How are Shaq and Jade Getting Ready for their Huge Match on March 3 | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/17/21
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
allhopeisgone79 10 hours ago
Y'all do know that basketball players have some of the best endurance out here them and soccer players plus this is AEW it's a worked "sport"
C M 14 hours ago
Aew is pure garbage
Dee Shah
Dee Shah 22 hours ago
I'm lost👎🏿
Malcolm Nicholas
Malcolm Nicholas 23 hours ago
You know it's fake if Shaq make a foul shot
jonah scott
jonah scott Day ago
she’s built like a man
Zar Star
Zar Star Day ago
Its promoting basketball
Tiger Day ago
What's wrong with that
Zar Star
Zar Star Day ago
Shaq is a basketball player
Der wandelnde Kloth 777
0:31 please, someone, make a meme out of this 😁
Willy Will Mistadontplay
John Pannebaker
John Pannebaker 2 days ago
Random thought. What happens if Shaq gets in the ring, and is actually good?
Tiger Day ago
Then we getting big show vs shaq soon after
MrKylelee18 2 days ago
I came here just to see jade and I’m not disappointed at all.
Donald Bugg Jr
Donald Bugg Jr 2 days ago
They're going to be so ready for this wrestling match
Brian Phipps
Brian Phipps 2 days ago
The best part was watching how mesmerized Shaq was at seeing someone actually make a free throw!
Ryan Benson
Ryan Benson 2 days ago
Big Show VS Shaq
CAITO ROSARIO 3 days ago
0:42 Damn😍💘💓😍💓😍💓
Zack Wyatt
Zack Wyatt 3 days ago
To prepare for a match in the ring you need to hit the gym lift waits get your endurance up Shaq:nah I'm gonna shoot some hoops
Tiger Day ago
Shaq's only weakness was fts he conquers that he can conquer anything
Demitri Salloum
Demitri Salloum 3 days ago
If AEW didn't release this as a troll or something, this company is doomed...
George Francis
George Francis 3 days ago
Gonna be the Best match ever!
Brain the Brian
Brain the Brian 3 days ago
They're training for a hoop and backboard on a pole match
Jacoby 8249
Jacoby 8249 3 days ago
My track meet is on the same day
ARW Network
ARW Network 3 days ago
Tony Khan- AEW will be a sports based presentation
Tiger 23 hours ago
@ARW Network wrong sport tho. I'll take it tho jade looks great and shaq finally in the ring
ARW Network
ARW Network 23 hours ago
Tiger yeahhh
Tiger Day ago
We finally got it
TK Rex
TK Rex 4 days ago
Who knew Shaq could make a jump shot 😂
Derrick jay
Derrick jay 4 days ago
Can't wait to see this shit show of a match
ResistingDeath 4 days ago
Oh cool, so they're going to have a basketball match at a wrestling show. 😐
Corny 4 days ago
Honestly and I hope you see this Brandon cutler ! You suck
Corny 4 days ago
So she’s trying out for the WNBA ?
Chad Gratton
Chad Gratton 4 days ago
Lmao but its a wrestling match...
This is so silly, though they're trying not to be lol.
Spakasion 4 days ago
Oh I get it. Took me a minute. They are saying this match is easy work for them - so they are casually just playing basketball.😂😂😂
ArturoPR84 4 days ago
Jesus is like they want Cornette to be right...
Yuhin X
Yuhin X 4 days ago
Training for wrestling match by practicing basketball Right.... Also, Jade rocking that wig 👏
Knute 4 days ago
My god when did they hire Vince Russo
Darth Mcgee
Darth Mcgee 4 days ago
Oh God this is painful,Tony Kahn why don't you just hand these goofs a silver goblet to shit in for your dinner if you're going to allow this kind of booking. This is atrocious and pointless. This is Herb Abraham bad.
Chris Rohlman
Chris Rohlman 4 days ago
This is why it's embarrassing to be a wrestling fan. This entire company.
Angel Yala
Angel Yala 4 days ago
I know shaq was in there putting up bricks with one free throw
fireheartis1 5 days ago
Why does Shaq look like he hasn't slept in 3 weeks? Dude needs to take better care of himself for real.
John Johnson
John Johnson 5 days ago
I am legitimately looking forward to Jade vs Red Velvet, however I don't feel any of the build up or any heat regarding Shaq at all. All the stuff they've had with Shaq so far whether it's been the talk with Brandi or the promo on his own sports show, it's all felt very empty, hollow, lacking, not interesting at all.
John Johnson
John Johnson 5 days ago
Didn't look like Shaq was doing much, I guess there must be a basketball part of the match they didn't tell us about yet?
T.R.U. Louisianimal
So many uneducated kids or dumb adults commenting on this video that don’t understand some people train differently or in different ways for something smh
Bradd Audron
Bradd Audron 6 days ago
Lol you bout to learn a real contact sport
T.R.U. Louisianimal
Wrestling is not really a real contact sport kid
JJRM 6 days ago
This segment doesn't make sense at all, why are they playing basketball? How that's gonna help in a wrestling match? They should make a video about jade destroying others girls in the ring with shaq in ringside or something.
Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews 6 days ago
That's a dude
TheVLIII 6 days ago
I cannot wait to witness this train wreck of a match.
Miguel Garza
Miguel Garza 6 days ago
Man I really miss 2019 AEW...ever since the pandemic started everything has been feeling so bland on Dynamite. Except a few things of course like Sting's debut or Kenny finally being Champion... But still...the hype was real back then. Too bad they didn't keep rolling with it
Da_Prezent Gamer
Da_Prezent Gamer 6 days ago
Soo everyone is complaining about this why exactly?? 🤷🏿‍♂️
Robert Frazier
Robert Frazier 6 days ago
[ 🤨 ] Oh yeah I bet Cody & Red Velvet watch this & Cody say ( damn we have to rethink this. You see what she can do. I think we have no chance. Her & Shaq gonna dunk all over us or worse score some 3 pointers we don't stand a chance ). She's supposed to show some wrestling moves not her basketball skills.
JR 6 days ago
Idk but not seeing a dunk really made me happy. Like oh look at me I’m a girl but I can dunk.
James Cullinane
James Cullinane 7 days ago
Cody Cena
Shahan Ahsan
Shahan Ahsan 7 days ago
Aew has been pretty overrated since 2021 but the Kenta and Omega stuff,this is the reason I can’t watch aew as a show anymore
Carlos R
Carlos R 7 days ago
We haven't seen either of them wrestling just irrelevant awkward promos forcing the feud. I know this match would f'n suck if you don't hard script it and over practice the moves. Please don't mess up.
No No
No No 7 days ago
No way Shaq made that free throw
James Artelle
James Artelle 7 days ago
Ok we get it. She's fit. She's strong. She can play ball, but CAN SHE WRESTLE !? Show footage of her training how to wrestle 🙄
Saint Louis
Saint Louis 7 days ago
Jade can get it everyday and twice on Saturday
KingFreakGhost 7 days ago
Yeah they're training alright but for a different sport.
eddy chaos
eddy chaos 7 days ago
Least she lift weights and maybe challenge someone. be better played basketball
Dilnaylomo Gorhaiyee
Jade is gorgeous 😍... you wrestling work rate donut geeks can frack off
O BOZ 7 days ago
Wings & steroids
Aryan Chhetri
Aryan Chhetri 7 days ago
Why ? both of they are so ugly 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SSG Koop
SSG Koop 7 days ago
This is the stupidest thing in professional wrestling
Tribal Chief Highlights
“Before I started working with EGT I-“
Takianagi 7 days ago
Shaq wasn't doing anything and they're playing basketball. Interesting.
Takuya Ishida
Takuya Ishida 7 days ago
What the actual hell does any of this have to do with a TAG TEAM WRESTLING MATCH?? I have high hopes for Jade, she's a beautiful sista with an excellent physique. Hopefully she's not a botch fest in the ring. But this is the wrong way of doing it, why didn't they start featuring her on Dark, keep her away from any type of microphone and just have her destroy jobbers? Why is this even happening? What's the payoff, Shaq doesn't belong in a wrestling ring period, it won't do Cody any good, he has to sell for a fucking retired basketball player, Red Velvet most likely will take the pin thus flushing her momentum that she's gained over the weeks on Dark down the drain. Jade is the only one who gets a benefit from this.
brett robbins
brett robbins 7 days ago
A guy who can only dunk is training someone to shoot. Right.....
Rob Gable
Rob Gable 7 days ago
Not by learning how to wrestle!!! This "match" is going to be a shit show!!! Shaq doesn't give an F and I've never seen Jade do anything close to wrestling!!! This will suck.
michael murillo
michael murillo 7 days ago
So, it is going to be a basketball game not a wrestling match then. Cody is screwed.
Aaron Brent
Aaron Brent 8 days ago
Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho 8 days ago
This is going to be a hilarious train wreck
Chill Achilles
Chill Achilles 8 days ago
O.F.F.S! I thought they were having a match together, not a game of f’n H.O.R.S.E.
Pauline Owens
Pauline Owens 8 days ago
Well it's the big show
Deuce 2tymes
Deuce 2tymes 8 days ago
Can someone tell me why is cody fighting shaq?
Happy Days
Happy Days 8 days ago
They want you to think they're not ready for the match. MIND GAMES.
jmelz155 8 days ago
“When I heard the most dominant player in NBA history was guest hosting Monday Night Raw, I automatically assumed it was Kobe Bryant” -Chris Jericho 2009 🔥🐐 Rip Kobe 🙏😇🐐🕊
saj8 7 days ago
Plus, Kobe got one more ring than Shaq.
Tony Rigby
Tony Rigby 8 days ago
Ok folks, here is the breakdown. This video isn't for the wrestling fans. It's for the basketball fans. The first video was to show how impressive Jade is. This video is to get out on the internet for a week and have people go "who's the woman with Shaq?" They watch and and suddenly, BOOM! match graphic. Now you have other eyes tuning in because they may not have heard Shaq was going to be in a ring. The video gets AEW more mainstream spotlight and anything that brings people into watching wrestling again is fine by me :)
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 8 days ago
I hope Jade & Shaq practicing & training on the court was simply part 1 to their training process, because after all they're training for a wrestling match not a basketball game. The last thing we need is for this to be a huge disappointment.
DARK PHOENIX 8 days ago
Wtf is this shit? Fkn basketball, really? So basically your telling everyone shaq and jade have no idea how to wrestle then, which is exactly what everyone is expecting
Steven Arthur
Steven Arthur 8 days ago
You know wrestling is fake b/c it’s the only context where you’ll see Shaq drain a 3.
Neeraj Singh
Neeraj Singh 8 days ago
Anyone know background music
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 8 days ago
Footwork, agility, and precision help in the ring just like on the basketball court. Smart training
PowerOfFem 8 days ago
Shaq is Jade going to do all the work in this March 3 wrestling match like in this B-Ball game?? Shaq answers: 0:35 Thanks for your truthful answer Shaq!!
Draymond Green
Draymond Green 8 days ago
Only person I wanna see Shaq fight is Chuck
Royal T
Royal T 8 days ago
Shaq making free throws OMG Cody get ready
Joshua Born Again
I hope Charles Barkley interferes in the match. I truly want to see Shaq vs. Barkley
Ōkami Lacquer
Ōkami Lacquer 8 days ago
Shaq hitting 3’s??? It’s over for Cody and Brandi
Christopher J
Christopher J 8 days ago
Kenny Omega training by playing Golf: Darby Allen training by burning Cars and Injuring himself on a skateboard: Aew viewers: oooou this is so cool Shaq and Jade training by playing Basketball: Aew Viewers: imploding in the comments section
Shahan Ahsan
Shahan Ahsan 7 days ago
@CRidahz Yah I agree,Shaq might be great but the storyline is crap,I love Code and Shaq but never give Cody to write a story again
CRidahz 8 days ago
Stop you’re making sense to the marks that believe everything is cool and it’s just character development and long term story telling.
demons27 8 days ago
Um. Someone should tell Jade Cargill that top is SO see through that, let's just say they're "as round as a dinner plate"
Yung Manong
Yung Manong 8 days ago
Shaq does jiu jitsu and is a trained fighter. Cody don't stand a chance; heck I don't think Brock Lesnar could beat Shaq
Psiren 8 days ago
Shaq on that same training regiment he was for his match with Big Show
Soul Mind
Soul Mind 8 days ago
this is hilarious but not in a good way
ELW - Extreme Ladies Wrestling
ok if someone is going to get ready for a huge match, shouldn't they be in the ring instead of a basketball court? i mean, this is AEW not the NBA.
cYkoTIkTV 8 days ago
Okay? So she can play basketball? How does that translate to a wrestling match?
Eric Marks
Eric Marks 8 days ago
Are ya'll training for a wrestling match or how to shoot free throws and layups?
michael stasio
michael stasio 8 days ago
Its funny how cody the best wrestler in aew promo and in the ring has only had one really good storyline this isnt one of them hes being wasted on this
Aaron144 8 days ago
I. Don’t. CARE!!!!!!
AlSween 8 days ago
Horrible booking
Juggler.exe 8 days ago
Are they trying to prove basketballs do in fact, hold grudges?
Theo Point-O
Theo Point-O 8 days ago
Training shooting hoops? They are going to lose bad
Faithyy xoxo
Faithyy xoxo 8 days ago
She LowKey Built Like A Dude But I Really Hope Sis Knows How To Wrestle Bc They Hyping Her Up A Little Too Much Now 😂
J Wolf
J Wolf 8 days ago
I'm foreseeing the lamest match in AEW history. Can't we learn the lessons of the past? Karl Malone, Rodman and every other non wrester in a wrestling match. If this match is remotely good, it will be a mindblower.
saj8 7 days ago
I don't want to be reminded of that match. It was Garbage
DriveMidwest 8 days ago
No one should ever poke The Big Aristotle. The man just wins and wins and wins.