"I Have Never Witnessed One in My Life, I Can't Wait!" What Are They Talking About? | AEW Dynamite 

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Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
Wayne Hoxit
Wayne Hoxit 57 minutes ago
Is Don callis very uptight or extremely uptight
Wayne Hoxit
Wayne Hoxit 57 minutes ago
Is Kenny omaga real uptight or extremely uptight
DANNY D 11 hours ago
Jon Moxley 🔥
jesus Edward Morentin Orozco
Jon you should get with Sting!
Connor Wong
Connor Wong Day ago
Lance and Fenix just leave the ring
Pedro Arnaut
Pedro Arnaut Day ago
Their entrance was super badass.
Tyreef Gordon
I'm guessing Exploding barbwire death match is gonna none But barbwire Surrounding the ring But I'm sure US-first not gonna upload it. It gonna get Bloody AF almost reminded me of ECW days
N. E.W
N. E.W 2 days ago
I would book Kenny losing the title to hangman Adam page at double or nothing the club and young bucks and maybe even Cody help kenny by distracting hangman but the dark order comes out and help and they fight everyone to back stage and Kenny is shocked and yelling for everyone to come back , don callis punching page but Anna jay low blows callis and beats on him but on the other side page is in position for the buckshot lariat Kenny turns around misses then kenny hits v trigger gets him up for one winged angel page wiggles and hits discus forearm then hits dead eye and then 1,2,3 new champ Boom 🤯 💥
Jeffrey Mei
Jeffrey Mei 2 days ago
Long term storytelling between the two biggest draws in the company since day 1.
escothegoat TM
escothegoat TM 2 days ago
Mox vs Omega somebody might die.
TheCoog97 3 days ago
Can't wait till L.A.Park and La Parka family come looking for Rey Fenix and Penta Ciero Miedo in AEW!!! They have a rivalry in Mexico that still has not been resolved!!! Tony Khan, please bring back the New Chairman of AEW.........L.A. Park aka the Original La Parka!!!!
CM Tuck
CM Tuck 3 days ago
Omega and Ibushi are on top of the world rn. Yes.
Pelon Zobaz
Pelon Zobaz 4 days ago
No! That match is going to be CRAP! This is not FMW, saw one on an FMW dvd it wasn't good at all.
Austin Mignone
Austin Mignone 4 days ago
Can’t wait to see all the snowflakes shit on this.
Kepler-452b 4 days ago
Someone get Kenny a stylist 🤣
opannefrank 4 days ago
it's scary how overrated moxley is. Decent wrestler. Good talker. Why anyone goes nuts for this guy is beyond me. He's upper mid card.
Baw shawn Taw
Baw shawn Taw 3 days ago
Is it a hot take?? Dude overrated not so much There are plenty of other overrated guys who lacks charisma talking skill and still are on the top Moxley has always been a main eventer I don't know about dean i don't want to even remember that character but man moxley there is not even a single question He is not just a good talker he is one of the best in the modern times The time in which the promos seem to be more scripted and they just look like bots delivering promos but moxley is different mjf cody they are too He is pretty good in ring not famcy flips just brawl did u even watch his bloodsports matches he has killed it and his njpw run that's historic Bruhh this guy carried aew entirely in 2020 and now he is making njpw strong popular in usa as well What other things would u want from a wrestler to be recognized as main eventer?? If 'e' treats some wrestlers wrongly then it doesn't mean that they don't have what it takes to be. He is major draw great story teller even great talker What else do u want?? I with due respect disagree with u.. My opinion
Mi gran Guerrero
Mi gran Guerrero 4 days ago
Lets go Dean, you can
Atharva nikam
Atharva nikam 5 days ago
Ambrose should call the shield for help
Jai St. Peter
Jai St. Peter 5 days ago
Kenny Omega is so bad at the mic.
The Positive Studio 13
Omega with tilak on his forehead 🙏 jai shree ram
Pierre 209
Pierre 209 5 days ago
Omega cant cut a good promo he sounds like an idiot when he s talking and looks like a total idiot without Ring gear just awful to see
Rui Pinto
Rui Pinto 5 days ago
Outlaw mud show!!!
Adam Vazquez
Adam Vazquez 6 days ago
Seriously who tf is in charge of AEW US-first titles? 😂😭😂😭
Davis Graham Smith
I like the fmw reference from Excalibur
Davis Graham Smith
I hate rematch clauses , IRL and wrestling
Steve Hammer Production
Oh my God!!!!
Yash Gaming
Yash Gaming 6 days ago
Dean Ambrose 😅
HIGHKAGE 6 days ago
I know Moxley is one of the best wrestler today but Moxley not selling to Kingston's finisher is abit disturbing. Don't make Kingston too weak please.
Neil Onions
Neil Onions 6 days ago
Omega really is the most overrated wrestler of the last 10 years
Charles Bradley
Charles Bradley 6 days ago
I wonder how Omega & Moxley is going to outdo their last matches ? ....Idk why ppl say Omega isn’t good on the mic his promos are pretty solid
dk13 6 days ago
Cody : alright guys.. Since we had a relationship with NJPW now, what your idea for next match?? Tony K : well.. Im open with any idea.. Kenny : how about we bring 1 by 1 matches that only in japan has had to here.. Starting with Exploding Barb Wire Death Match.. Me : 😳
QuackenInsanity 6 days ago
AEW is actually my dream fed from when I was 15 years old come to life, I can't believe this shit is real
Wayne Hoxit
Wayne Hoxit 6 days ago
What makes Kenny omaga so powerful just asking
Yâbøi Ñâjī
Yâbøi Ñâjī 6 days ago
Kenny Omega looking to end his career with that Exploded Barebwire Death Match❓ You forgot Moxley is the master and a legend at death matches😈🤘🔥💯
iamdb1990 6 days ago
this is the dumbest thing ever, holy crap, I miss when wrestling was good
Incarnate Truth
Incarnate Truth 6 days ago
How can anyone believe Kenny Omega is a good promo?
the funhouse
the funhouse 6 days ago
Moxley wins the deathmatch n becomes the new king of hardcore deathmatch is his match
qweasdzxcname 6 days ago
1. tv ratings means nothing since they dont include all other devices. 2. barbwire matches were always bad. there is a reason why its so rare.
qweasdzxcname 6 days ago
barbedwire match ? oh god they were terrible at ECW. PLEASE dont do it. its going to be bad and way too bloody... only will give aew bad rep.
Ishi Meadows
Ishi Meadows 6 days ago
4 way match Moxley v Archer v Kenny v Page for the AEW World Championship that what I wanna see or a 30 man battle royal for it.
Jonathan Lemon Wrestling Show
Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley in a Explosive Barbwire Deathmatch Take my money 💴😇😇😇😇😇😇🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Zain Zaidi
Zain Zaidi 6 days ago
first a light out match at full gear now exploding barbed wire death match man their feud is on next level
Pix OMG 6 days ago
The Shield could have saved him. 😢
Mikey Copenhaver
Mikey Copenhaver 6 days ago
Yes get rematch John moxley will win that title
L4⃣ JD
L4⃣ JD 6 days ago
Wtf is butcher wearing 😂😂
the sleeping pusheen
Let's hope they use real barbed wire this time 😂
the sleeping pusheen
@Bigman Dogs yes it was. also used in ECW
Theft For The Righteous
They used real barbed wire at full gear apart from the barbed wire net
Bigman Dogs
Bigman Dogs 6 days ago
Real barbed wire wasnt even used in death matches in the 90s in japan. Wtf are you talking about?
theboombody 7 days ago
Is Jon Moxley going to be like Terry Funk in 30 years?
Jose Almodovar
Jose Almodovar 7 days ago
Those 2 v triggers were savage man smh ouch
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 7 days ago
Kenny Omega should lose the title to Lance Archer
SuperduckPlayz :D
I love JR
HiMyNameIsBlanka 7 days ago
Kenny's boots..no.
Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George 7 days ago
"Exploding barbed wire death match"...Did they just put scary/painful words into a hat and draw at random? 😆
Theft For The Righteous
Nah look it up it’s real
We Op
We Op 7 days ago
Dean pls come for shield 😔😔😔😔😔
kryceksangel 7 days ago
I think its safe to say omega replaced seth as Moxley's soulmate
TheCoog97 7 days ago
Rey Fenix's skills in this main event was just next level stuff.......can't take your eyes off or blink for a second......the speed, agility, balance, and creativity is just off the charts....his matches are must see....and his tribute to Eddie shows his respect to the legends......Fenix is the total package. This is the lucha libre style I love and grew up watching as a kid. Hope to one day see him sporting some AEW Gold either solo or with Penta as a tag team. Both AAA and AEW are damn lucky to have him!
Nick Edge
Nick Edge 7 days ago
KENny oMeGA CaNT cUT A PRoMO 😂😂😂😂
Rando Perez
Rando Perez 7 days ago
Those boots that Kenny Omega look like weapons..😆😆😆
Matthew Madden
Matthew Madden 7 days ago
I’ve lost so much interest in AEW ever since everything and everyone had to be in some sort of group. It’s almost like the shitty WCW days where everyone was with in the NWO, or the wolf pack. We ha e the Inner circle, nightmare family, dark order, on and on it goes. Not to mention the Impact, NJPW and AAA guys. If I wanted to watch that, I would have. Now I’m forced to see so many performers it’s impossible to keep what stories are going on straight.
Tanishaa Kumar
Tanishaa Kumar 7 days ago
Omega vs jon moxley match at revolution. Kazuchika okada will return at revolution after the match.
Theft For The Righteous
Or ibushi that would be even better
dannosaurusrexx 7 days ago
Soooooo they're taking a play from the terrible MTV show Wrestling society X... got it. I remember how terrible and gimmicky that show was and I'm bummed they are gonna go with something like this if it's exactly what I think it is.
Moneyno Cappp
Moneyno Cappp 7 days ago
U wanna know wats worse then a lould mouth a lould mouth who cant hold hes own without help
suppaman19 7 days ago
Moxley and Omega is good enough on its own. End the stupid Impact garbage. It only exists because The Elite's other BFF's signed to Impact and are under contract with them and the Elite tell TK what to do and he listens like an idiot. AEW has enough of their own talent that deserves TV time and pushes.
Theft For The Righteous
The impact stuff is so that they can borrow talent they aren’t doing any dumb invasion angles
Junior Original One
Lance archer is freaking good i think he's turn babyface
James Martinez
James Martinez 7 days ago
He did that to ur face but who did that to ur eye browse
aydo castle
aydo castle 7 days ago
The good brothers will sign with AEW after their impact contracts are done
Mac Wheeler
Mac Wheeler 7 days ago
crazyangst12 7 days ago
I am a bit concern about this match. Not just for Omega and Moxley but for AEW in general. Last year when they had that unsanctioned lights out match it garnered a lot of controversy, this is just a new level of controversy and I fear how much criticism they will deal with.
danielson archer
danielson archer 7 days ago
Moxley a badass didn’t even go down on Eddie backhand I hope moxley beats him again like he did a lights out match the first time match was great 😃💯👍🏻
Visual X zen
Visual X zen 7 days ago
This is getting ass sorry to say.
CohenTube 7 days ago
Jon Moxley bring back the Shield
baller Rodriguez
baller Rodriguez 7 days ago
It was the ending the boots flew in moxley s face
baller Rodriguez
baller Rodriguez 7 days ago
jenzi666 7 days ago
I think it is very respectful from AEW to mention FMW and Kawasaki Stadium!
inferno fireboy
inferno fireboy 7 days ago
So the beard is the excuse for moxley late selling the back punch
lol have to pop over to jim cornnett's page see if he said anything about this circus yet
inferno fireboy
inferno fireboy 7 days ago
aew there booking makes no sense and backwards booking this match stipulation makes no sense its difference if kenny stay running from moxley and that's the reason to have the match plus kenny broke the news to moxley.. dumb backwards booking
mamadreza 88
mamadreza 88 7 days ago
lmaoooo doc deff stole all of michael nakazawa's baby oil
Daddy Ding Dong
Daddy Ding Dong 7 days ago
1:58 Did he just seriously said what about the beard of Moxley?
Rhys Roberts
Rhys Roberts 7 days ago
Why yall calling him jon moxley we all know its the legend dean ambrose
Theft For The Righteous
Jon moxley is a way better name it sounds badass
jonah scott
jonah scott 7 days ago
Al Cryptic
Al Cryptic 7 days ago
Kenny retains and Okada arrives to confront???
Theft For The Righteous
Ibushi should confront omega imo
encode talker
encode talker 7 days ago
That's what I thought recent days ago, yeah! Okada would've represented/labelled as a real pro wrestler while Kenny is a jerkish pro wrestler.
Eklypised 7 days ago
Jim Cornettes gonna love this deathmatch lol
Chao Thow
Chao Thow 7 days ago
heel promos ...
joey weston
joey weston 7 days ago
lol at the 4:11 mark u can clearly see as always kenny like others slapping their thighs to create the sound effects
Theft For The Righteous
Yeah that’s because it’s an act
Leroy gadson
Leroy gadson 7 days ago
Death match.... where Jon is a master of carnage in that specific match.... KENNY.... I’ll be sure to leave flowers at ya grave
Fox Mcloud
Fox Mcloud 7 days ago
Kenny omega is a genuis he brings back the Japanese hardcore match back to aew exploding barbedwire death match it gone be crazy aew revolution ppv Sunday night
Bamethyst 38
Bamethyst 38 7 days ago
How to turn me off to a PPV main event.
Bakerboy 1509
Bakerboy 1509 7 days ago
I love everything about moxley but god damn I used to love ambrose’s music😂
Marcus Wallace
Marcus Wallace 7 days ago
Idk omega is kinda weird to me n never liked Callus at any point.
The Robber
The Robber 7 days ago
if roman and seth were there, you know what will happen
thelordash11 8 days ago
What a time to be a wrestling fan !
Craig Smart
Craig Smart 8 days ago
Jim cornette is gonna love this
Francisco Vasquez
Wtf was that tackle god damn aew is shit
Jay Joshi
Jay Joshi 8 days ago
There's no Jon moxley & anything...he is the one and only THE LUNATIC FRINGE "DEAN AMBROSE"
Bharat Verma
Bharat Verma 8 days ago
Or a fatal 4 way including lance archer
Bharat Verma
Bharat Verma 8 days ago
Moxley wins the AEW World Championship And Pac gets involved in World Title match Triple threat Moxley v omega v pac
MUSTAKIM SIAM 8 days ago
bullet club on aew
Phantom Ghost Gamer
Perfect time for Sami Callihan to appear
Cammll Sooki
Cammll Sooki 8 days ago
I want dean ambrose to fight roman reigns