EXCLUSIVE: Scorpio Sky Talks AEW Revolution Ladder Match - Wrestling with the Week 

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EXCLUSIVE: Scorpio Sky Talks AEW Revolution Ladder Match - Wrestling with the Week Episode 6 | 2/22/21
In this episode, Scorpio Sky and James Willems talk about Sky's upcoming Revolution ladder match and what it’s going to take to become The Face of The Revolution. They deep dive on strategy and what it means to not just be in a match like this but to win it. They’re both surprised by the announcement of the exploding barbed wire deathmatch between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega and talk about how it’s going to be truly next level. James talks about his wrestling roots and Sky has a couple stories of his own about wrestling in makeshift rings. The guys also get in to their love of the Rocky franchise, the poll results for their upcoming t-shirt, what makes a great brunch shoe, producer Eric becoming Big Poppa Pump through his goatee, and a lot more.
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 34   
Dragon 12 hours ago
38:48 the classic Funhaus “nickname in highschool” joke. Havent heard that one awhile man
Niklas Hegg
Niklas Hegg 22 hours ago
You guys only put the episode numbers in a few of the episodes titles on US-first
AEW News 1
AEW News 1 Day ago
Lovin this podcast
LazärheaD 2 days ago
AEW is Funhaus!
Beardo McGee
Beardo McGee 2 days ago
Whoa! What is Jamz Wiggins doing on AEW? I saw those baby blues in the thumbnail and initially thought Scorpio was on Funhaus lol..
BlightQueller 2 days ago
MattAlbie 2 days ago
I'm not sure if I have enough Scrobbles to be watching this clip!
Rosie Cassidy
Rosie Cassidy 2 days ago
Scorpio sky 😍😍😍
thevoid99 3 days ago
anyone who doesn't love one of the rocky films is someone i can't be friends nor trust with my life with. look, i love cinema as i'm a fan of people like bergman, kurosawa, fellini, bresson, truffaut, john ford, martin scorsese, sofia coppola, lynne ramsay, and terrence malick but i also love jackie chan movies, the films of andy sidaris, and b-movies.
Chris Mooney
Chris Mooney 4 days ago
So when you say Brian does the editing, is that Brian GAAR?
Shedmother 4 days ago
We need Scorpio on filmhaus
Tyler Meanor
Tyler Meanor 4 days ago
Need movie rant on Eragon
Dominik Jirchář
My dream match MJF VS THE MIZ
Tablón 4 days ago
Dont let scorpio watch the funhaus la noire playthrough
Chris Woodard
Chris Woodard 4 days ago
James' approach to finally buying a new pair of cool shoes is giving me Dragon Ball trying to finally have a boss fight vibes.
Cosmin Buteanu
Cosmin Buteanu 4 days ago
What is Robert Lewandovski doing here
Karma Bhutia
Karma Bhutia 3 days ago
Hardly any competition in Bundesliga Maybe he decided to come here
Pron Joffitt
Pron Joffitt 4 days ago
im cheering for you in the ladder match Scorpio Sky
Chewbacca 4 days ago
When's James Angel going to make his debut
VengeanceZz 4 days ago
So happy to see that James is hosting this show. You deserve it man!!
Gabriel Athitakis
Love this show
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 4 days ago
Scorpio Sky is going to thrive in that Face of the Revolution Ladder match. If Sammy Guevara is also added, one of those 2 will be my pick to win it.
Troy Turner
Troy Turner 4 days ago
Loving this podcast, guys! Wouldn't expect anything less from AEW!🙏🏾🙌🏿🔥
Nathan Spencer
Nathan Spencer 4 days ago
I really like starting the podcast with AEW talk. It feels natural!
Brendan Flaherty
Brendan Flaherty 4 days ago
Need Sky and james in a tag match on dark, Itd be raddd
seancey stephens
seancey stephens 4 days ago
@zombie hunter He still needs to train a lot for Dark as well but not sure if James will be any good
zombie hunter
zombie hunter 4 days ago
@seancey stephens I think the dude meant in a random aew dark episode. Not at Revulotion.
seancey stephens
seancey stephens 4 days ago
@zombie hunter True but AEW Revolution is Two Weeks away it won't be enough time to train and get ready for the match
zombie hunter
zombie hunter 4 days ago
@seancey stephens they can train him.
seancey stephens
seancey stephens 4 days ago
Not sure if James can Wrestle
Narendra Gurung
Narendra Gurung 4 days ago
that's why I lov scorpio
Jawan Farmer
Jawan Farmer 4 days ago
Sky in the leader match on ppv one of my picks to win and wrestling with the week another great episode
Elijoo John
Elijoo John 4 days ago
Blessing and Success to those who are reading this and taking me to the journey of 2k before the end of this month Amen. .........,,,,,,....
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 4 days ago
No disrespect but penta or rey need to be winning that
H&M studio
H&M studio 5 days ago
"My Dad is ill "And I have not job and money" "US-first not giving me views" "I want to handle my family" "Ya I m worse than others"😭,
Aussieduderivs1 5 days ago
I had no idea James is involved with aew
seancey stephens
seancey stephens 4 days ago
He is?
Rashad August
Rashad August 5 days ago
Number 1 contenders ladder match
George Costanza
George Costanza 5 days ago
These 2 are so boring
Diego Lofranco
Diego Lofranco 4 days ago
@Gaming With Cubby go off man go off on that hater
Gaming With Cubby
Come with me we’ll go find who asked fam
Gay 5 days ago
It's great seeing that spark in James again... That rooster teeth company is literally just throwing out terrible podcasts 5 days a week and it's just getting harder to watch!
Gay 4 days ago
@Gaming With Cubby I have an opinion, and I'm really happy to see James having a lot of fun... Go away 😂
Gaming With Cubby
Idk why you can’t credit one thing without ripping another one apart
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 5 days ago
Another amazing episode of Wrestling with the Week with Scorpio Sky and James Willems i like soo much this is show and i can't wait to see see this is video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Best in the World CM Punk