Did Hangman Finally See the Light? | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/17/21
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
6IXSIDE MAFIA 11 hours ago
Next PPV AFTER Revolution or a Dynamite even is Hangman with Reynolds, Silver, Uno & Grayson vs Matt Hardy, Private Party & TH2, after the match, he'll FINALLY join the dark order as their leader and Negative-1 will give his blessing for Hangman to be the leader until he gets into the business. Watch! I see and understand now how AEW books, it's legit brilliant.
chill4me Day ago
Negative One calling the fam🤣🤣🤣 That was tight.
Victor Bolingford
I'll Give You $3,700 to Kick his Ass makes me Laugh.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 2 days ago
Wait is the order now turning face?!
Zohaib hussain
Zohaib hussain 3 days ago
Eric Rowan should be dark orders leader it makes perfect sense for him to be the leader
aqar q8
aqar q8 3 days ago
Haha wooooow negative 1
gqn2 4 days ago
I smell a big 10 man tag team match.
Robert Applin
Robert Applin 4 days ago
The day I see Page put up the Dark Order claw I may breakdown...😭😭😭 This could be start of something INCREDIBLE. Already imagining the amazing merch...
Amira Khan
Amira Khan 5 days ago
Dark order, I know what you feel. Leaders have a vision, integrity towards goals, the ability to inspire, a person who can change impossible to possible. As a leader, we need a person who loves their people and duty. With great power comes great responsibility, and it is important to learn how to handle it. Queen slayer 99 can create great wrestling legacy. Queens can wear this heavy crown like a feather. Hahahahahhahaha. Why recruitment is a long process? Hiring the right talent is the most important first step towards the organization's success. You have to choose the right people who can build your organization. Having deep understandings of situations can help us to take certain type of decisions. Girls are better. All wrestler are hardworking, and I respect them.....
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 5 days ago
I love that Hangman totally pulled it off against money grubbing Matt heeheehee!
Thockster Mobster
The Dark Order support group.
N B 5 days ago
I really hope they become a cowboy posse
Marc Del Rosario
Marc Del Rosario 5 days ago
Hey Matt hardy. Bring king maxel to fight negative one brodie lee jr. Please give a kiddie school lesson.
Art3mis 5 days ago
it would be really nice if hangman ended up joining the dark order.
Jordan Keckhaver
Jordan Keckhaver 5 days ago
Bro, it would’ve got me if when they were having a stare down with Page if -1 came from behind the pac and gave Page a hug.
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 6 days ago
Jaxson De Ville is Gotta watch News 4 JAX @ 5, 6 & 10PM follow by CBC News The National.
MoonCalf McFresh
MoonCalf McFresh 6 days ago
Hangman Page may be the only person who can replace Brodie Lee.
GOT EM 6 days ago
Evil uno got so much swag now, im glad his presence is seen
Pokémon champion Carson
Look man Brodie’s gone we need hangman in the dark order as world champ
Paul Finkelstein
Paul Finkelstein 6 days ago
The extra papers line in tribute to Brodie was great!!!!!
Kenneth Jacinto
Kenneth Jacinto 6 days ago
So private party will be a heel now??
John Nicolo Natividad
Gonna love that Dark Order came out of the face tunnel🥰🥰🥰🥰. Starting to like them now since Brodie Lee's Tribute episode.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 6 days ago
“Hangman tonight may have found out who his real friends are” this is one of my favorite lines I’ve ever heard in wrestling. This tied together the relationship between the dark order and hangman perfectly and almost in a sort of way solved that piece hangman has been looking for since coming to aew. Long term storytelling at its finest
ReallyNotMateo 6 days ago
matt hardy looks like hulk hogan compared to these guys lmao vanilla midgets
KairosObjective 6 days ago
TH2 ya wanna make some money!? LOL
fabiankar 7 days ago
Hangman was the biggst thing pre-covid. I hope we get back to these times.
Tran Chuong
Tran Chuong 7 days ago
This warms my heart
Clemente Ramirez
Clemente Ramirez 7 days ago
The dark order is awesome. I got really happy when they came to hangman aid.
Mk18 7 days ago
I just love this video. Wholesome
Aruna Sena
Aruna Sena 7 days ago
Hangman should be in dark order!
Youngblood PH
Youngblood PH 7 days ago
Next Week: Matt Hardy, Private Party and TH2 VS "Hangman" Adam Page and Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Alan Angels and Preston Vance)
Jack William Taylor
There aren’t many men who could pull off “you’re nothing more than a carnie, I can’t believe you BAMBOOZLED ME!?!” quite like Matt Hardy
Mattias Cloverleaf
Big Money Matt is brilliant!
Blight patterson
Blight patterson 7 days ago
They have to bust this cherry at revolution win or lose hangman and dark order need to make this official and then maybe just maybe this will begin the story of dark order with a newly joined hangman rising through the ranks in aew giveing hangman the support and back up he needs and I'm a year's time we get Dark order vs the super Elite then Hangman vs Omega AEW title on the line
Guy Friendo
Guy Friendo 7 days ago
I just want sad yeehaw man to be happy 🙏
Tribal Chief Highlights
Big Money Matt is so cool.
warfare45 7 days ago
Did hardy just turn heel?
CS 7 days ago
This is what you call story telling. Even tho Adam turned down The Dark Order they still came to his aid.
Sander Larsen Johansen
ooooooh hell yeah
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho 8 days ago
Pairing up a star like Hangman with a group of comedy jobbers isn’t the best thing for him
Stephan Sanchez
Stephan Sanchez 8 days ago
My heart!!! Bleh- I am dead. The awesomeness of this storyline has ended me
Raul Mendez
Raul Mendez 8 days ago
I'm a big fan of -1, I hope he has a "match" one day against marko stunt something cinematic or against a small competitor around his size just so he can actually have a win on dynamite
jmelz155 8 days ago
Hangman Paige should join the Dark Order, its time. I was on the floor laughing when Brodie Lee went berserk when they slipped up the first opportunity to recruit him. Rip Mr. Brodie Lee
Jerry Jerrell
Jerry Jerrell 8 days ago
I like how Hangman technically and legally agreed to nothing, even if it sounded like he did. He said, "...I think we might have a money match." Which technically and legally means nothing...
Oluwaseun Adefolarin
Matt hardy dodged the buckshot like a pro, I replayed that part 5 times
Alexander Phillips
Everything happening here is great. I really like where the Dark Order is heading(I love them all, even Angels. lol). Love the development of Page. Hardy's manipulations. This is great story telling.
FreewayKnight 8 days ago
-1 vs King Maxwell will be the biggest wrestling draw in the 21st century, mark my words.
Gin N Juice
Gin N Juice 8 days ago
They are making Adam Page kinda a Drunk and groof ball. Not a good thing either.
Hangman The Cowboy
You can see my account name and will guess my favourite superstar
Barnes falcon
Barnes falcon 8 days ago
Only issue with this, Anna Jay should have been out with -1 on the stage(Body guard since she's the muscle) and Stu should have grabbed the balloons and given them to Anna Jay.
tazmissionplex 8 days ago
only -1 can be the true leader of the dark order his father was the leader and it's only logical for -1 To be the leader its his legacy I wanna see -1 in a suit carrying a kendo stick around beating people up it's great I love it join the dark order 🖐
Justice Shoemaker
Yeah, this is good stuff.
GOT EM 8 days ago
Everytime i see The Dark Order it always brings a tear to my eye
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 8 days ago
Hangman Page saw the light and it showed him a con artist corporate tycoon named Matt Hardy.😅
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera 8 days ago
I have a feeling that Hardy will beat Hangman and that lose will bring Hangman and the Dark Order closer together. Is it just me that thinks this.
Karthik Karthi
Karthik Karthi 8 days ago
I think he is going to be the leader of dark Order.Cause even negative one the son of Brodie lee standed up in the ring for hangman page
Skum 8 days ago
Is Marko Stunt -1?
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 8 days ago
Time for Matt to retire. Dumb storyline
xXMYxSWAGGXx 8 days ago
Hangman Hardy!?!!?!??!?!?!?!
Alok Yadav
Alok Yadav 8 days ago
Please make with india with Sony sports network please please
Blast 8 days ago
Moxley will lose his fued with omega. The bucks will seperate from omega and join forces with hangman and hangman wins the title.
GnoffHoff 8 days ago
I reckon matt wins and the dark order help to keep Hangman afloat
Oluwaseun Adefolarin
Matt hardy dodged the buckshot like a pro, I replayed that part 5 times
Mudkip Fan
Mudkip Fan 8 days ago
I kinda wish the match would be 3v3 instead of 1v1 So hangman can have silver and reynolds tag team match vs hardy party
Chris Y
Chris Y 8 days ago
Nice to see they splurged to get negative one a fitted mask 😷
J.B GamingTv
J.B GamingTv 8 days ago
This rivalry is pointless and feel rushed 🙄
eric kazamides
eric kazamides 8 days ago
Love the way little Brodie Lee jr is his having the time of his life , please get him a mask that fits him , his keeps adjusting it , love it hang man page is just charisma , Johnny silver is like a magnet of coolness and negative 1 Master mind of the dark order
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 8 days ago
Get the kid off tv. I love AEW and I want the best for them. But seruously. Its so unprofessional. And your heel booking is bad. I dont agree with cornette much but I agree on this
Jimmy Galanopoulos
Let's be honest... the best part was -1 calling in the reinforcements.
The Flying Sailor
The way Hangman came in with that lariat. Straight up activating his ult with that one. If he connected it would have been OVER. It's High Noon, Matt.
Jags mascot came out the heel entrance 😂
sajjad hossain
sajjad hossain 8 days ago
The bond between Hangman and Dark Order, I like to see more
Derek Jang
Derek Jang 8 days ago
The Dark Order kicks ass! Hangman needs them more then they need him. So, I hope he sees the light.
raven beast
raven beast 8 days ago
God damn make Hangman the world champ already. He don't need no team ....
diasmusempal 8 days ago
i don't necessarily want adam page in the dark order. but by god if aew someday really makes their trio title belt, adam page, john silver, and alex reynold should be the champion one day...
Larry Garris
Larry Garris 8 days ago
Why is that little boy there can you get any corny than this stupid bullshit
Pedro Aguiar Barroso
I like that Angel 5 have some spotlight, he really deserve this
Branson Strong
Branson Strong 8 days ago
Great shout out to Brodie Lee by page “ I always keep a extra roll of papers in my jacket”
Slev Aunyafeist
Slev Aunyafeist 8 days ago
the dark order , got hangman.
Billete's Xliii
Billete's Xliii 8 days ago
I like heel matt hardy
Adan A.
Adan A. 8 days ago
Deeb should have won! I hate it when AEW tries to push somebody at the cost of better wrestlers. They did this with FTR, they mowed over too many better tag teams to push their FTR vs. Bucks match. AEW if you wanted to have Riho vs Shida, just do it! Don't bury other great wrestlers to get there. That's what mid carders and jobbers are for, Deeb deserves better, She should be AEW champion.
HOLY CRAB 8 days ago
So it was Matt Hardy who lure Hangman away from the Bucks and broke up their friendship. The one who picked up his phone and all. My gawd AEW again with the long term storytelling. Love it.
Ryan 8 days ago
This is silly and embarrassing what a bad show from All Friends Wrestling
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 8 days ago
@Ryan then why are you here if you don't watch anyone except the few exceptions
Ryan 8 days ago
@Mitchell Sommer I dont except for these highlights because I like watching properly trained wrestlers which they have about 5 including FTR and Cody
jeffarious 8 days ago
go away
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer 8 days ago
Then stop watching
Tommy von Muttonfudge
Join the Dark Order,Adam.
zorro 45
zorro 45 8 days ago
damn, somebody cutting onion right here!!
Haran Karthick
Haran Karthick 8 days ago
Happy tears moment ❤️
Joshua Alan
Joshua Alan 8 days ago
Anyone else watching this for the 100th time? I love this story.
picoolio 8 days ago
It was a good decision to not to have a 8 man tag to progress the story further.
avali123 8 days ago
Surely one of the best lariat
Drew Mcintyre
Drew Mcintyre 8 days ago
Hangman is the gorgeous man and he is so talented and charismatic performer in the ring .your hair so nice
J P 8 days ago
Hangman joining dark order feels sooo right. Please do it, Adam! 🤗
Fantasy Prediction World
Jim cornette gonna be pissed
Andrew Feurtado
Andrew Feurtado 8 days ago
The Dark Order has evolved from a Cult into almost a quasi fraternity gimmick, it makes logical sense that they want all their friends to join but I don’t get why they pressured Hangman to join but nobody pesters Tay about joining.
Kyle Jensen
Kyle Jensen 8 days ago
Did Marko from Jurassic Express join the dark order?? 😱 and get shorter?
Wayne Hall
Wayne Hall 8 days ago
"I'll give 3700 dollars to kick his ass" one of the funniest things I've ever heard LOL
Victor Bolingford
I Couldn't Agree with You More
Kenneth Jacinto
Kenneth Jacinto 6 days ago
Three thousand seven hundred hundred dollars??
IstaroDintari333 8 days ago
-1 carrying his fathers Legacy. Long live the future Exalted One.
Glen Menas
Glen Menas 8 days ago
That was wrestLing folks. Bravo.
[SWAN] [RJ] 8 days ago
Hangman needs to make the diamond cutter his move
Seosamh Rooney
Seosamh Rooney 8 days ago
Anyone else notice Colt just casually attacking Isiah Kassidy with Jaxson de Ville's shoe
DriveMidwest 8 days ago
This Dark Order / Hangman angle is just perfect. I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about it ... cept maybe Cornette ... but he hates fun, so.