Did Darby's Allin Title Run Come to an End? | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/10/21
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Feb 10, 2021




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Comments 100   
Kerizma Rolle
Is that jr voice???👀 I never watched this b4 lol
Leon resident evil con
I fell like darby allin is a paper champion cody been saying for years he was going put darby over dude straight let Darby beat him mite as well use the finger of doom
Dejournet Kelly
Dejournet Kelly 6 days ago
Weak Finisher
Ricardo Tekingue
Ricardo Tekingue 9 days ago
Great match!
Pat Basque
Pat Basque 9 days ago
wicked awesome.
Binal Mistry
Binal Mistry 10 days ago
What is up with their titles having so many errors?
Progressive Reformation
Darby vs Tim Storm Darby vs Guevara Darby vs Shoto Amono
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz 11 days ago
Maki Itoh lost first round?! Are you serious AEW?!
Ze TheGame
Ze TheGame 11 days ago
If he lost vs. Jelly that would be embarrassing, although they both look like tiny teenage kids.
Mark Mallone
Mark Mallone 11 days ago
Jelly Nutella
Ros Silawati
Ros Silawati 12 days ago
Even Neymar have more muscle than Darby have, give this dude protein drink
King Of Destruction 671
So I wander what wrestling entertainment I’m gonna go to You never have a person from Guam before I got one goal in mind I want to sign the title it has a target on the backs
DemonicBiggz 12 days ago
Some of the moves this dude kicked out from where far more dangerous than a damn ⚰ drop with a dude who isn't even a buck 2🤔... but who cares glad he Retained😂😂😂
G B 12 days ago
Watching Darby grow- impressive most impressive!
kthaanos 13 days ago
Good match
Draccon Z
Draccon Z 13 days ago
I respect them giving opportunity to everyone but we know this is just filler for Darby, no he will not be losing the title.
Jake Lumis
Jake Lumis 13 days ago
I see Wardlow dethroning Darby
Bugsy boy
Bugsy boy 13 days ago
The day you put a belt on Janela its the day AEW dies
browns1ism 13 days ago
Man loved this match both wrestlers were good tonite . Good match.
Corey Hall
Corey Hall 13 days ago
Damn they are wrestling their ass off
Dupe E.
Dupe E. 14 days ago
You cant even hear the entrance music. When watching on tv
The RIFT Radio Network
Excellent camera shots ! EXCELENT MATCH
Ronaldo Sousa
Ronaldo Sousa 14 days ago
Still ♥️
small paul
small paul 14 days ago
Little Sting lose???
Martin Dyer
Martin Dyer 14 days ago
All embarrassing wrestling, this is horrendous.
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Kip, Sammy, Darby. Triple Threat, make it happen.
Trent Cropper
Trent Cropper 14 days ago
Wack AF
Thaddaeus Govender
Thaddaeus Govender 14 days ago
Darby and Joey were awesome
Waneta Wentz
Waneta Wentz 14 days ago
Now thats wut i call a MATCH!!!!!
old skool hero
old skool hero 14 days ago
Damn man these guys need a good meal, is this bumfights?
GuillotineStare 14 days ago
Did Darby lose his belt to a tomato can no ones heard of before a PPV? Surprise he retained! Incredible booking I was on the edge of my seat because I thought the Can would win!!
Daryl Duane Mabry
Daryl Duane Mabry 14 days ago
Actually it will be Sammy Guevara vs. Kenny Omega real soon!
Daryl Duane Mabry
Daryl Duane Mabry 14 days ago
Disposable Hero
Disposable Hero 14 days ago
I want Darby to take the Reverse DDT/Scorpion Death Drop as his finisher.
candycaines 14 days ago
I love the shot of the two of them lying on the mat at the end. They must have been so exhausted.
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 14 days ago
Darby certainly is a more entertaining TNT run than Cody imo
Jake Lumis
Jake Lumis 13 days ago
Cody vs Starks , & Kingston were bangers
cogitoergo 14 days ago
And now your champ is on his back showing the effects of a war with an underneath job guy. It only serves to make him look like shit.
Tartnation 14 days ago
Darby is better
hanamichi sakuragi
hanamichi sakuragi 14 days ago
That tnt title looks like the european title from a distance
Kroo M7K5
Kroo M7K5 14 days ago
Janela is the least threatening looking person I've ever seen
Todd Christopherson
Tnt champion.. trash.. aew needs a new champion
Todd Christopherson
Darby should have lost.. he is a bigger punk than sammy
Steve McCord
Steve McCord 14 days ago
I'm with the grammar police and I'd like to have a word...
tim 14 days ago
Darby has some really cool face and body paint.
Bansiewdor Rapthap
Bansiewdor Rapthap 14 days ago
Is Joey Janela becoming a champion or he is going to be always a punching bag material Give it a thought
Erik Barr
Erik Barr 14 days ago
Didnt know they let kids wrestle
Dave Rd
Dave Rd 14 days ago
Darby is a pure Sh ... ! He is burying Sting’s LEGACY !!
Jonny hill123
Jonny hill123 14 days ago
Only issue I have with aew is that only Kenny and the inner circle seem to get a story
hewhoslapshoes 15 days ago
I wouldn't take that top rope bump power bomb
The 80's Wolf
The 80's Wolf 15 days ago
Janella goes from 30% to 100% in matches that matters. Great in ring psychology too.
Michael Mascolo
Michael Mascolo 15 days ago
-in an old man's voice- I remember when joey would jump off and over anything. Jumping joey janela was his name for a while. Then he married and is now the king of Jersey.
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 15 days ago
Excelent show from both nice over top view at end gives feel both guys pushed it to a limit and credit to both
Joshua Waldorf
Joshua Waldorf 15 days ago
They need to bring in a cruiserweight title next.
Mike Span
Mike Span 15 days ago
Amazing talenti need to watch more often
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 15 days ago
Darby’s face paint looks better than its ever been. Really really good
C M 15 days ago
Aew is pure garbage
Asokah Anderson
Asokah Anderson 15 days ago
Dude,JR needs to just go home. We get it,you don’t like your job and JR’s commentary doesn’t even hit the same anymore. He sounds like a bitter old man who’s waiting to clock out and bash his job. Dude doesn’t sound like he wants to be there so why not pack your shit and go home if you don’t wanna be there. I also understand where he’s coming from with a lot of the dumb shit AEW does but atleast try and sound like you care for the product when it’s literally apart of your job to be enthusiastic.
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez 15 days ago
Joey is the new age Chris Jericho at a young form
Neeraj Kataria
Neeraj Kataria 15 days ago
He is too skinny ....i guess he is tall and he should lift more and should put good amount of muscle
Dean Smokin Ambrose.
Darby looked really good. Probably the most compelling offense he's had since winning the belt.
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 15 days ago
RnD 15 days ago
Darby vs sammy please make it happen 🙏
Andrew Azur
Andrew Azur 15 days ago
Great match no interference and both wrestlers leaving it all in the ring
Flordeliza Wasin
Flordeliza Wasin 15 days ago
Darby the champion , a great wrestler
Henry Sause
Henry Sause 15 days ago
Hopefully they put Darby in a match with someone who can actually get over. Old jelly nutella is just kinda there now and has done nothing since he got there. He should've just stayed in the indies wrestling the invisible man
Chuck Richardson
Chuck Richardson 15 days ago
Andrew Boergert
Andrew Boergert 15 days ago
This should've been ppv
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
agreed 100%
TD Playz
TD Playz 15 days ago
Joey janela,TNT champ. That would be awesome
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
man i want them to give him some sort of storyline, i miss him!
Daniel Embro
Daniel Embro 15 days ago
To all the people saying that the coffindrop looks dumb, how about you take a coffindrop see how you feel afterwards. Seriously the people that watch aew just to criticize it are a fucking joke.
Matt kesslick
Matt kesslick 15 days ago
Why is he fighting a random nobody? Everything on this show is ass
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
Antler Berry
Antler Berry 15 days ago
Darby's face paint was just so amazing. One of my favorite looks from Darby. And great match btw! Both Darby and Janela really showed off their skills!
Bradd Audron
Bradd Audron 15 days ago
When did aew change it from the tnt title to the All In Title?
Bradd Audron
Bradd Audron 15 days ago
Allin title? I thought it was the tnt title?
Matthew Litteral
Matthew Litteral 15 days ago
You can tell this one was to prove their critics wrong.
Jeremy Lang
Jeremy Lang 15 days ago
When I first saw Allin I thought he was a scrawny geek I could never buy as a wrestler let alone a champion. But damn the man can work. Still think he should eat more.
Jarek Chlebicki
Jarek Chlebicki 15 days ago
If Sting and Kidman had a baby I assume he would look like Darby
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
hahah classic!
Elaine Nieto
Elaine Nieto 15 days ago
I love to hear jim Ross voice
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
who doesnt love good ol J.r!
Punpun Ono-D
Punpun Ono-D 15 days ago
Janela is back.
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
joey joey joey!
maaz ahmer
maaz ahmer 15 days ago
Janela is Great. Fucking love him.
Xavier Herrera
Xavier Herrera 15 days ago
Aye I thought they was supposed to retire that tnt title design for Brodie Lee
John Paul Balisado
John Paul Balisado 15 days ago
They did, the original red strap belt is with brodie lee jr.
Ron The Norman
Ron The Norman 15 days ago
Love the pure wrestling in this match.
brian schoppaul
brian schoppaul 15 days ago
I knew he was going to win next match with taz team in a street match is where he loses the belt.
Alwyn Ritu
Alwyn Ritu 15 days ago
AEW has coolest roster.
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 15 days ago
Joey Janela may get a lot of unnecessary flack, but when it's time to step it up he always follows through. He had a great match with Darby Allin, we need to see more of this, more AEW talent having the opportunities to step it up.
Seth Freakin Rollins
Darby Allin's going to win the AEW world title one day.
Seth Freakin Rollins
"Darby's Allin title." The TNT title is officially Allin's title.
FATAH GENELiA 16 days ago
Watch out carefully 3:08 !!!! Surely Joe's neck was cracked through the canvas My God !!!!
Bobby Duncan
Bobby Duncan 16 days ago
Why are they not a tag team??????!
CARNAGE 16 days ago
Joey janela could be the Shawn Michaels of aew
Ze TheGame
Ze TheGame 11 days ago
I hope you are joking.
IndoFoKinFolk Foo
IndoFoKinFolk Foo 16 days ago
So your tnt champ is darby allen. Aha wtf. Cmon bro
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 16 days ago
Now take that trash bum Jelly Nutella and throw him out with the garbage
Rob Base
Rob Base 16 days ago
Probably the only Jelly Janella match I've enjoyed.
JB Enterprise
JB Enterprise 16 days ago
Great freaking match 👏
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 16 days ago
Send Darby to 205 Live lol
Mr Nugga
Mr Nugga 16 days ago
Janella looks like Young Jericho
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info 16 days ago
What a match to kick off Dynamite! So much happened last night!
andy andrew
andy andrew 16 days ago
is that the next chris jericho?
MrMDMPOfficial 16 days ago
AEW has grown into such a solid production in a fast amount of time. The angle from the top with both men down was 🔥🔥Building stars, good story lines, edgy, super solid combo with JR & Schiavonie (1st time paired I think) They're coming for the throne
Leo HabitAnSa
Leo HabitAnSa 16 days ago
That belt is very beautiful
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