! This idea would have been hard to pull off, but they didn't even try to think things through.
Franco Zamora
Franco Zamora 14 days ago
That was great BF 4 Life
Umar Suleman
Umar Suleman 14 days ago
What is love
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo 14 days ago
It's too bad my❤Penelope wasn't selected to be in the Elimination Tournament. She would've been my Dark Horse to win it all
KairosObjective 14 days ago
Too busy with this angle.
T Reaper
T Reaper 14 days ago
The best wrestling couple tbh
السلطان مصطفى الرافضي
صارت التفله ع الكاضمي ومقتده والاحزاب تنحسب عدنه ثواب 👞🇮🇷👞
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 14 days ago
Miro should have blasted out from the box to say he's a present
Angel Araujo
Angel Araujo 14 days ago
Cassidy speaking facts. It's a wrestling wedding, What did they expect.
Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen 14 days ago
And miro injured trent
Angel Araujo
Angel Araujo 14 days ago
@Shubham Anand Do you want to play a Game
Shubham Anand
Shubham Anand 14 days ago
You are Saw
Awizonme 14 days ago
JR gave it away earlier on the show by saying something like. "Tony bring me some cake back of you can squeeze it by"
Not good.
Percell Gray
Percell Gray 14 days ago
Penelope Ford with the worst cake spot in wrestling history
thatfitzgeraldgirl 14 days ago
It's not her fault the goofs in production used pound cake. She went face-first into it. What's she supposed to do, literally rub it all over her face on purpose? Weird complaint.
BigshotCBooth 14 days ago
I love seeing these weddings get ruined lol
عاشقه بلا حبيب
Khalid Mobley
Khalid Mobley 14 days ago
That was 👍 great!
WhiskeyBrewer 14 days ago
Father James Mitchell. The unexpected Impact crossover
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 14 days ago
when I saw the Thumbnail, i thought i was in the wrong site ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
raskolnikov 7
raskolnikov 7 14 days ago
I like this promo
steve holland
steve holland 14 days ago
If the didn't make a joke of miro in the last few monthes this might be believable
steve holland
steve holland 14 days ago
@DaCrispy for sure thia was messed up booking
DaCrispy 14 days ago
His performances are way too good for the terrible story hes in rip
Jake Storey
Jake Storey 14 days ago
What? Why?
Keith Ballou
Keith Ballou 14 days ago
"Obviously Orange Cassidy's gonna pop out of a wedding cake" Yeah. Obviously
Jon Poon
Jon Poon 14 days ago
I didn’t expect it, but when it happened... of course!!! 🤷🏻‍♂️
JuggyBohab 14 days ago
this was awful. my god this dragged and was just terrible. as if wrestling weddings weren't bad already they're worse with below midcard guys.
Stormin TheGreat
Stormin TheGreat 14 days ago
Just bc two jobbers says it doesn’t mean the locker room agrees
Daniel Embro
Daniel Embro 14 days ago
@Adan A. oh no this is a popular opinion
Adan A.
Adan A. 14 days ago
Unpopular opinion.
Amiliánation Amiliánation
What kind of cake is that?
Amiliánation Amiliánation
James Mitchell's jacket should go into the AEW HOF
Riley kazama
Riley kazama 14 days ago
Let's get some cake
Oscar Alexis
Oscar Alexis 14 days ago
We Want Orange 🍊
Johntavious Hardwell