Tony Schiavone AEW Dynamite Post-Show 

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Tony Schiavone AEW Dynamite Post-Show | 02/17/21
#AEWDynamite #AEWPostShow #AllEliteWrestling
Dark Order join Alex & Dasha on the AEW Dynamite Pre Show and Five finds the email | 02/17/21
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Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 62   
l'uomo di Porlock
I still can't get over the way he pronunces his surname.. I'm italian and that surname is italian..the correct pronunce is SKIAVONAE
Martin Alexander
Martin Alexander 5 days ago
People judging JR acting like their parents never mixed up their siblings names or your significant other never called you by somebody else's name 😶
Jay Beatty
Jay Beatty 5 days ago
What's your opinion of the late great Lance Russell ?
Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell 6 days ago
Will covid ever end? That depends on the people. If everyone in unison rebelled against wearing masks, social distancing, "vaccines," temperature checks, forced fear, then yes. Covid is not real. There is no virus. What is real is how people have lost their freedom. Even if people were to believe in the virus, 99.7% survival rate. Come on people!
Ryan 7 days ago
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 7 days ago
Never thought I'd be such a fan of Matt hardy
Maurice Nixon
Maurice Nixon 8 days ago
It's time for JR to unplug his microphone
joshua2814 8 days ago
I'm with Tony. I can eat tacos when there's no better choice, but I'd never pick them otherwise.
Jungletraveler00 12
Revolution looking good!
Brandon Hearn
Brandon Hearn 8 days ago
Good show Wednesday night overall tony
S W 8 days ago
Serena vs Riho was a fantastic match. Congratulations to both competitors
Pierce Holmes
Pierce Holmes 8 days ago
I am a bias AEW fan
Willie G
Willie G 8 days ago
do you see AEW making Shanna their kylie rae if isn't headed that way already?
Anubis 8 days ago
I will always miss how the Post Show was JR, Excalibur, and Taz reviewing the show and reacting instead of just comments. This is boring
Martin Alexander
Martin Alexander 5 days ago
Gotta blame our fellow fans for their subpar comments. Still awesome for Tony and AEW to take the time and energy to do this.
Geoff Barr
Geoff Barr 8 days ago
Ready for the exploding barbed wire deathmatch!!!!!!! It's gonna take me back to the FMW days!
seancey stephens
seancey stephens 8 days ago
I love seeing Jess
Chris Baybay
Chris Baybay 9 days ago
So glad this man is back!!! He was such a major influence on me in the WCW days. Made me feel like it was the best show on the planet
Henry Erevbenagie
Kenny I love those boots
Adan A.
Adan A. 9 days ago
Deeb should have won! I hate it when AEW tries to push somebody at the cost of better wrestlers. They did this with FTR, they mowed over too many better tag teams to push their FTR vs. Bucks match. AEW if you wanted to have Riho vs Shida, just do it! Don't bury other great wrestlers to get there. That's what mid carders and jobbers are for, Deeb deserves better, She should be AEW champion.
All Elete
All Elete 9 days ago
THX..........Tony !!!
Austin Crafton
Austin Crafton 9 days ago
I love AEW but i think Tony Khan & the writing team really needs to build up better storylines. Plus I think Eddie kingston really has the best believable Mic skills in the game plus I AEW needs more monster wrestlers and better factions example putting Eddie kingston with the acclaimed That's winning combination. I think you guys need a serious female heal faction example lindsey snow, anna Jay etc.
Daniel LaDue
Daniel LaDue 9 days ago
"Because Sting wants too" is the obvious answer to everything Sting is doing. I'm sick of people acting like this man is some sort of baby. Where was all the concern for DDP, or the goddamn Rock n Roll express? Stop putting all of this on AEW, like they have to roll him up in bubble tape. Nobody besides Sting knows his body. The man has been an athlete his entire life, and done things most of us will never do. Now he's reached an age where he has old man strength. To anyone that doesn't understand what "old man strength " is, then your grandpa was a pussy.
Aaron9 6 days ago
Brandon Hearn
Brandon Hearn 9 days ago
The young bucks and Santana and ortiz was really good. They should have another match
john knouse
john knouse 9 days ago
Tony....love you to death, man....and I love AEW....but, I didn't get to watch the post show live earlier, and US-first piled ads every 2-3 minutes through the post-show replay. Can you get Tony Khan or someone else high up to reach out to US-first to address this? I took adblockers off so that maybe it'd help US-first realize your value, but it seems now they've set the ad machine to push ads harder on highly subscribed content. I've not seen this many ads on AEW content before. It's frustrating. Love the show though. You always give me a good chuckle dealing with the trolls and putting out the info from questions and just updates that you give us from the org. Be safe going home. Catch u soon.
Northern Boy
Northern Boy 9 days ago
AC DC, Batman, Wrestling......Tony gotta love you
rob 23
rob 23 9 days ago
Big 💰Matt I’s to good.
warwickben Benjamin
Death math ...... ewww
MrEmpireBuilder 9 days ago
Honestly, I thought the contract of Page would be meatier --like it would be great if Matt PAID Page 30%. The match contract is weak. A match which Page can lose! Money Matt would have had Page paying him 30% for years. The least Page could have done was have Matt pay PAGE 30%. That opens up so many possibilities. Matt would have to squeeze Guevarra some more... he would have to squeeze Private Party more... it just creates a knock on effect that would affect so many other story angles. ah well... I still am looking forward to the Matt vs Page match.
MrEmpireBuilder 9 days ago
Thank you for the great show as always! What a night! The matches tonight were phenomenal. Riho and Serena Deeb really knocked it out of the park. I don't know how they both lasted that long.
Nora Mallet
Nora Mallet 9 days ago
When are going see the gunn club 2021
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 9 days ago
Another amazing episode of AEW Dynamite i like soo much see all matches of this is amazing episode of Dynamite i like soo much see The AEW Word Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs Santana and Ortiz from Inner Circle face to face for The AEW Word Tag Team Championships and the winner going to Revolution against MJF and Le Champion Chris Jericho i like soo much see The Young Bucks in action they are the best tag team in the world for me and i can't wait to see Revolution 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 FTR vs Matt and Mike Sydal in a Mike Sydal tag team AEW Dynamite debut with your brother Matt Sydal against the former AEW Word Tag Team Champions FTR are amazing tag team match and amazing debut by Mike Sydal him is amazing athlete 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥amazing continues The Elimination Tournament for the AEW Word Women's Championship between The NWA Women's Word Champion Serena Deeb vs the return of the former AEW Word Women's Champion Riho in this is amazing match i like soo much see this two amazing woman's together inside the AEW ring for The AEW Word Women's Elimination Tournament amazing victory by Riho i can't wait to see this is Tournament continues 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Main Event 6 man tag team match between Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade with The Bunny vs Lance Archer, Rey Fenix and The IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley Jon Moxley, Lance Archer and Rey Fenix together are amazing and tremendous victory in this is amazing match i like soo much see The AEW Word Champion Kenny Omega with The IMPACT Word Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers with Don Callis attached The IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley but i want Kenta another time face to face against Jon Moxley for The IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship in AEW on Dynamite this is match for my opinion become a epic match 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
syiloman 9 days ago
mistake my ass. J.R. time has been at an end for awhile. He made mistakes like this when he did NJPW when he couldn't even pronounced the wrestlers name. And I'm talking about the American wrestlers names not Japanese. J.R. should retire and the dude is way past his prime
DAVO 9 days ago
them letting mox and kenny go full FMW is gonna be crazy
L. S.
L. S. 9 days ago
Kenny Omega better search the Funk vs. Onita match from 2012-ish. An exploding barbwire deathmatch sounds cool, but it will get ugly if Kenny and Mox really go through with it and do it up right. This could be a career ender for either with any slip ups. Good luck, break a leg if you're lucky.
Tony Campbell
Tony Campbell 9 days ago
Manchester where they have the Banaroo music festival. Jessica looks familiar. How do you like driving over Monteagle Mountain. Say hi next time your in Chattanooga.
Sweet leaf Reznov
Moving forward huh tony must be a island devil eren Jaeger
AJ Bones
AJ Bones 9 days ago
Big💲Money Mat keeping it real
Tony Campbell
Tony Campbell 9 days ago
Tony your mosy famous calls are putting Goldberg over in his heyday.
09podola 9 days ago
JR on too much sauce that he forgot he was on AEW
Tony Campbell
Tony Campbell 9 days ago
Main event great Team Tazz womens match and Jurrasic Ecpress stole the show. Rio is great performer but wished the Booker hadnt put her and Thunder Rosa in same bracket. Anaae Jay isnt a True Heel and Britt Baker i don't like but has paid her dues.
Tina Dolatowski
Tina Dolatowski 9 days ago
Jon Moxley is the man!!!
nathan yazzie
nathan yazzie 9 days ago
denis core
denis core 9 days ago
Brandon M
Brandon M 9 days ago
Great post-show livestream as always, Tony! Thank you for everything you do, and thank you to AEW!
Jeffrey Cook
Jeffrey Cook 9 days ago
The Exploding Barbwire Death Match is gonna be lit
Shepard Kayden
Not sure if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 7 days ago
I wonder what Cornette thinks haha
MBJ 8 days ago
This has to be one of the craziest match types ever
Country Style
Country Style 8 days ago
it will be literally lit 😂
Pilot 9 days ago
its not a Exploding Barbwire inferno Death Match jokes
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial
Where the hell is Shawn Spears?!
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial
@Pilot lolma. Dustin Rhodes has had an identity crisis since about 96" , still has, but that didn't make him quit wrestling.
Pilot 8 days ago
@Dr. Rick Progressive commercial no lol if you have watched him he has swapped to about 4 gimmicks. he should ove just stayed as the chairman and made it work
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial
@Eric Liu thanks for the information/ positive feedback.
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial
@Pilot,@Nordicmeatstroke ,@ Vars ardvark :Typical cloud minded Vince Mcmahon fans
Pilot 9 days ago
he ran out of gimmics
Jaime Lam
Jaime Lam 9 days ago
I want news on Sammy Guevera
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 9 days ago
Check out Sammy's vlog ..
William Thomas
William Thomas 9 days ago
Would love to hear you and David Crockett one more time
Rhio is boring
Pilot 9 days ago
she hasent been on dynamite in a year give her a break. ring rust. but even with ring rust she did awesome
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 9 days ago
Who is Rhio???? Alberto del Rhio???
09podola 9 days ago
Your boring boomer
Adalia Francisco
Adalia Francisco 9 days ago
How you doing tonight TONY?!🗽🐣🗽
OwO Gaming
OwO Gaming 9 days ago
To everyone who sees this comment go and subscribe to this channel right now
OOh 4 sure Maine
OOh 4 sure Maine 9 days ago
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 9 days ago
Great show, Riho and Serena Deeb blew me away and reminded me tonight the AEW Women's is not failing, it is growing and it is getting increasingly better by the week. The Explosive announcement that Omega/Moxley will be facing each other for the AEW World Championship in an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match is truly amazing. I love that AEW continues to push the envelope to make their product better.
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 9 days ago
Fenix is amazing....and Penta is coming back yay 🙌
DayFul 9 days ago
I hope Penta wins and gets in the TNT title mix.
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 9 days ago
@L. S. he did have an injury, then the visa thing come up just as he got cleared..Penta in a ladder match is always gold..plus he's in amazing shape atm
L. S.
L. S. 9 days ago
I heard he was injured last year, but supposedly this is just a minor Visa thing. Pentagon and Abadon are my favorites, Dynamite isn't the same without El Cero Miedo and our little dead girl.
Rinku Dwivedi
Rinku Dwivedi 9 days ago
When Mahabali sera come
Kyle Martins
Kyle Martins 9 days ago
Rinku Dwivedi
Rinku Dwivedi 9 days ago
Am Indian
Rinku Dwivedi
Rinku Dwivedi 9 days ago
Hay sir
Tihetris Weathersby
Solid show, The Tony and Tony IMPACT ads have been very entertaining
Brandon Hearn
Brandon Hearn 9 days ago
Tony Khan is doing a good job. I really would like to go to the pay per view on march 7th
warwickben Benjamin
Only reason I watch . After the ad I switch to some thing else
Tihetris Weathersby
Kenny with those boots, What are thoooosssee
jokelanddotcom 9 days ago
SEBAS AEW 9 days ago
Esta es la mejor empresa del mundo