Dark Order join Alex & Dasha on the AEW Dynamite Pre Show and Five finds the email 

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Dark Order join Alex & Dasha on the AEW Dynamite Pre Show and Five finds the email | 02/17/21
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Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
Zer-0- 5 days ago
Love the hangman intro!!! Next aew champ Hangman!
JIM Entertainment
Colt Cabana is now in his comfort zone.
The Creative Artistas
The Dark Jobbers.
killenkillen 6 days ago
That was the most nonsensical dogshit I have ever heard
UNCuse15 7 days ago
They went full babyface aww
Onyi Ononye
Onyi Ononye 7 days ago
That kid looks uncomfortable
Zaheer Dawood
Zaheer Dawood 8 days ago
This Negative One stuff is getting tiresome.... was cute at first.... but now 😴
Taylan Ertan
Taylan Ertan 8 days ago
Dark Order has the weirdest and the most interesting timeline :D
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 8 days ago
Anonymous Emailer: First-time emailer, long time watcher lol
i hate sm ppl
i hate sm ppl 8 days ago
dark order officially turning face
angelo crisostomo
RITWAN 9 days ago
I'm digging this new version of Dark Order
Melon 5573
Melon 5573 9 days ago
what a face turn though, dark order really are my favourites, they never dissapoint
Guillermo Lopez
Guillermo Lopez 9 days ago
Brodie was about excellence and this was just that. Stay Golden Johnny boy Stay Golden.
Gin N Juice
Gin N Juice 9 days ago
I’m sry but Brodie Son needs to go. I understand why they are doing it. But enough with the Charity.
Mark Dukett
Mark Dukett 9 days ago
Gotta 💕 love those mugs
Adan A.
Adan A. 9 days ago
Deeb should have won! I hate it when AEW tries to push somebody at the cost of better wrestlers. They did this with FTR, they mowed over too many better tag teams to push their FTR vs. Bucks match. AEW if you wanted to have Riho vs Shida, just do it! Don't bury other great wrestlers to get there. That's what mid carders and jobbers are for, Deeb deserves better, She should be AEW champion.
gapie Stan Da Man
what is the song in the background i love the theme song
Matthew Tufford
Matthew Tufford 9 days ago
I love dark order baby or heal -1 is amazing
Abd Djamil
Abd Djamil 9 days ago
"It's time we take people out of the darkness , and we put some order into there lives " this needs to be there catch phrase THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥
Shaky 9 days ago
Glad things finally paid off for 5
Anakin Flytalker
Anakin Flytalker 9 days ago
Completed the Face Turn of the Dark Order, nice.
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 9 days ago
I can't wait to see Dynamite and i can't wait to see all matches in another amazing episode of AEW Dynamite 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Matt and Mike Sydal see Mike Sydal tag team AEW debut against FTR with Tully Blanchard in a tag team match on Dynamite i can't wait to see this is match 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥AEW AEW AEW AEW Join The Dark Order 👁️
vmorales225 9 days ago
Dark order direction is very fluid since Uno and Grayson debuted. This is like the 3rd variation now. I wonder what the direction would have been with Colt had Brodie Lee not tragically pass away
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 9 days ago
grate to see negative one on screen. Also I hope tay conti gets granted access on join since she and our queen slayer 99 need be running ruffshot over the female tag devision.
Uchihafy 9 days ago
Alex: we were lost and all losers. Colt: Loser? Me?
jose sampaio
jose sampaio 9 days ago
PAC?!?! Really? 😂😂😂😂
Progressive Reformation
What happened to Road to Dynamite? That used to hype me up with information & storytelling behind the matches so they didnt just feel random to me.
hajra abdul
hajra abdul 9 days ago
I love how -1 has his mask designed like 10's you can tell he loves him!
Steve G
Steve G 9 days ago
Seriously they shouldn't have the little Kid with them, now they REALLY look MORE like jokes.
Neil Morven
Neil Morven 9 days ago
heck I love the Dark Order so much more now
Varna Iswara Lorganaden
they should name their stable the Job Order not dark order 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 9 days ago
Incredible speech by Johnny hungy
XoXoNnamNooj 9 days ago
Actionmoviefan prime
Yeah I think dark order are face now plus I just how Anna jay the hot chick is always just chillin on top of the seats and negative one is cool
kiddos 220
kiddos 220 9 days ago
I love the Dark Order. Becoming a big fan!
Sergio DO OR DIE
Sergio DO OR DIE 9 days ago
🖐 dark order
Azmim Ashraf
Azmim Ashraf 9 days ago
Jon Gibbs
Jon Gibbs 9 days ago
Ahhhhh dark order, such strange emotions they take you through. From the awful introduction of them to the show stealers they are now. They are the only redeeming factor of aew now
Sam Takara
Sam Takara 9 days ago
Is Anna smiling? That doesn't seem right :(
rgonzales1082 9 days ago
I thought Tay Conti officially joined the Dark Order
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 9 days ago
JayCzzzYa 9 days ago
Was that a face turn for Dark order? Finally 5 does something useful
SnakeKingBlues 9 days ago
Cult to Comedy Group will they crash and burn ?
Tiffany Q
Tiffany Q 9 days ago
Baby face Dark Order... Innercircle breaking up .. lame
Matthew L
Matthew L 9 days ago
I miss, riho in aew. She was awesome in the ring.
Michael James Jr
Michael James Jr 9 days ago
Personally, wouldn't mind seeing the cowboy with dark order🤛🏾
E Malik
E Malik 9 days ago
Love Hangman & Dark Order
Jarl Staubhold
Jarl Staubhold 9 days ago
Maki Itoh should join the Dark Order ... and be their new queen...
d!b 9 days ago
I’m getting really fed up of watching a child now. After the second week I thought l, okay that’s enough now. After two months... he needs to disappear for at least a decade.
John Paul Herrera
Abrahantes is *ALL KOOL AID*
Tegar Satriyo
Tegar Satriyo 9 days ago
Damn that email form Hangman!!!
cerebroh firebrain
I think Luther gets too much TV time, lots more talent on the roster
that_puma 9 days ago
-1's new mask is dope af
Nate Pike
Nate Pike 9 days ago
Was not expecting to get teary eyed watching an AEW pre-show, but....Dark Order helped me out with that. Thank you AEW for doing me like that again.
michael stasio
michael stasio 9 days ago
How do they have a tag team title match i havent seen them win a match or in a tag match not counting that battle royale
Joseph Football
Joseph Football 9 days ago
Boy the young bucks are trash...really miserable
Joseph Football
Joseph Football 7 days ago
belle yawn ..ok..
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 7 days ago
@Joseph Football probably the buck that earns more money in a day, than you do in a year...
Joseph Football
Joseph Football 8 days ago
@John Walker which buck are you?
John Walker
John Walker 8 days ago
@Joseph Football and if you don't think the bucks are main event talent then A your a g'** old man that can't let the past go and B your just jim boy spam account
Joseph Football
Joseph Football 8 days ago
@John Walker if you think the young bucks are legit main event talent, its because ...A. Your 8 years old and have never seen good wrestling..or B. Your one of the Young bucks
Tamarindus Indica
This is the best AEW Pre-Show I have ever seen!
OptionZero 9 days ago
This is how you do a fucking baby face turn
Mike H.
Mike H. 9 days ago
Mark Smoove
Mark Smoove 9 days ago
Guess Dark Order wants to recruit Hangman
Kenny Silva
Kenny Silva 9 days ago
"It's Wednesday, you know what it means". Todavía me pone triste cuando recuerdo quién lo decía. 🥺
C Romero
C Romero 8 days ago
Yo tambien. Pero es bueno saber que no se han olvidado Mr Brodie 🤗
David Powell
David Powell 9 days ago
Dark order is the best!
Zemeithian Watson
is the dark order having a face turn
thrillking722 9 days ago
Maki Itoh joins Dark Order👀
Dna 9 days ago
i think my nephew might be perfect for AEW, he's eight years old and weighs 80lbs., can someone get this this message to Tony Khan as soon as possible?
thrillking722 9 days ago
Can he work?
Dustin King
Dustin King 9 days ago
Riho coming back to job to serena.... damn hope not...is Lance archer a baby face now??? Glad to see Jr. Sitting beside the gorgeous Anna Jay rest easy brodie
Chad Conery
Chad Conery 9 days ago
Negative 1. Is a little bad ass lol
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 9 days ago
UCF Grad Dasha and Alex join Dark Order Team Anna Jay from Georgia, Colt From Chicago, John and Alex Both from New York. During Winter Storm Coverage on Global National and NEWS 4 JAX.
gonnaw1n 9 days ago
What is actually "Dark" about the "Dark Order" I have never actually seen anything to make me think wow these guys are crazy or dark or satanic etc etc...Brodie probably brought the most to it. I don't want to see them being comedy skits from them...I want them to be ruthless and make Brodie their deity who they worship before and after matches...taking souls for him etc....like come on there is so much bloody scope here!
thrillking722 9 days ago
They were originally a cult that manipulated people down on their luck to find fellowship and acceptance. But the Dark part is that they only used these people for their personal bidding. Evil Uno used to use them as a throne during his entrances.
Orpheusftw 9 days ago
Sometimes I wish you didn't have to be spanish to get a little more of Alex and Dasha. They seem so nice and likable.
Alex Abrahantes
Alex Abrahantes 9 days ago
Thank you very much! 😁
frankE91210 9 days ago
i miss butler charles taylor :(
JR Dylewski
JR Dylewski 9 days ago
i cant wait for the fallout of the inner circle
Mudkip Fan
Mudkip Fan 9 days ago
So hypeeeeeeee !
ryan king
ryan king 9 days ago
Dark order makes me not want to watch aew..... dam I miss Brodie lee...... 🥲
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 9 days ago
That is Dark Order was from the start!!!! And isn't a lie, is their motto since their ads started to run on Dynamite, what was changed was the way people saw/see them ;)
L L 9 days ago
I gotta love my girl Dasha!!!!!!
Sanosuke Sagara
Sanosuke Sagara 9 days ago
Wow.... I don't think I've seen much of Ana Jay without the heavy eye shadow. She looks fantastic with the lighter tones. At least 5 made himself useful finally ! He finally found that e-mail ! Gotta say -1 and his custom mask looks great too.
KairosObjective 9 days ago
5:30 that should happen.
Cheese Whiz2
Cheese Whiz2 9 days ago
Aew for life 🤘🏻
Cheese Whiz2
Cheese Whiz2 9 days ago
Johnny hungry 😋
erock cardona
erock cardona 9 days ago
Matt hardy needs to be put in detention and kept away from Paige 😂
Stra4315 stra4315
Fingers crossed Santana and Ortiz win the tag team titles tonight!!
Cavetrolls Den
Cavetrolls Den 9 days ago
Can not wait for tonight's episode!
Shawn Smallwood AKA Shizzy Mack
This card is my least favorite Don't know why doe
Tommy Luce
Tommy Luce 9 days ago
I’m hype for babyface Dark Order
Daniel LaDue
Daniel LaDue 9 days ago
-1 is obviously signed to AEW. He is collecting those checks. I don't care what his mother says, lol.
mdmipm 9 days ago
When was matt & Mike sydal on dark?
Shawn Smallwood AKA Shizzy Mack
Evil Uno Is My Dad I wish
Johnny Lauve
Johnny Lauve 9 days ago
the dark order gonna just fade to a comedy sketch troupe? There is so much wasted intensity. Dark Order was rolling like a mafia. Uno or Grayson should've taken the helm, or even Anna Jay. You got the rub fam. i'm sure there's a better reason that i'm not privy too, just seems like a wasted bit of momentum.
Johnny Lauve
Johnny Lauve 4 days ago
@MT G their disposition isn't a problem. Good guy, bad guy, they could play either side as an established group that the fans know. I can't say I'm bxtching about it, i just wanna see success for the folks involved while there is some momentum there.
MT G 9 days ago
They are babyfaces, for now, they will switch back within a year or so.
Shawn Smallwood AKA Shizzy Mack
I Fux Wit Negative 1's mask
Naveen jakhmola
Naveen jakhmola 9 days ago
My only dream is Anna
Heaven Sent Hell Proof
😊Hope y’all have a Great Evening💞🎩💞
theskeeboo 9 days ago
Hope Sting does something other than coming out to the ring for an interview with Tony while Team Taz interrupts on the big screen from the parking lot. I feel like that's been happening every week for the past month. It's getting repetitive.
David Paredes
David Paredes 9 days ago
He got powerbombed by Cage
theskeeboo 9 days ago
Welp, he came out and got his ass kicked. That was different at least. lol.
Daniel Requena
Daniel Requena 9 days ago
yeah theyve done it too many times already
Chase Adams
Chase Adams 9 days ago
We need something exciting and intense now.
RJ kimble
RJ kimble 9 days ago
I wonder if -1 asked Anna to be his valentine
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 9 days ago
It's actually stu
Stephen Bergmann
Stephen Bergmann 9 days ago
Timing is a Bitch...
mdh8320 9 days ago
Can't wait for Riho to return.
Billy Caudill
Billy Caudill 9 days ago
Nice that they made -1 his own mask!! Brodie will truly be missed
Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy 9 days ago
Alex keeping up the dark order kayfabe keeps me watching these lmao
Ragendlove Channel
Me too, I love how Alex goes nuts when Dark Order shows up😂
getpumped87 9 days ago
Maki Itoh to Dark Order
Imran I
Imran I 9 days ago
Desha great to see you back and cant wait for the Riho match and tag team title match that will be epic!! go Young Bucks!!!
Imran I
Imran I 9 days ago
@Dustin King lol, why??
Dustin King
Dustin King 9 days ago
Not trying to be a hater but please get the titles off those guys asap
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