Watch it Again in Japanese | AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament Round 1 

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Watch it Again in Japanese | AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament Round 1
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Feb 16, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jorge Humberto De León Rodríguez
Muy buenas luchas😍😘🇯🇵
Sarvadhi Roy
Sarvadhi Roy 4 days ago
I cant be the only one who finds Yuka sakazaki's theme incredibly annoying and cringe?
Aja Kong has *zero charisma* & worst look ever. She entered like she was old & tired. She is.
WTF happened to Japanese Pro-wrestling? The sailor-moon schoolgirl in red smiling through the 1st match while using *zero violence* or physical force is a travesty. Both of them are an insult to watch. *Outrageous actually.*
@Wannabe_Baby - Sure pal. I actually thought he was exaggerating massively all this time until I watched this video. Nope.
Wannabe_Baby 4 days ago
Lol, do you Cornette cult members think you're being subtle? You're an embarrassment.
redhurricane24 5 days ago
I, unashamedly FUCKING love VENY. That is all.
rockychieng88 6 days ago
that Japanese scream of pain is so fake hahaha.
So much fun! Ito-chan is pretty good! 村田さんが実況と解説を兼ねている感じが、とても良いです👍
Mark Dukett
Mark Dukett 7 days ago
Emi sakura still the queen 👑 of the ring
tardigrade 7 days ago
Maki :(
Alex Makar
Alex Makar 7 days ago
I’ve watched the English commentary video twice, and I’m now watching the Japanese commentary. These matches were that good.
KODAtlantix23 8 days ago
We want english subtitles to commentary.
alexboy07 8 days ago
Hope in a future bring wrestlers from others Joshi promitions, in general Japan block was fun in this round, i was surprised by the match of Emi Sakura vs Veny
Nguyễn Trần Quyết
AEW JP debut
KID BXNDIT 8 days ago
Maki Itoh supremacy
00 00
00 00 8 days ago
多分スタッフはDDTだし会場は新木場だけど 村田さんの実況で再生数五万超えてるの嬉しいね
赤いジジィ 4 days ago
Marlon Jeremías Aguilar Granados
Ronny van IJzendoorn
Well, i guess kawai (cute) wrestling is a thing now. I Kind of like it.entertaining af.
Mr.ようつべ 9 days ago
AEW is 一番!
Adan A.
Adan A. 9 days ago
Deeb should have won! I hate it when AEW tries to push somebody at the cost of better wrestlers. They did this with FTR, they mowed over too many better tag teams to push their FTR vs. Bucks match. AEW if you wanted to have Riho vs Shida, just do it! Don't bury other great wrestlers to get there. That's what mid carders and jobbers are for, Deeb deserves better, She should be AEW champion.
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 9 days ago
Kinda hope they get a translation from commentary just so I can get into the back story of some the wrestlers.
The Joker
The Joker 9 days ago
But hay fat women or man is terrible at selling and overall in ring
Paul B
Paul B 9 days ago
So is this all Stardom talent then
Amir Salvador
Amir Salvador 9 days ago
PristineTX 9 days ago
No. Not at all. These are women who are allowed to work independently for a variety of companies. There’s TJPW, Wave, Gatoh Move/ChocoPro, SEEdLINNNG and Marvelous all represented here. And this was shot at the Ice Ribbon dojo too.
シシマル 9 days ago
Bullet Boy
Bullet Boy 9 days ago
Wait a minute... I don’t speak Japanese
Wan Man
Wan Man 9 days ago
Imagine if some of these wrestlers were Hololive vtubers at night.
Dorien Wharton
Dorien Wharton 9 days ago
The matches are pretty damn good and commentary is hilarious.😅
Iván 「el Errante」
Al ver de nuevo el torneo no había notado varios detalles que pase por alto la primera vez que lo vi y también noté otros detalles en la narración japonesa. No recordaba como denominaba a su 450 splash Yuka Sakazaki, le llama Mahou Shojo Niwatori Yaro. Pude notar el momento en el que Emi Sakura se lastimó los dientes. Cuando presentaron a Maki Itoh no hizo su característica pose con el dedo medio sino uso el dedo índice. Creo que Maki Itoh hizo un buen performance, divertido de ver, cuando cayó ella sola me hizo recordar a Antonio Honda, hay pocas luchadoras joshi como ella que mezclan comedia con la lucha, en este momento solo recuerdo a Sakura Hirota e Hyper Misao. Emi Sakura y Aja Kong fueron las únicas que al entrar dirigieron su mirada hacia la mesa donde estaba Shida y durante el 4° match creo que Shida dijo que tal vez Aja Kong quería ganar este torneo para vengarse de ella por la derrota que sufrió en ese inolvidable match de 2018 en OZ Academy, me disculpo si me equivoque en esa parte con los comentarios de Shida
Joe Mckay
Joe Mckay 9 days ago
David Cross
David Cross 9 days ago
Ryu looks like Okada
Ryan Benson
Ryan Benson 9 days ago
piehnoharmony 9 days ago
I remember seeing Yuka on the first few episodes of AEW and that time she was tiny, but this match it seems like she put on a bit of weight.
Comerford1986 9 days ago
Holy shit this was awful.... Yuka Sakazaki and Maki Itoh the only 2 worth keeping around. A disgraceful hour of wrestling 😞
Jonny V
Jonny V 9 days ago
The only female I took seriously in this was Aja Kong, she’s always been one of my favorites.
Niels era games br
Wtf aew
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy 9 days ago
I don't know why people are panning the production of these matches, they were very entertaining. Yes it seemed there was a bit of an audio problem with itohs entrance but that was about it. All the girls put on the best show they could and you can't take away anything from their athleticism.
Shane Vernon
Shane Vernon 10 days ago
It would take a ton of work so I get it if they never did, but would love a captions option telling me what the Commentary and wrestlers are saying. Especially Shida and Maki!
Johnny Lauve
Johnny Lauve 10 days ago
Nobody is ready for AJA
Johnny Lauve
Johnny Lauve 10 days ago
Jeff Jarrett is somewhere in the world, right now, wondering, "A Forbidden Door? Globally!? And you aren't just trying to buy gold!?"
Francesco Salvatore
Ahora si puedo decir que esta lucha que dio maki si me gustó, poco a poco deja de ser un bulto. :v
Collins On the Rocks
I respect the commentary not speaking over the entrances. Is that typical for joshi shows?
Masashi Honda
Masashi Honda 6 days ago
think it's Japan wrestling in general. Even in NJPW
Everybody Turns
Everybody Turns 10 days ago
1:49 I love her 👍 My favorite
Dicky Veto
Dicky Veto 10 days ago
Who can do karate better than japanese?!? AEW should have AZM
djcactus 10 days ago
Maki is just great and Aja is still the original monster
d0f1x3rr 10 days ago
I would have never thought I'd see the day, but MAN, I love how AEW is promoting joshi puroresu! This tournament is so freakin' cool!
toshiyasu chonan
toshiyasu chonan 10 days ago
会場及びリングはアイスリボンだし、レフェリーのトミーさんはWAVE 所属だし、志田選手の交遊範囲や人間関係の広さ、人徳あって日本の女子プロレスほとんど全面協力って感じで胸が熱くなりました。
Daniel Leonardo Santos
Love how they are not forcing any kind of western wrestling in their matches, they are evidently applying this funny version of Japanese wrestling, and I am all in for it. Good job.
Pat Basque
Pat Basque 10 days ago
Stephen Morley
Stephen Morley 10 days ago
The weird use of pronouns was quite jarring!
Random Guy
Random Guy 10 days ago
Machete21 10 days ago
AEW, We need more Japanese commentary!!
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna 10 days ago
Magic girl lol
draconian45 10 days ago
Never seen Yuka Sakazaki before. She's really cute.
draconian45 5 days ago
@Masashi Honda Yeah I just started watching AEW last Spring.
Masashi Honda
Masashi Honda 6 days ago
She was in AEW at the beginning.
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 10 days ago
check out double or nothing 2019
Latin American Music The Album
Latin American Music The Album
That's it VENY, VENY, VENY
Justin Artois
Justin Artois 10 days ago
How more fake can you get ?
Zachary McCrary
Zachary McCrary 10 days ago
I'm here for Maki Itoh.
Zachary McCrary
Zachary McCrary 10 days ago
She's out in the first round!?! Well, I just lost interest.
Coyote Style Pro
Coyote Style Pro 10 days ago
i hope Aja wins it for her division
edchan 10 days ago
Hana Kimura kimono !!!
Tonky Tron
Tonky Tron 10 days ago
Veny's theme is a booty bouncer
emmayarde 10 days ago
Nicholas Mantia
Nicholas Mantia 10 days ago
Still surprised Maki Itoh didn't advance in this tournament........
KODAtlantix23 8 days ago
She's the biggest star, but her appearance must be a one shot,she doesn't want to go to the USA for now.
Zero 10 days ago
Yuka vs Mei was the night of the match for me.
Zero 10 days ago
What with this insane ads in the jp commentary?.
kharil hasan
kharil hasan 10 days ago
Stroll to the end then replay to watch with no ads
grafspe807 Call
grafspe807 Call 10 days ago
Are the girls around ring side trainees like they have at ringside in NJPW ?
Bryan Byrne
Bryan Byrne 10 days ago
No they wrestle for Gatoh Move/Choco Pro, Emi's promotion where Mei also wrestles and Ryo & Veny sometimes wrestles and Marvelous Chigusu Nagayo's promotion where Rin wrestles and Veny sometimes wrestles
Clan leader Predator
🥰🥰 ah japanese women
Coco 10 days ago
Kenny Silva
Kenny Silva 10 days ago
No entiendo nada pero sólo vine a escuchar a Shida. 😂
Jorge Humberto De León Rodríguez
Si por la voz muy sensual😍😘🇯🇵
Marlon Jeremías Aguilar Granados
Yo tampoco entiendo pero creo que es entretenido ver aew de esta manera, bueno, por lo menos para mí
Last Torgo In Paris
in my way auto translate when she does Maki a rainbow becoms my heart
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
I'm only upvoting Yuka comments, eat dirt to others...Yuka is life.
Coyote Style Pro
Coyote Style Pro 10 days ago
The head butt joust btwn Maki Itoh and Ryo Mizunami was w!Ld 😎
Azrael Darkness64
Azrael Darkness64 10 days ago
Fair play AEW this was awesome 🇯🇵
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 10 days ago
Sooo perfect timing to ask about the AEW DYNAMITE Championship for the ladies? Secondary title on equal level to the TNT Championship for the Women's Division? Just sayin', be a great staple to add in.
Hasnaoui Adel
Hasnaoui Adel 10 days ago
The ring announcer is fun. Is he from DDT?
AEW showing off other cultures to America in existence around the world is awesome! Thanks for the experience 👍
Kauri Ainsley
Kauri Ainsley 10 days ago
I want Shida vs rhio
Bugsy boy
Bugsy boy 10 days ago
That is absolutely disgusting 🤮 I dont ever want to look at this crap again
Lovie Pittsburgh
Lovie Pittsburgh 10 days ago
Every wrestler did great. I really hope we get to see some of them in AEW again. I really enjoyed Maki and Kong.
Geoff Brown
Geoff Brown 10 days ago
48:00 I love how Excalibur gave this move a Japanese sounding name and the actual Japanese commentary just calls it a Flying Big Headbutt LOL
Richard Butchko
Richard Butchko 9 days ago
They also said brain buster during the sakazaki match.
Bryan Byrne
Bryan Byrne 10 days ago
Because it's called Flying Big Head which makes sense because Maki's gimmick is she's an egotist (She's big-headed)
Jermaine Sillman
Jermaine Sillman 10 days ago
Do AEW even know what they’re doing this Japanese women’s wrestling is not as good as the men and that’s why they women’s division suffered before Kenny need to just go back to Japan because it’s crossing over into his work and it’s not working
steve b
steve b 10 days ago
Punctuation is your friend,dude. Use it
Michael Trujillo Jr.
Why is japan better at everything, I’d move there on a heart beat if I could
Michael Trujillo Jr.
@NotoriousMMA16 bro I’m going to visit next year 🙏
NotoriousMMA16 7 days ago
Hey man once the travel bans are over you may have a chance, start saving up that money (:
Badd Babylon
Badd Babylon 10 days ago
Please sign Mei Suruga.
Jrh2005 10 days ago
LA Adventures
LA Adventures 10 days ago
Just like new Japan as a dojo in the US they should put aew in Japan too
LA Adventures
LA Adventures 10 days ago
Tournament contestant form Japan are not compete in the US they’re doing it in Japan that cool aew
Lamppost Ltd
Lamppost Ltd 10 days ago
Great match between Maki Ito and Ryo Mizunami. Loved the character work throughout and my first time seeing Maki Ito in action... the future looks bright!
Jrh2005 10 days ago
To love Maki is to love pain and suffering
Yeslin Velez
Yeslin Velez 10 days ago
Maki itoh is the real winner
marioedwards203 10 days ago
Japanese commentary > English
Lamppost Ltd
Lamppost Ltd 10 days ago
Is anyone else now wanting to see Emi Sakura vs Nyla Rose in a singles match in the future? What a match against Veny!
MGC Universe
MGC Universe 10 days ago
i"m learning Japanese, so this is perfect for me
Shemarlos Scott
Shemarlos Scott 11 days ago
Hikaru Shida is My favorite Female Wrestler to Watch
Mooshty 11 days ago
Im learning Japanese, This is an hour long fun lesson for me lol
Mooshty 9 days ago
@Eostre of the East Haha Maki would be proud.
Eostre of the East
@Mooshty I can't even speak Japanese. I just sent two Chinese characters that I know are also used in Japanese. I said "piss".
Mooshty 9 days ago
@Eostre of the East Hiragana is where my knowledge ends im afraid lol. I find the writing very hard.
Eostre of the East
Mooshty 10 days ago
@Geoff Brown Yes!
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose 11 days ago
Jim Cornett is having a seazure somewere
Kelly Aesop Delete Your Gmail & Facebook & Twitter
Veny is so skilled, and Maki is so entertaining in the ring, they are my favorites in the tournament!! .... WERE***.... :(
mersid karic
mersid karic 11 days ago
I love Japan and NJPW,love to se Yuka Sakazaki back to AEW,we only need live croud,AEW FOR LIFE💪💪💪💪.
Jefferson Augusto
Jefferson Augusto 11 days ago
I remember this narrator narrating Misawa matches in NOAH. He is very good!
tjbatchelor1 11 days ago
Veny is already one of my new favorite wrestlers!
vargas4maggot 11 days ago
I hope to see them again in a pay per view, with a live crowd. I just love tournaments, can't help it. Thank you AEW for bringing Wrestling back!!!!
mr. mayhem
mr. mayhem 11 days ago
Maki itoh plus orange Cassidy =🔥
lupinvash3 11 days ago
To any of you who don’t know, the man commentating is Haruo Murata. He’s a play by play commentator for both NJPW and DDT. He’s really good.
lupinvash3 19 hours ago
@Last Torgo In Paris That would be Milano Collection A. T.
Last Torgo In Paris
Last Torgo In Paris 20 hours ago
i like the fellow who always marked out for Evil. He took the betrayal personally and i laughed when he tried to fight Evil
lupinvash3 Day ago
@Sandra Shalla I like Shinpei Nogami the best in NJPW, but somehow pairing of Murata with Milano Collection A. T. somehow seems like the best pairing.
Sandra Shalla
He's a really great announcer! He's always pumped up!
Scott Strasser
Scott Strasser 4 days ago
Thanks for confirming that, I didn't know if Murata was the commentator or I had been watching too many NJPW VODs as of late.
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 11 days ago
When it comes to Aja Kong, some things never change
ben ritchie
ben ritchie 11 days ago
Wow it's like watching something out of tekken or street fighter wow
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 11 days ago
Ryo probably drunk a RedBull before this match