Sammy Drops a Bombshell on the Inner Circle and There's No Turning Back | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/10/21
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Feb 10, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ernest Ross Wyatt
'Tis like Sammy and MJF are siblings fighting for Daddy Y2J's love
Matt Shearer
Matt Shearer Day ago
I keep coming back to this video because in my opinion it might be one of the greatest moments in AEW thus far.
Chris 3 days ago
Hard to see Sammy go
Jab_ox 3 days ago
the subtle smirk from mjf
Elias Aguilar
Elias Aguilar 4 days ago
So a face turn?
Corbeau Déchainé
Any idea from where this shirt is ? Kinda cool. Greetings from France !
Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker 6 days ago
It's Judas Effective!
Brandocious 7 days ago
Is Jericho intentionally botching/performing shitty? The same way he intentionally got fat "for the heel look"?
Gzon Pzor
Gzon Pzor 7 days ago
The lake of reincarnation worked!
Eric Ballard
Eric Ballard 7 days ago
Lol Jericho is so winded 😄😄
allhell138 8 days ago
That pause on the ramp, then choosing to go back through the face entrance was a great touch...
Prince Dario
Prince Dario 8 days ago
Sammy Guevara is good this is what I like the honesty that was a great moment for Sammy Guevara respect that👑.
manohar k
manohar k 8 days ago
Jericho looks so out of shape...
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton 8 days ago
Sammy did the right thing
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton 8 days ago
Im happy for him it's his time
Mike Janson
Mike Janson 8 days ago
Sammy so sexy.
David Wolfe
David Wolfe 9 days ago
Now this is how you push a superstar love what there about to do with Sammy also we all wanna see down the road MJF Vs Sammy
Pat Basque
Pat Basque 9 days ago
I cant wait to see Santana and Ortiz vs Young Bucks tonight and I want a rematch of Sammy vs Darby, for the tnt title.
TechNemesis 9 days ago
Thank you AEW for building new stars. Sammy G is my favorite wrestler right now. Has been since the Hardy feud started. This moment, was hands down my favorite moment last week. I mean, just listen to that pop when he came out AFTER the Inner Circle match. I can't wait for tonight's show!!
Kevin Cordoviz
Kevin Cordoviz 9 days ago
Did he just walk out to the face tunnel? :O
Ace YoungMediaGaming
Santana and Ortiz next please because they not doing shit in the IC
0:36 big moment from jericho selling that dropkick.
Connor Wong
Connor Wong 10 days ago
Max just overreacting, just a punch to gut
Connor Wong
Connor Wong 10 days ago
Boombox should beat Jericho
Joshboi gotnochill
Joshboi gotnochill 10 days ago
Here after Sammy hurt the relationship between Impact and AEW
Homelander2099 10 days ago
Look at MJF’s face, he’s loving it. Lol Clearly he has a hidden agenda. Hehe cant wait to see how it goes down.
Lance Grubbs
Lance Grubbs 10 days ago
Varo make the right choice he should get out the group he don't need to be in a group he left the group javato That's my boy he did right man
Ripp Face
Ripp Face 10 days ago
That ref is awkward af
BadyasOfficial 10 days ago
Greg Pickett
Greg Pickett 10 days ago
MJF real push is starting. Ortiz and Santana will be the next to leave.
Zacc Sage
Zacc Sage 10 days ago
I may or may not be watching this over and over again just to hear sammys pop
Ahmed Noseir
Ahmed Noseir 10 days ago
Lose weight Jericho for god sakes you can’t fit you pants
Aakash Mhasvekar
Aakash Mhasvekar 11 days ago
Why wrestling world has the dumbest refree ever
Karma Ghising
Karma Ghising 11 days ago
Ryan Beaman
Ryan Beaman 11 days ago
Did Jericho come up with the Judas Effect because he's too old for the rest of his move set?
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz 11 days ago
Maki Itoh lost first round?! Are you serious AEW?!
0mar Garc1a
0mar Garc1a 11 days ago
Inner circle was dragging Sammy down and now it's dragging MJF down.
GT Lightning X
GT Lightning X 11 days ago
Every time I see Guevara, I think guava 😂😂
Marcus Kastler
Marcus Kastler 11 days ago
Sammy needs to steal Wardlow from MJF that would be the ultimate revenge.
Sam Steffen
Sam Steffen 11 days ago
moxley needs to join inner circle
Daniel Stokoe
Daniel Stokoe 11 days ago
That pop for Sammy is a clear indication he's gonna be a top star and the fans are behind him
playguy200 11 days ago
All mjf fault😔😔😔😔
Tyrese Morris
Tyrese Morris 11 days ago
Tony khan you better do right by Sammy Guevara
Mark Bonin
Mark Bonin 12 days ago
Chris Jericho you look out of shape man lol
K Williams
K Williams 12 days ago
AEW Revolution: MJF vs. Sammy Guevara No DQ #1 Contender match for TNT title
NATERGATOR_V2 11 days ago
MJF is booked in a tag title match at Revolution but it could happen at Double or Nothing
George Kappos
George Kappos 12 days ago
The judas effect is the worst move in wrestling and Jericho is the worst wrestler in the world.
NATERGATOR_V2 11 days ago
And you have the worst last name in the world
Yudhvir singh Sidhu
omg how jerrico is out of shape
Gabriel Rooks
Gabriel Rooks 12 days ago
Bowens missing on MJF at the end cost The Acclaimed the match. They had it won.
Reza Tanha
Reza Tanha 12 days ago
Dylan Reidel
Dylan Reidel 12 days ago
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 12 days ago
Take flight son!
Theo Trevino
Theo Trevino 12 days ago
2:40 video starts
Recker Battlefield
Recker Battlefield 12 days ago
Oh si sammy walks in like he's the ROCK chill out dude you not that special
NATERGATOR_V2 11 days ago
He walked out normally
TMZ RUIN 12 days ago
sammy about to be a main event superstar and probably win the AEW championship or the TNT championship
Carlin Woodyard
Carlin Woodyard 12 days ago
Finally Sammy you have done something right MJF has been giving him problems in the inner circle
Dawson Maloney
Dawson Maloney 12 days ago
I'd bet my Kidney that Guevara and MJF are working together
Dawson Maloney
Dawson Maloney 11 days ago
@NATERGATOR_V2 it makes too much sense
NATERGATOR_V2 11 days ago
I've been thinking that
Rick Chmelnytzki
Rick Chmelnytzki 12 days ago
No no Sammy don’t do it you will pay for this no one leaves the inner circle
thesnakeman8006 12 days ago
3:43, and of course there's mjf with the smirk on his face, realizing that his plan is starting to work,lol
David Porter
David Porter 12 days ago
Jericho looks like he is a double cheeseburger away from becoming Baston Booger.
David Porter
David Porter 11 days ago
@NATERGATOR_V2 no after 8 months of Chemotherapy and surgery I still look a lot better. But nice try.
NATERGATOR_V2 11 days ago
Probably in better shape than you
B Mac
B Mac 12 days ago
MJF has been trying to break up the inner circle from the beginning
Elijah Velez
Elijah Velez 12 days ago
Was he joking was this setup
Expert donk
Expert donk 13 days ago
2:42 if John cena where in AEW, he would enter as Dr thuganomic 🤣🤣🤣
rio chapman
rio chapman 13 days ago
⚘Valentine's day⚘ Roses are red.💋 Violets are Blue Maxwell I fancy you😍💋⚘⚘❤
Amira Khan
Amira Khan 13 days ago
Hi Chris..... You are an excellent wrestler. Tough situations build strong people. You don't need to think about people, focus on your match. If someone wants to leave you, you need to say create an account on forget me. com ok. End of discussion. Take care, Chris and God bless you.
The Hazardous One
The Hazardous One 13 days ago
If you look closely, when sammy finally leaves, you can see MJF just smiling slightly before the video ends
A Clone For An Uprising
Sammy is finally taking Matt Hardy’s advice and maybe he will join the Hardy Party 🎉
SEAshley 13 days ago
jerhico's belly...lol
David Jackson
David Jackson 13 days ago
Chris You Fat
g que
g que 13 days ago
Chris lose some of that waist buddy..smh
Rodnecia Rodgers
Rodnecia Rodgers 13 days ago
MJF not slick. He act like we can't see him smirking🤔🤔
Herbert Rossman
Herbert Rossman 13 days ago
Adding MJF was a major mistake Jericho made by making him and Wardlow a part of the inner circle
L. CT 13 days ago
These 4 have been in this group for more than a Year an none of them have sniffed championship Gold yet. So much for the “rub”.
Alan Angcao
Alan Angcao 13 days ago
3:45 Is MJF corpsing or he is in character laughing?
Chris Cornelius
Chris Cornelius 13 days ago
I like his theme song. It is very distinctive especially since it says his name.
Damian Murray
Damian Murray 13 days ago
The singles programme between MJF and Sammy that we've all been waiting for 🙌🙌
savage Jack
savage Jack 13 days ago
The inner circle has run it's course in my opinion
Kind Karma
Kind Karma 13 days ago
Aew is dying lmao
Puss Junkie
Puss Junkie 13 days ago
I’ve just checked AEW out for the first time and the majority of it looks like a bad high school talent show that won’t end. Hokey shit.
RagingButton Mashers
Chris is too damn old to be out there
drummerboi Solomon
drummerboi Solomon 14 days ago
If y’all notice Sammy never liked mjf in the first place so iknew this was coming
Just-Infinite Gaming
They better make sure the Sammy x MJF feud would be glorious and not undercooked! Hoping for the best!
Nino Trenes
Nino Trenes 14 days ago
I love Sammy
J D 14 days ago
Notice Sammy entered in the heel entrance and left in the face
Jeremy Long
Jeremy Long 14 days ago
Chris Jericho needs to look at the video of the confrontation between Sammy and that sorry ass MJF as to why Sammy destroyed the phone and punched MJF in the stomach. Video can be a hellacious piece of evidence that MJF is up to no good. Audio can be manipulated but video cannot. Time for Chris to wake the hell up and see what MJF is doing.
TMZ RUIN 14 days ago
he became face not heel anymore lets goo
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 14 days ago
Cue MJF’s heel turn while still being a heel by screwing Jericho over and saying “I am the inner circle” and jumps Jericho then Sammy comes to rescue to start the epic rivalry of the OG Former Inner Circle leaders vs the MJF even more despicable and bigger assholes ever Inner Circle. Anyone else think this will happen?
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 14 days ago
Ooooh baby face turn for Sammy? Interesting~ should be fun. I’ve always hated Sammy as a heel in the circle which means he was doing his job the proper way so it’s gonna fun watching him be a good guy for the first time
Arafat Vlo Tv
Arafat Vlo Tv 14 days ago
Sammy sucks anyway
barbara Swingle
barbara Swingle 14 days ago
Good for him i like this side of sammy
Thaddaeus Govender
Thaddaeus Govender 14 days ago
Sammy about to get some gold now
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Jericho will be distracted during the tag-team title match costing him and MJF the championships signifying that Chris isn't stable enough to lead the group. Forcing a mutiny over the leadership roll.
Lunacyk 14 days ago
LOVE that Sammy's rocking a WOMAN shirt! Paying tribute to Nancy!
Jonathan HDBNG Symmank
Icing on the cake, Sammy Guevara left going through the babyface tunnel!
Tiyee Ryan
Tiyee Ryan 14 days ago
I guess Sammy turned face cuz he exited through the Right tunnel which is meant for faces
Alexandra D
Alexandra D 14 days ago
Now let Sammy shine and win and punch MJF some more.
jarell lewis
jarell lewis 14 days ago
He came out the heel entrance and left out the baby face entrance....simple yet effective
Arya Putra
Arya Putra 14 days ago
Sammy left the ring using the 'face tunnel'.
Jullian Atkin
Jullian Atkin 14 days ago
That judas effect is one of the stupidest finishers in wrestling right now 🙄
Sandy Kisor
Sandy Kisor 14 days ago
MJF wants to turn the inner circle against Jericho so he can run it.
Lunch at Marco's
Lunch at Marco's 14 days ago
As much as they are cheaters and bastards, a top tag team like Tito and Ortiz should be the leading team for the inner circle