Did Santana and Ortiz Win the AEW World Tag Team Championships? | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/17/21
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
le ciné d'Ethan
Santana is suscribe to rolls-up 🤣
The salt of the earth
Afree Archfalafa
Afree Archfalafa 5 days ago
Amira Khan
Amira Khan 5 days ago
God created Alpha on monday, and Omega on Sunday. That is why they have extra power in their arms. Hahahahahahahaha.....and they proved it.
Hate Crush
Hate Crush 5 days ago
Don is secretly working with MJF calling it now
Amira Khan
Amira Khan 6 days ago
Excellent performance Young Bucks.....
Amira Khan
Amira Khan 6 days ago
And the best Active Attacker Award goes to Judas Effect Expert Chris Jericho. And the Best Active Defender Award goes to One-Winged Angel Expert and AEW world Champion Kenny Omega. Hahahahahaha.
Pat Basque
Pat Basque 6 days ago
cant wait for Cutler vs Hagar next week.
rybert akizuki
rybert akizuki 6 days ago
This is what happen when the bad guys save the good guys from other bad guys.
Aaron Kilby
Aaron Kilby 6 days ago
Can someone places explain how them retaining makes more sense than them loosing. Like the young bucks are so cramp they didn't even pickup the mic in the fewd against the acclaimed, they have tarnished the theme off all champs being solid all round. Also the tag champs have to face jericho and mgf, it would have made so much more sence for p&p to face them with this breakup angle going on, besides young buck have their own thing going on too. I hope santana and ortiz have some back bone and aren't taking the disrespect being shown. Speaking of disrespect the young bucks have switched from having high spots every match to stealing legendary finishers and completely burying them. Im gunna become a wrestler in spite and have a "buck Young" gimmick were I use their moveset and the person taking it completely no sells the shit out of it.
Itz Tokeyo
Itz Tokeyo 6 days ago
Was sad when they didnt come out to the PnP music.
aydo castle
aydo castle 6 days ago
Where is Kenny and the good brothers to save the bucks?
aydo castle
aydo castle 6 days ago
Man heels vs heels? PnP should be the ones to beat the bucks
J.Styles 89
J.Styles 89 6 days ago
The bucks have had the worst run as champions. We need new champs.
Variation Zech
Variation Zech 6 days ago
I think Don Calis is trying to separate the Young Bucks from their group cause they wanted to help sooner but he was keeping them from going
Mac Wheeler
Mac Wheeler 7 days ago
This was such a good match Santana and ortiz are amazing!!!!
KingFreakGhost 7 days ago
Brandon! No!
jose ram
jose ram 7 days ago
AEW is the best
J Compass
J Compass 7 days ago
I hope Kenny is just playing Gallows, Anderson, and Don
Stoney Baby
Stoney Baby 7 days ago
I want them to win so bad bro. I thought it was over too.
Derek Imm
Derek Imm 7 days ago
The playing possum move from sd vs raw
Matthias Vandekeere
What's the script/story behind the club taking their sweet time to go help them 🤨🤔
SexyBrown Eyes27
SexyBrown Eyes27 4 days ago
they said that's what friendship for
PlusUltraAlien IV
Bro he jumped on the ref to break it up, even if it wasn't his intention. Bs
Samuel Medina
Samuel Medina 8 days ago
Santana and Ortiz got screwed they won Young Bucks I like them but they need to spread the belt around all that Kenny Omega Young Bucks having the belts cuz they are the Elite I don't think so their good athletes but not better than Puerto Rican pride and Power
David B
David B 8 days ago
I thought the Inner Circle had a three-way tag match to decide who the only tag team in the faction were? Nice booking, Tony.
Clayton Baxter
Clayton Baxter 8 days ago
Give us Inner Circle vs Bullet Club!
Sheli Begum
Sheli Begum 8 days ago
Inner Circle Vs Club
Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab
The Inner Circle vs The Club Elite.
Sparkles Avocado
Sparkles Avocado 8 days ago
Now I understand why Sammy left
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 8 days ago
Young Bucks are just boring anymore. The promos and backstage skits are bland and their matches are predictable.
Tragedy XXV
Tragedy XXV 8 days ago
LAX should’ve won, no other team deserves it more than them and Penta and Rey. Proud N Powerful after all beat the young bucks before, they should be the ones to do it again.
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 8 days ago
Santana & Ortiz were so close, but it is not their time yet. I'm just surprised MJF & Jericho were even okay with Santana & Ortiz accepting the tag title shot from the Young Bucks given MJF & Jericho are the official tag team of the Inner Circle. When the time is right though Santana & Ortiz will win the AEW World Tag Team Championship.
Eric Steele
Eric Steele 8 days ago
Don Callis has got to go. I hate to say it...but Tama was right. This "reunion" is horse shit. Literally...the Elite started this thing as Omega and the Young Bucks, wtf is Kenny doing backstage?!?!
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 8 days ago
Bring konnan to motivate Santana Ortiz
Roger Minnema
Roger Minnema 8 days ago
Reason AEW won’t dominate, has huge potential to do so, is shown in this highlight when Santana does a stupid somersault into a double cutter, fucking dumb.
Eleanor Green
Eleanor Green 8 days ago
Good good 🤙
Brasil Ball
Brasil Ball 8 days ago
4:39 Fuego tornado aaaaaahhhh🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪
OvO Wilkins
OvO Wilkins 8 days ago
the young bucks are garbage
Gerritt Rosario perez
the break up over rick nox lol he counted 3 had to grab his hand to stop it lmao
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 8 days ago
Collinz 8 days ago
I loved the parent confrontation between Jericho MJF and the bucks parents. That made things personal! Love that.
Gio Diaz
Gio Diaz 8 days ago
Music Awards 2021 Aew wrestling
Jonathan Severson
its a shame they don't get more of spot light , would of like them to win set up more tenison in the group.
Jonathan Waters
Jonathan Waters 8 days ago
that wasn't a surprise roll up.
brygs767 8 days ago
That ref is the least flimsy ref in wresting history. Any other ref would be out.
Ryan 8 days ago
What a shitty match and show Jericho looks like he is pregnant with twins
Joshua S
Joshua S 8 days ago
"Tell 'em, Hawk!" Best comment of the match. :D
Malik Evans
Malik Evans 6 days ago
Road Warrior Buck
Frustrated English
JR seems like just sarcasm prasie there
Eric Carr
Eric Carr 8 days ago
Was that Waylon Mercy ?????
Pierre Exalus
Pierre Exalus 8 days ago
Yo!! Papa Buck look like the in shape version of Steven Seagal!!
rheeno 8 days ago
inner circle vs bullet club, make it happen aew
deltrae3 8 days ago
BC has no beef with them tho... Only with Omega and Callis.
Saula Tawake
Saula Tawake 8 days ago
I love to see the inner circle work together demolishing the young buckz😂😂😂😂😂
Mr C3RTiFi3D
Mr C3RTiFi3D 8 days ago
Their dad looks like a legit Carny,no disrespect intended just an honest observation.....looks like a dude that operates one of those shady looking rides or runs one of those rigged games🤣😂🤣
Emerald Forest Ecolodge
A PPV worth match. Hopefully mis muchachos Santa y Ortiz are going to get another title shot and there become CAMPEONES EN PAREJA!
C-Red 8 days ago
when are my guys Santana and Ortiz gonna win match? like seriously its been months since they've won a tag team match. outside of Jericho and mjf, everyone in the inner circle are essentially jobbers. these guys rarely wrestle on tv and when they do, they lose.
Greg Guerrero
Greg Guerrero 8 days ago
Thats not a ref bump!
Earthworm Jack
Earthworm Jack 8 days ago
It's interesting that the crowd started booing after the Matt Jackson pinfall breakup. I think it's because it looked as if Matt didn't actually make it in time and Santana and Ortiz would have won if Matt hadn't knocked into the referee.
Jais Ottathengil
Jais Ottathengil 8 days ago
Imagine inner circle vs bullet club 🔥🔥
deltrae3 8 days ago
Idk where the bullet club was... We're they invisible?
Johntavious Hardwell
They were so close of beat the young bucs... But i blame Ortiz, getting too damn cocky.
musicjnky1982 8 days ago
Am I the only that doesn't care for The Good Brothers ?
Paul Dulay
Paul Dulay 8 days ago
the best the best the best lol destroyed by inside package
ıf your lıfe had a face ı would punch ıt •
omg that double cutter was a pıece of art ♡
Gray Vieth
Gray Vieth 8 days ago
Having VP holding the belts. What does that show? Come on, we want fresh people holding the belts.
Great Heights
Great Heights 8 days ago
If it wasn't for the women this would have been match of the night. Great to see Santana & Ortiz showing out like they always do again.
De Fowl
De Fowl 8 days ago
Matt jackson should of been DQD bc he hit the ref
SimpleSlave 8 days ago
Dream feud: Santana and Ortiz vs Death Triangle's The Lucha Brothers for the Tag Titles. BOOK IT TONY!!!
SimpleSlave 7 days ago
@eric demby Although I saw both team on Impact(sporadically) I never knew they actually feuded. But thanks for letting me know. 👍 Still, both teams have grown so much and seeing as this is AEW, I think this one is worth running back. Especially for the AEW titles. Both teams deserves to be at the top of the division. I also think there's a lot of millage on this feud since it can always diverge into Death Triangle and Friends vs the Inner Circle. These teams will just bring it.
eric demby
eric demby 8 days ago
You realize they had a fued in impact already for the tag titles right? But they'll probably renew that down the line somewhere
Zeke Jackson
Zeke Jackson 8 days ago
Did anyone notice Ortiz just sit there after he got pinned? He didn't just join the beatdown? And Santana had to comfort him after the match? The little things matter
Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab
4:33 Father of The Jackson's push on Chris Jericho.
John Gennaria
John Gennaria 8 days ago
They sold the shock of losing so easily despite making the match easier for them throwing Matt into the Dark talent at ringside. It worked well. That was their chance to finally return to the scene. Ever since that triple threat tag match, it's been all downhill for PnP. They need to cut their losses now before they become a thing of the past in AEW
Douglas Faoa
Douglas Faoa 8 days ago
Prime storytellers
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 8 days ago
Skullet buck sr 😂😂😂😂😂
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 8 days ago
Was pulling for Santana and Ortiz to get the win actually, free's up the Young Bucks to take care of MUCH NEEDED business. These guys should be walking into Revolution as champs, but alas we wait just a lil' longer.
Reborn8303 8 days ago
Jericho vs Omega
Alex Dejesus
Alex Dejesus 8 days ago
It’s about freaking time Santana and Ortiz get their first opportunity for 2 years, it was good match anyway I was hoping they should’ve got the new tag titles, they are so close to finish the match by finishing tag move, oh well next time they’ll get it for sure
John Williams Sr
John Williams Sr 8 days ago
The Bullet Club is a joke talk about friends.
502._chance 8 days ago
I kid you not it was a 3
dalien420 8 days ago
Inside cradle again??? Lmfao
Saif Al Deen Ehab
Is The Young Bucks faces or heels I’m confused 😂
KenBoi 7 days ago
Just pay attention to what tunnel they go through during their entrance.
Alex Dejesus
Alex Dejesus 8 days ago
Young bucks are still face & Santana & Ortiz are still heel
Joshua Born Again
4:27 Who's that man that Jericho is targeting? 🤔 Is that the Bucks' father? 🤔
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell 8 days ago
all these high risk moves just for a roll up finish smh i can see why their ratings are low
This was 100% a total ego move. There was no reason for The Young Bucks to retain here, Santana and Ortiz should have won this 100% At this point The Young Bucks are just champions because they feel like it. The belts are just part of their entrance attire. Now they are taking the Shawn Michaels Wannabe thing to another level.
Forever Forgiven
Forever Forgiven 8 days ago
I thought Juice Robinson had invaded AEW for a second the resemblance between him and Santana is uncanny hope to see that match up eventually.
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 8 days ago
So much for Bullet Club Backup...🙄
deltrae3 8 days ago
Bullet club was never there...
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 8 days ago
Ortiz: "THE BEST! THE BEST! THE BEST!" *Nick cinches Inside Cradle on Ortiz FTW* Tony: "The Inside Cradle is the best..." Me: LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Jon the Jinn
Jon the Jinn 8 days ago
This match was awesome. Also, I fully trust your booking, and thus expect what comes next to be awesome as well. Having said that, I really wanted Santana & Ortiz to win this. They absolutely deserve the gold, and the storyline implications would’ve been really interesting. But as I said: I trust you, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this saga.
dannybob42 9 days ago
They'll get their time, later down the line, my guess is that they'll have to leave IC first
John Gennaria
John Gennaria 8 days ago
That's what the story seems to implicate down the line. PnP shouldnt be cut anytime soon at all. They are revered regardless of how many tag title shots they get. Y2MJF set the dominoes falling and CJ don't understand yet, but MJF will seize the IC as he sees fit.
Bifrostdecay 9 days ago
Papa buck isn't gonna take that shit lol
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 9 days ago
This feels like the Hardy Boyz vs. The Usos's
Mr Weaslio
Mr Weaslio 9 days ago
Hilarious when the ref starts his count for double team moves! 😂 There’s literally no point mate.
James S
James S 9 days ago
"You're gonna pay for that, you old sack of crap!" -MJF. I love it
Johnny Morningstar
The most devastating move in ALLLL of sports entertainment lol this was a great match, Santana & Ortiz are a credible tag team and I guess rolling them up is a good way to protect them since they haven't won very much. Easily future tag champs without a doubt
John Gennaria
John Gennaria 8 days ago
This match result would have been great either way. MJF is looking more suspicious to the IC slowly loosing his placement. He got Guevara out, now he set PnP up to fall and only Wardlow helped beat the Bucks up, though at command from MJF. He's a snake biding his time. PnP will become the champions of AEW. With them in the IC, they have been less prominent lately. Perhaps all this will build much like Guevara. PnP need to bolt sooner rather than later for the IC.
Reginald Williams
Inside cradle is the best 😂😂😂
GodDam Von
GodDam Von 9 days ago
babysealclub11 9 days ago
The roll up ending?.... That was underwhelming
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 9 days ago
Yeah i wasn’t impressed with the end, but I loved the match
steven nuckles
steven nuckles 9 days ago
So what if cutler joins up with young bucks..gallows and anderson and omega vs inner circle.... Jericho ..mjf...hager..santana and ortiz.....5 bs 5
Alan H
Alan H 9 days ago
Was the Doomsday Device a nod to Jim Cornette and his Road Warrior and Balding Buck line?
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 9 days ago
Lolol i love it 😂
skinhitter27 9 days ago
Santana & Ortiz should've won... clean. 👎🏼
RandomMetalChick 000
Honestly i hope TYB drop the titles soon. They are one of those teams that doesn’t need the titles. I really want to see S&O or TH2 win the titles by the end of the year. Both teams are painfully underused and booked wrongly.
Jagger Mabry
Jagger Mabry 9 days ago
He jumped the official to break the count smart move and the official was like im okay guys
John Gennaria
John Gennaria 8 days ago
Rarely does a ref ever take bumps anymore. Glad Knox took one for the team in a way
MrSoulRebel 9 days ago
Dark order with Page vs the bullet club vs The inner circle vs The Family with Eddie Kingston vs Team Taz vs Death Triangle with Moxley/ Lance archer...faction wars...
deltrae3 8 days ago
That would require the Bullet Club leaving Japan. Kinda enjoying the Tama/Taichi thing going on though...
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 9 days ago
Young bucks: best tag team in the world Santana Ortiz: allow us to introduce ourselves
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 4 days ago
@Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab He's quit the Inner Circle
Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab
Where's Sammy Guaverra.
CJ Thornton
CJ Thornton 7 days ago
I mean they are THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST for a reason
Sounak Ball
Sounak Ball 8 days ago
Bucks:we are the best tag team in the world Santana and Ortiz with the face paint: PATHETIC
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 9 days ago
Grate idea with dive over ref to save pin
Feral Cyborg Gaming
We apologize for that, the world's oldest wrestling bit.