Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley Kicks off Dark! | AEW Dark 

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Here is your entire #AEWDark (in no particular order)
➡️ Baron Black & John Skyler vs. Jurassic Express
➡️ Butcher & The Blade vs. Jake St. Patrick & Sage Scott
➡️ Bear Country vs. Chaos Project
➡️ Jon Cruz vs. Jon Moxley
➡️ Brandon Cutler vs. Misterioso
➡️ Fuego Del Sol vs. Nick Comoroto
➡️ Eric James & VSK vs. Alex Reynolds & John SIlver
➡️ KC Navarro vs. Ricky Starks
➡️ Vertvixen vs. Tay Conti
➡️ Aaron Solow vs. Eddie Kingston
➡️ RYZIN vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
➡️ Renee Michelle vs. Shanna
AEW Dark Episode 75 | 2/16/21
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Feb 16, 2021




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All Elite Wrestling
Here is your entire #AEWDark (in no particular order) ➡️ Baron Black & John Skyler vs. Jurassic Express ➡️ Butcher & The Blade vs. Jake St. Patrick & Sage Scott ➡️ Bear Country vs. Chaos Project ➡️ Jon Cruz vs. Jon Moxley ➡️ Brandon Cutler vs. Misterioso ➡️ Fuego Del Sol vs. Nick Comoroto ➡️ Eric James & VSK vs. Alex Reynolds & John Silver ➡️ KC Navarro vs. Ricky Starks ➡️ Vertvixen vs. Tay Conti ➡️ Aaron Solow vs. Eddie Kingston ➡️ RYZIN vs. Powerhouse Hobbs ➡️ Renee Michelle vs. Shanna
Louis Stalnaker
Louis Stalnaker 5 days ago
Do not remove up and coming talents ring entrance. Doesn’t help anyone. Then putting them in a 30 second squash match. The entrance is part of what makes it interesting and gain interest in the match.
Christopher Dotson
@KairosObjective they changed it to episode names
Collinz 8 days ago
@TheOnemanmoshpit well let's not get too picky with it either. At least they are aware now of who their established guys are and are putting them over. When the other talents get some wins under their belt they will eventually do the same.
TheOnemanmoshpit 8 days ago
AEW Dark and Dynamite matches are always predictable as... but it's like they're not even trying any more, with introducing the losers while the winners' entrance music is still playing 🙄 The first match was the only one I thought, wow, this could go either way, then Taz telegraphed the winner by saying it would be an upset if Chaos project won, then back peddling badly. 🤦🏽‍♂️ For heaven's sake!! Talking of Taz, why was there no mention of him dragging Darby behind his truck? It's like it never happened, just like when he choked out Cody! Ever heard of continuity?! Come on AEW, you're getting lazy!!
TheOnemanmoshpit 8 days ago
This was the first time I've not enjoyed Dark. 😕 Too many squash matches. 😒
Johnny Black
Johnny Black 12 minutes ago
um i don't think that jon guy was selling, i think mox really choked him out.
Mohi 2 hours ago
4:05 mox did roman's submission finisher...
Mohi 2 hours ago
0:57 that ring announcement was great...
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 12 hours ago
Man I’d love to join the dark order!
LOGHAN GHØSTZ 15 hours ago
92 For the 75 time here on AEW DARK also been hearing some rumors about a new dark or something like that soon probably watching it and commenting on it too unfortanely only 1 hour this show but hope for the best. ⚫KICK-OFF:JON MOXLEY X JON CRUZ⚫ GG for moxley he allways will brought atention to dark so glad to see him here. 🟡MATCH 02:BEAR COUNTRY X CHAOS PROJEKT⚫ Some people say jon cruz and serpentico are the same people and this match totally changed their minds literally after jon cruz lost serpentico appeared so yeah book it AEW serpentico x Jon cruz is a dream match,and bear country winning was a suprise to me. 🟡MATCH 03:THE BUTCHER & THE BLADE X ST PATRICK & SAGE SCOTT⚫ In my opinion the best candidate to win the championship against the young bucks are the butcher & the blade i really can see them with the belt soon. I never get bored when seen the match is must watch. ( 🟡MATCH 04:SHANNA X RENEE MICHELLE⚫ Im never getting why aew pushed the trigger on shanna i dont see nothing on she but without a doubt this was the best match of she i watched. 🟡MATCH 05:SILVER & REYNOLDS X ERIC & VSK ⚫ Honestly the old tag finisher was better even throught this terrible ending im happy for silver e reynolds but john silver has to sell better next time. 🟡MATCH 06:BARON BLACK & JOHN SKYLER X JURASSIC EXPRESS⚫ Too exagerated even for a squash match could been longer btw baron black appear literally every week he is probably the wrestler with the most losts on aew. 🟡MATCH 07:VERTVIXEN X TAY CONTI ⚫ Tay is easily the best women on aew without a doubt she is unique at the ring mixing jiu jitsu and wrestling perfectly 🟡MATCH 08:AARON SOLOW X EDDIE KINGSTON⚫ This match was so strange that for a second i really thought that solow was winning and my brain exploded for the other one this was a good match for kingston i enjoy him this days. 🟡MATCH 09:KC NAVARRO X RICKY STARKS ⚫ HOLY CR4P LESS THEN 5 SECONDS WHAT A MATCH BY RICKY STARKS (feel sorry for kc to be honest) BUT AMAZING FOR STARKS! 🟡MATCH 10:BRANDON CUTLER X MISTERIOSO⚫ Fast action cutler allways make his oponnent look good no mather what really enjoyed this match sooner or later he will be in a 21 match winning streak. (LoL) 🟡MATCH 11:RYZIN X WILL HOBBS⚫ Insert ricky starks comment on here. 🟡MATCH 12:NICK COMOROTO X FUEGO DEL SOL⚫ Tornado never happening ddt by the dark horse fuego del sol maybe in the next life but once he hit it im giving a big pop to him one of the biggest one of my life,happy for comoroto btw. I liked this fast paced dark some matches could be longer but in geral as good watching. ⚜FINAL NOTE 7,78/10⚜
Edward Silva
Edward Silva Day ago
Bear Country is dope. Need to see them against Butcher & Blade
LUCIUS GX9 Day ago
Does anyone know why when I go to the Cagematch site (which is an excellent site) it says that Jon Cruz and Serpentico are one and the same person?
Blaze Hatchet
So is Comoroto the real life Animal from the Muppets? This guy is Awesome!!!
BayBay Day ago
Plz put dynamite on youtube plz plz i'm dying to watch AEW
Johnny Trejo
Johnny Trejo 2 days ago
So Cutler gets a win from a debuting Misterioso? That’s horseshit! Misterioso is a staple in the Lucha Libre circles here in Los Angeles 🤦🏻‍♂️ I hope there is a rematch .
Some Potato
Some Potato 2 days ago
While you can predict Dark matches with 100% accuracy, Eddie Kingston made me think he could actually lose.
Abel Ardions
Abel Ardions 3 days ago
Ricky Starks has to be AEW's top star in a near future
Phenom951 3 days ago
This better be the last AEW Dark I see on YT with a runtime of less than 2 hrs.
John Coxtolstoy
John Coxtolstoy 4 days ago
Keithyboy25 4 days ago
I miss when both competitors got an entrance 😕
nino frp
nino frp 4 days ago
Tay Contii is squashing so many competitors ! i've got a tiny little hope to see here defeat Nyla Rose today !
Lucas gamer Soteriou
Kc actually good in gts why they making him a jobber in aew
sneksnekitsasnek 5 days ago
Louis Stalnaker
Louis Stalnaker 5 days ago
Do not remove up and coming talents ring entrances. Doesn’t help anyone. Then putting them in a 30 second squash match. The entrance is part of what makes it interesting and gain eyes to the match.
David Willoughby
David Willoughby 5 days ago
Really do love Shanna and her DBZ inspired ring gear.
Since when did Alex Reynolds & Jon Silver lose the masks?? 😢😡 JK! Just a bunch of hunky beautiful men, Boys just wanna have fun ya know! Johnny Hungiee!!
I like Shanna! Her DBZ style gear from episode's ago and her promotional DBZ inspired t-shirt are nicely designed. I am on board for team Shanna! Orale! Let's go Shanna! Sexy and dominate
Jon Cruz was screwed!! 😱😡 I demand a rematch!
Bear Country is primed and ready! They were pushed over Chaos Project respectfully! Si mon que si ESE!
Chip Kip
Chip Kip 6 days ago
John Silver is so good 🔥
Martifox 6 days ago
Ryzin is gonna get his big push someday. I will be all down for it when it happens.
T.R.U. Louisianimal
Really enjoyed this episode
LyingKing 1995
LyingKing 1995 6 days ago
Came here to see the child of Scott Steiner and Rey Mysterio
Jett Ankermann
Jett Ankermann 6 days ago
"Oh man, KC Navarro is Money, this match against Ricky Starks is gonna be amazing!" 46:45 ..........PFFFFT BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Shine Bright
Shine Bright 6 days ago
Misterioso is a good wrestler, I hope we get to see him more on AEW Dark🔥🔥🔥
Shelcey Gusek
Shelcey Gusek 6 days ago
Bear Country v Chaos Project brought me here. @10:10.... "LIKE THIS!" 😄 This is a great bit. Serpentico unable to roll him... Lol. Entertainment.
Brett Baker
Brett Baker 6 days ago
wow looking old
Bruno Albuquerque
Beth Henderson
Beth Henderson 6 days ago
Fair warning don't go to AEW roster page because they foolishly update their W/L records which include the upcoming dark results before it airs on Tuesday
tim 6 days ago
I think Ricky Starks just set a record for fastest victory in AEW.
tim 6 days ago
The Butcher and The Blade are an awsome tag team!
Johnny Malloy
Johnny Malloy 6 days ago
Fuego Del Sol is great
xanadurv 7 days ago
give them entrances. my fave part of Dark is the commentary banter.
lastimosaz 7 days ago
Shanna with that vegeta themed gear♥
Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum 7 days ago
38:43 Eddie's just come from hanging with the dark order, can tell they drank a lot of coke, he's buzzing
Charlie Vernon Hickey
1:04:33 that music break with the 1-2-3 was great
Aswinsk Ekm
Aswinsk Ekm 7 days ago
Bunny's laugh with some speed is really alien like
vaibhav salgaonkar
Came here to see misterioso 😂 he looks like a cross between rey and scott steiner
heatsquadmuzik 7 days ago
The fluffy drill additionly squeal because algebra evolutionarily milk on a rustic tempo. grotesque, labored mine
Nick Zotixx
Nick Zotixx 7 days ago
Justin roberts JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON MOOOOXLEY!!!!!! and his opponent (Quietly) Jon Cruz..........
Sean G
Sean G 7 days ago
Jon Cruz did pretty good! Then the match started.
Tien Seng
Tien Seng 7 days ago
Jon Moxley use Roman Reigns new finisher😂
m price
m price 7 days ago
Was anybody else as impressed with Misterioso as I was? It wasn't just his offensive moves, he sold real well. That last spot where he was knocked off of the ropes then rolled to the perfect position for Cutler's finish was excellent. Give Misterioso more chances.
Hellblazer666 7 days ago
Put Timestamps on the matches AEW some of us don't wanna watch all the matches. Its not that hard.
Aaronsen Sturgill
This whole show was disappointing
Miguel Izaguirre
Miguel Izaguirre 7 days ago
like your video Soo Mach
Christina Fields
Christina Fields 7 days ago
why every weak anna jay is a manager
Brant Shepherd
Brant Shepherd 7 days ago
Does it bother anyone else when the champs don’t wear the belt? I don’t know why, but it gets under my skin. It’s a BELT! Wear the thing!!
Mark McQuillan
Mark McQuillan 7 days ago
11:50 - That was atrocious. Undertaker's entrance was quicker than Luther there.
Breno Oliveira
Breno Oliveira 7 days ago
I doesn't get it why in this Mox have the IWGP US title but in Dynamite the title was gone.
Ric Bro
Ric Bro 7 days ago
Tarzan boy i love you❤️❤️❤️👑👑
Erich Haney
Erich Haney 7 days ago
"Anatomy class with Taz" by far one of the best lines from aew
Musup Abdu
Musup Abdu 7 days ago
Wheres sydal
QAZ OMEN 7 days ago
Tooo loooong people.... are u not fans of wrestling ???? Longer the better the problem with dark isnt that its to long or has too many matches, its the fact every dark is a squash show, maybe aew should give us some competitive matches on dark. Its the aew squash show, becoming boring AF
Tim Drew
Tim Drew 7 days ago
Bear Country sorta reminds me of Natural Disasters Vibe. I dig this enhancer / upcoming show. Gives independent circuit wrestlers work while the worlds in a pandemic. I grew up on second rate wrestling shows, it would be Big Boss Man vs some guy named scott they met in town buying a hot dog, big boss man would beat the shit out of him and that was the show. "Headlining match" at best would be Jimmy Superfly Snuka vs Brooklyn Brawler. No diss to the brawler, I loved that character. Considered against the enhancer show I grew up watching on saturday nights, Dark is dope.
Tim Drew
Tim Drew 7 days ago
I also don't have cable, so I can't catch Dynamite.
patrick galvin
patrick galvin 7 days ago
1tychoma 8 days ago
Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez 8 days ago
Did you guys REALLY show KC Navarro when Starks was doing the corner taunt? My goodness. Try again.
harold pilson
harold pilson 8 days ago
I think they should sign misteriso. He has potential
Steven Bookmark
Steven Bookmark 8 days ago
Anyone know why Bunny / Allie doesn't wrestle anymore?
Fernando Arratia
Fernando Arratia 8 days ago
Dear AEW please show Ricky starks full entrance (when he is on the turnbuckle) thank you and continue with the great wrestling
Stevie G
Stevie G 8 days ago
Almost perfect episode! Not too long and got rid of the jobbers entrances! Massive thumbs up. But one thing I would like is exclusive dark storylines to put the cherry on top.
Har0x 8 days ago
Jon Cruz/Serpentico is fantastic
Simon Lafleur Lafleur
Good show
KazutoSensei 8 days ago
Larry Pennington
Larry Pennington 8 days ago
Whenever the bunny starts that annoying laugh, i fast forward to the next match. Ally is worth so much more than this....
Dasari Mahesh
Dasari Mahesh 8 days ago
Hi deanom brose
i s
i s 8 days ago
Comoroto is a total Beast💪, & at a different level over 🔥del ☀️.....😬
Andrew Dobberstein
MOX💀 Violence is always the answer
CAYNE247 8 days ago
Lmao Listen to Excalibur closely at 1:02:56
Game Freak
Game Freak 8 days ago
Whatever happened to fabbo Andre
Anthony Dobbs
Anthony Dobbs 8 days ago
If someone doesn't get Rey Mysterio's drunk uncle out of the ring before he hurts himself smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior 8 days ago
Bear country.... Bright bright future..
Michael Santangelo
Anna Jay(2 appearances)❤ Tay Conti❤ Shanna❤ Bunny🐰❤ Aubrey Edwards(2 matches)❤ Even in only a 1+ hour episode this week, Dark showed some of my fave ladies in action. Can't thank Dark enough for these talented gorgeous women☺☺
Lukcy Lucciano
Lukcy Lucciano 8 days ago
I'm honestly a fan of the long matches for the right wrestlers but I like that they tried something new but I love the long card and seeing all my people show out during there entrance
Lukcy Lucciano
Lukcy Lucciano 8 days ago
If jon cruz put on some muscle I think he may be a force to mess wit
Lukcy Lucciano
Lukcy Lucciano 8 days ago
Why did they just blow through this week of dark seem like all the matches where mad short
Michael Santangelo
Brandon Cutler reminds me(physically)of Justin Credible(ECW). He does in a way have Justin's disposition though. Just minus the kendo stick, Dawn Marie, and the mic skills
Michael Santangelo
I was impressed with Misterioso 2/3 of the way through vs Brandon Cutler. Then he ran out of gas. Looked very ordinary from that point. He needs to maintain his stamina if wants to be successful in AEW.
Frederick L
Frederick L 8 days ago
Moxley applied a modified standing guillotine. New finisher.
Michael Santangelo
Anna normally not at ringside during Tay's matches. She's not just out there to support her. She's scouting her. It just may be Anna vs Tay in the semis
Michael Santangelo
That's 2 weeks in a row Tay Conti comes out w/o The Dark Order behind her. Only with her bestie Anna Jay. And that may end soon if Tay and Anna face each other in the semis of the Elimination Tournament(would also bust up my bracket even worse).
Michael Santangelo
I hope Jack Perry never changes his intro music. It suits him perfectly
Michael Santangelo
Nice comeback win for my❤Shanna after falling to my #1 Dr Britt Baker D❤M❤D❤ on Dynamite
Michael Santangelo
I❤Bunny 🐰. I'd like to see her compete in the squared circle
Michael Santangelo
During the Butcher & Blade match, Tazz almost mentioned Bill Alphonso(ECW) when he said he was annoyed when someone would blow a whistle during his matches
Michael Santangelo
I wish Justin Roberts would've done the same intro for Jon Cruz, like he always does for Jon Moxley. JEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZ LMAO
Snuzifer 8 days ago
Bear Country looks a little bit like the Natural Disasters. I'm I right ^^?
DDWrestle 8 days ago
All my homies love BEAR COUNTRY
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 8 days ago
Tay conti’s choke is so badass and painful looking. I unfortunately think her and Anna Jay will lose their matches Monday, i think for the tournament having another Britt vs thunder rosa makes more sense than having Tay vs Jay
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 8 days ago
Tay Conti and Anna Jay are way too adorable together. Actual, legit friendship and chemistry in action. I love that they're still a "team" even though they're doing their singles thing. Conti's submission is legit and looks wicked. Oh and she's getting better week by week. The ring rust is long gone and she's increasingly smoother and smoother. One of my favourite wrestlers in all of AEW. I'm also glad to see Vertvixen each times she's here. She's really green but obviously a talent and a pretty lady. She's also been getting better. This company has the cool young people. Best work of the show was Bear Bronson. The stuff he did selling his leg was better than most of the veterans! Now I want to see more from this guy; He obviously thinks about what he wants to do and how to make it cool and unique. You know... unless he actually screwed up his knee. It looked good enough that you could convince me that he's hurt. Oh and I like Chaos Project. They're a fun team and unique. I appreciate that. I love that you've begun to have quick "squashes" as well. The dominant wins did so much more for the guys here than a long back and forth could have. MORE! Did... did Misterioso say "sorry"? I almost spat out my drink. You guys need to work with Cutler. Make his moves look more impactful. Everything he does just looks so... soft. Why do awkward flippy stuff that ends up looking bad when he's this tall? Do stuff that'll look good when a long skinny dudes does it. Have Angelico tutor him or something. I've been raving weekly about Comoroto since his first appearance in AEW and I'm not done. This dude has a great look. A big, manly dude! It's still covid-season, so I won't complain about the hair too much. He's supposed to be an insane dude still? If he's training at the Factory then how is he still insane? The insane hair confuses me. Oh and The Butcher, The Blade, The Bunny & The Badgers is my favourite tag-team at this point. Wait up. My two favourite tag-teams. Love those dudes. And Allie.
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 8 days ago
24:10 "Jazzy Hands!" LMAO, man, I love Taz. He cracks me up every time.
Stab-X 9 days ago
Hey AEW! I figured out that Jon Cruz is Serpentico! Identical tattoes, beard! Yeah 100%!
Giovanny Bonilla
Giovanny Bonilla 9 days ago
not a fan of this version of Dark they cut the wretlers entrances and the matches are getting shorter every week why .
brian harris
brian harris 8 days ago