Were MJF and Sammy Guevara Finally Able to Work Things Out? | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/10/21
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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
The emotion
Chris 3 days ago
Was hard to see Sammy go
JR Best
JR Best 5 days ago
Sammy is such a dope wrestler, he did see what MJF’s bullshit was, he was brave to say something about it, atta boy Sammy 🔥🔥🔥
Insignificant Aftermath
I liked the cameraman comment but at the same time, if you are going to break the fourth wall like that, are you creating a sports like kayfabe show or just a smart ass show for smarks?
Josh Simmons
Josh Simmons 8 days ago
No sam
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton 8 days ago
I'm glad Sammy is no longer in in the circle it's his time
SuchyKT 9 days ago
Wardlow's tie and MJF's scarf look so similar. I mean pattern :D
Pat Basque
Pat Basque 9 days ago
Nice body shot.
Jon Austin
Jon Austin 11 days ago
Aew how dumb are y'all?? If there is a camera man In there who cares an why would he bead about a phone camera?? Dumb!!!
zeke09 11 days ago
mjf should be kicked out of the inner circle he nearly framed sammy
MW12121 11 days ago
Come on guys. You are such good wrestlers, gotta pay more attention to detail because the recording situation made absolutely no sense.
ghostZkull 11 days ago
Love this guevara mjf feud
Matt hardy opened Sammy's eyes
Paul Fallon
Paul Fallon 12 days ago
Are you recording me, Camera man 3 feet away. Lol
Beat Up Record Collector
"You're recording me?" Yeh AEW camera man is filming you muppet.
Kyle Renner
Kyle Renner 12 days ago
Wordlo knew lol
SHAHZIAR IDRIS 12 days ago
This scene is just dumb isn't it? Sammy acknowledges the cameraman and MJF tries to frame him using voice recording. Honestly, i expected better. Lol
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 13 days ago
MJF deserved it
fernando rivera
fernando rivera 13 days ago
This was a Bad segment, i don't know why Sammy would be mad if MJF recorded him, if he had the cameraman in the room and could had shown that to Jericho to see that he got set up.
Jorge Cabrera
Jorge Cabrera 13 days ago
I'm ready for a brawls between Chris and sammy hit sammy with a golf cart Chris
John Caudill
John Caudill 13 days ago
Them two one will take it over
Anthony 13 days ago
Why does Sammy care if MJF was recording him, they’re on a TV SHOWWWWWWWW
Corny 13 days ago
So he tells the camera man to stay? But Gets mád that mjf recorded him ? Can’t he just have the camera man show Jericho the video of mjf lying lol
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 13 days ago
MJF vs Houston’s Sammy Guevara in The Meeting. Wardlow is Watching the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sun Sports / FSN FLORIDA.
MR. Business Hall
MR. Business Hall 13 days ago
Really sunny be nice
Wilfred Gibson
Wilfred Gibson 13 days ago
The entitled boy needs body guards. L.ol.
ismael hernandez c
ismael hernandez c 13 days ago
Gino Mafio
Gino Mafio 13 days ago
...But it's filmed...
Ximenes66 13 days ago
It's quite clear that eventually they will both kick out Jericho. I hope I'm wrong. But don't think I am.
Big dawg anthony Jarzemkoski
This one has the ric flair/sting , 90's feel.
flyhigh22 14 days ago
If people don't already know that the main reason and only reason MJF is in the inner circle is to break them up one by one report came out months before this all started up
Dylan moore
Dylan moore 14 days ago
nice shot sammy
Rena 14 days ago
Wait, so cameramen exist in AEW??
Harsh Trading
Harsh Trading 14 days ago
Guys it's trap , Sammy will help young bucks lose the titles.. trust me
Khalid Mobley
Khalid Mobley 14 days ago
Honestly yes it is mjf who truly wants break up inner circle and sammy is right all way, from mjf 1st arrival to jericho and he is the one truly dislike jericho Glad sammy did quit inner circle!
Vince Adams
Vince Adams 14 days ago
"Cameraman stay".. Is the best part.😁
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Now they'll use this footage (because Lé Çhampion is a avid watcher of the product) that they'll issue a beatdown on Sammy. Like, reverse gang initiation.
David Morgan
David Morgan 14 days ago
Samir Tamang
Samir Tamang 14 days ago
BorrowedGnat 757
BorrowedGnat 757 14 days ago
Sammy is finally is a face
Media International
Um. Kinda doesn't really makes sense if Sammy already acknowledged the camera.....besides AEW its waaaayyyyy too soon to break the inner circle up. Chill on that angle for a bit. Its a bad idea, a little boring, and 2 soon. Get more creative guys
Matt Shearer
Matt Shearer 14 days ago
Sammy’s turn has been perfect so far. Also I wanna see Guevara vs Wardlow. I think they could pull off a hell of a match. Actually I would like to see Sammy run through all of the inner circle. Whether he wins or loses the matches would be gold.
Unstrike Pewdiepie coco
2:09 it made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣
Aaron Velez
Aaron Velez 14 days ago
Aaron Sammy Guevara Mjf Daylan Poster Rob Doyle Evan Schauer Mason Mena Rob Doyle Billy Hules Bryce Poster
Bill Woods
Bill Woods 14 days ago
did his shirt say villain on it?
R Luna
R Luna 14 days ago
Go Sammy!
leonid Ivanov
leonid Ivanov 14 days ago
Sammy guevara would be an awesome face
Jessie Philion
Jessie Philion 14 days ago
The way mjf sounds after getting hit in the nuts he sounds a lil like cartoon getting row sham bowed on south park
Kenshigo 14 days ago
Dear AEW, please stop crossing theme songs asap! Don´t fall into this hole, we all know where it ends...
David james
David james 14 days ago
This is great storytelling!
Jarf D. Dorkis
Jarf D. Dorkis 15 days ago
Sammy Guevara: Camera man stays Also Sammy Guevara: You're recording me?!
Ryan Berry
Ryan Berry 15 days ago
ik where this storyline gonna go sammy was tryna tell jericho mjf wanna take over the inner circle and then jericho not gonna believe sammy then sammy was gone leave and take a leave of absent which he did and the new inner circle lead by mjf gonna beatdown chris jericho
AnimeAlex Nightcore
i have to laugh everytime after that punch xD
Adalia Francisco
Adalia Francisco 15 days ago
Sammy dont know the TRAFFICKING SIGN RULE?! BWAHAHAH👈💂👈🇺🇸✨
Osama Abbasi
Osama Abbasi 15 days ago
thanks for acknowledging the cameraman i dont know it always felt odd when they completely ignored the recording crew during "secret backstage meetings"
The Average Gaming Show
Sammy did to MJF what all of us want to do to MJF.
T Reaper
T Reaper 15 days ago
This could easily be a phone case commercial .
James Baker
James Baker 15 days ago
R.I.P. MJF’s phone😭
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo 15 days ago
Way to go, Sammy👍👍a prelude to future SG vs MJF matches for years to come. Those matches will be epic
Mike Ruh
Mike Ruh 15 days ago
Sammy Sammy Sammy!
le L
le L 15 days ago
Bonez 15 days ago
What if he really wasn't recording? He took his phone out incase things got out of hand. Which it did once he let his guard down
Nordic Maelstrom
Nordic Maelstrom 15 days ago
2021 is going to be the year of The Spanish God!
gqn2 15 days ago
Everyone is making fun of Sammy and “you’re recording me?” Imagine your relationship with your social media platform. You know they are breaching your privacy. Evidently, the media knows about it too. But when you catch them red handed, you will also have Sammy’s reaction.
xiphumbra 15 days ago
It's the principle of the matter. That's why Sammy was upset. Baffling that so many people seem to miss that.
D 15 days ago
Pure talents
YinMajora 15 days ago
Lemme guess, the phone uploaded the recording to the cloud and Chris Jericho hears that but theyre all gonna forget theres convenient camera man footage to show its not really how it went down
Escaping Darkness
Escaping Darkness 15 days ago
Mjf asked for that shit
HayatoRPG 15 days ago
Chris Jerichos " A Little Bit of the Bubbly" Makes a cameo just sitting in the back on the fridge
Francis Roy Sousa
Francis Roy Sousa 15 days ago
How to describe Sammy Guevara?He got the ring skills, a nice finisher and .....that's it.... No charisma, a dam ugly haircut and far away to be a Spanish god. To my eye,he is a vanilla Jobber and need to change his gimmick or he will stay a vanilla Jobber. I can't see him winning any belt.
Gabbar Manna
Gabbar Manna 15 days ago
That punch was strong but the phone smashed was unnecessary because everything got recorded loud and clear on camera 🤷🏻🤷🏻
L I G H T 15 days ago
MJF just did that to pissoff Sammy
Tyrone JR
Tyrone JR 15 days ago
Sammy is the face Of Inner circle
Avinash Gogliya
Avinash Gogliya 15 days ago
Plz bring back panda gimmick Sammy
P McCormack
P McCormack 15 days ago
Go Sammy go
Humid Harold
Humid Harold 15 days ago
This reminds me of Woody and Mr. Potato Head fighting to be Andy’s favourite.
Rondo Number9
Rondo Number9 15 days ago
Sammy and MJF are gonna swerve us and it will be out that they been working together all along and kick Jericho out the inner circle. Remember this message!!!!
flyhigh22 14 days ago
No mjf is trying to break up the inner circle not trying to take over
David Wallace
David Wallace 15 days ago
So like...can’t Chris just watch this clip? 😂😂 Why record it? It’s not like one of those things were they pretend the camera guy isn’t there because Sammy told him to stay 😂
Bryan Lazaro
Bryan Lazaro 15 days ago
Mjf vs samy at revolution make it happen
TheSladedj44 15 days ago
The shot heard around the world lol go sammy
Space_ Hunter0928
Space_ Hunter0928 15 days ago
I love sammys comedy side
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 15 days ago
Nice nut shot Sammy, never saw it coming.
Suraj Mandal
Suraj Mandal 15 days ago
LIKE uk hotprop
LIKE uk hotprop 15 days ago
Shit no talents
LIKE uk hotprop
LIKE uk hotprop 12 days ago
@L I G H T if any tbink could scream fake more it was this segment expected more from mjf... And Sammy is just a cheesy sex case...
L I G H T 15 days ago
Up yours
Ronald Shank
Ronald Shank 15 days ago
MJF had that one coming! He's done nothing but stir up trouble with Sammy Guevara. I don't blame Sammy one bit for leaving the Inner Circle!
Inverted Name
Inverted Name 15 days ago
......He told the cameraman to stay...... Why would he be upset he was being recorded on the phone? LOL stupid writing is stupid
L I G H T 15 days ago
MJF Did that to piss off Sammy
Inverted Name
Inverted Name 15 days ago
@Jaxson Schilling Right. And even then when he took out his phone and “started recording” He still got a majority of the conversation lol. It’s just very dumb
Jaxson Schilling
Jaxson Schilling 15 days ago
Bc he was recording it secretly out of context idk why he would even tho the camera man is recording it tho
Colton H
Colton H 15 days ago
francois demorcy
francois demorcy 15 days ago
It is a ploy One punch and MJF ribs are hurt. Smh. They are both playing Chris Like Sammy Never a fan of MJF in the Inner Circle. He was neve a fit. If he turned on Cody he will definitely turn on Chris.
Máté Kodaj
Máté Kodaj 15 days ago
Aaaah so thats why he said he wrestled with a injured ribs poor Mjf😢 I.HATE.HIM.SO.MUCH
Zako The Klown
Zako The Klown 15 days ago
So you uploaded the answer to this video BEFORE you uploaded this ? Man whoever is in charge of the AEW youtube should be fired
Mattynessness 15 days ago
Sammy to MJF: Are you recording me?! Cameraman: Am I a joke to you?
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson 15 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to be like Sammy you have a cameraman who saw this hole thing your cool don't sweat it...
Ong Kouk Yong
Ong Kouk Yong 15 days ago
Why need recording while Sammy already asked the cameraman to stay?
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith 15 days ago
Sammy will leave the IC, and be a successful singles star. Calling it now.
Bamethyst 38
Bamethyst 38 15 days ago
I will admit, I have no love for the Dinner Debonair and the Hardy/Guevara feud, but at least they are trying to make up for it. This is one of the few storylines I care about on AEW now.
Rahim Ramli
Rahim Ramli 15 days ago
Sammy tells the cameraman to stay yet he is also mad that MJF records him.
mayo rodriguez
mayo rodriguez 13 days ago
We'll I guess he wanna the camera man to stay so he can record him punch him and the ribs and slam his phone too ha ha ha ha
David Morales
David Morales 15 days ago
MJF hunching, trying to make Sammy look ok. Arms looking decent this time. Yes, I am hatng
David Morales
David Morales 15 days ago
U guys are the same hight? Really
David Morales
David Morales 15 days ago
*Camera man stays* cringe but fine
ZephKin 15 days ago