What Does Tiger Woods and the AEW World Champion Have in Common? | AEW Dynamite 

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What Does Tiger Woods and the AEW World Champion #KennyOmega Have in Common? | #AEWDynamite 2/10/21
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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ryder Stelzner
Ryder Stelzner 2 days ago
Kenny's now a better golfer then tiger woods
ortsed7 8 days ago
Maybe the best non-wrestling segment ever aired on AEW so far. Too funny.
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 9 days ago
Kenny Omega = Michael Jordan
MasterCrazyKnightz 10 days ago
nothing pisses me off more Then a Suckass Golfing i have not Been Here since The Last time i Got pissed off About a Guy That did nothing but golf instead of work
Progressive Reformation
Omega vs Tim Storm for the title
Beto Coria
Beto Coria 11 days ago
what a joke 🤣🤣
G&G foodie review
G&G foodie review 11 days ago
Jim cornette bought me here 🤣🤣
MW12121 11 days ago
I truly believe Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world. But he feels too cartoony at times. I don’t mind his entrance or anything in ring, but him being a douchy hotshot hasn’t done much for me. I think Callis takes away from the aura Omega gives off but I might feel different about it in the future. Also Bullet Club shouldn’t associate with Callis, he makes it feel corporate when it’s a rebellious group.
Sunshine State Coasters
Anyone know which golf course this took place at?
49DRmc 11 days ago
Jim Cornette brought me here!
Freeskier475 13 days ago
Lmao he just pops out mid back swing
Glenn Coleman
Glenn Coleman 13 days ago
Was Kenny grounding his club in that bunker? 🤣
Neal Jenneve
Neal Jenneve 14 days ago
They both have white in them
My Email
My Email 14 days ago
Not the best of all time cmon Kenneth
Nicholas Mclean
Nicholas Mclean 14 days ago
Alex just got schooled...
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Kenny oblivious 🤣 It'll hit him. Just remember to turn the subtitles onto Japanese 😏
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 14 days ago
AEW on TSN2 Alex Marvez is Listen to ESPN 690 Jacksonville and News 104.5 WOKV. Also Don Callis is Watching CTV News app 🇨🇦 and Action News Jax (FOX30 / CBS47) app. 🇺🇸
cogitoergo 14 days ago
Id think Golf is too manly a sport for Omega...Too full of toxic masculinity right?
IO Gaming
IO Gaming 14 days ago
This is hilarious though 😂
99아민 15 days ago
Bobby Heenan Gulf segment vibes
unlimitedrabbit 15 days ago
Harrison Highland
Harrison Highland 15 days ago
just a little typo in your title, but please fix it to "what DO" they have in common AEW FTW!!!
LoggerRythm 15 days ago
I think Marvez' gimmick is showing up out of nowhere with a film crew. So watch yer back people when you go to take a shower. Now that I think about it, who's the bigger boogie-man Randy Orton or Alex Marvez? 🤔
Sig S.
Sig S. 15 days ago
I thought marital problems were the common thing 😄
Steve Michael
Steve Michael 15 days ago
Lol...that was great. An eagle? 😁
Jay Dead
Jay Dead 15 days ago
All I can think of is Jon moxley saying "see, I'm kind of like tiger woods and not just because I like the skanks."
Michael Galvan
Michael Galvan 15 days ago
Reggie Wolfpac
Reggie Wolfpac 15 days ago
Cornette gonna have a field day with this cuz this was terrible.
The Manohar
The Manohar 15 days ago
First - Steve Jomega Now - Tiger Woods Who's next ?
Black Devil
Black Devil 15 days ago
Don being a supportive uncle
Marquise Alexander
Marquise Alexander 15 days ago
Den of Lore
Den of Lore 15 days ago
He has a shitty back swing
Raymond Huggins
Raymond Huggins 15 days ago
Don: Woooowwww...... Kenny: I got it in right?💀😂💀😂
Sergio DO OR DIE
Sergio DO OR DIE 15 days ago
Marvez the man on a mission
francisco Choque
francisco Choque 15 days ago
The_Peoples_Champ 15 days ago
Marvez always sounds like he's commentating on golf ⛳ funny that 😂😂😂😂😂
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
golf sucks
Andy Boy Lettuce
Andy Boy Lettuce 15 days ago
I love Alex! I remember everyone shitting on him cuz if his commentary..and it wasnt great I admit but I still liked him. I could sense his passion for what his job was. And he is excellent in his interviewer role!
cassman jones
cassman jones 15 days ago
love how don callis makes kenny think he got a hole-in-one
In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews
How is this funny?
Dude Duff
Dude Duff 15 days ago
Alex Marvez: Can I get a ride? Kenny Omega: *laughs* We'll talk to you later Marvez! Denied.
peter lee
peter lee 13 days ago
So how did marvel get there??
The Nameless Ghuleh
This just reminds me of Kenny calling out Okada for going fishing before their match while he was training hard for it. The callbacks and continuity nods with Kenny’s matches/promos are too good.
TheSodakboy93 15 days ago
Kenny Omega can't putt confirmed
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 15 days ago
MySpace became relevant again even if for a short period of time. 😂🤣😅
anthony vasquez
anthony vasquez 15 days ago
Shooter mcgavin!
Seth Freakin Rollins
Omega's just chillin, playing golf like he's on vacation, while he's got targets going after him for the AEW world title.
Tygermetal 15 days ago
Don cheating for Kenny after that crushed shot in the background is just classic comedy.
M.G. Trazor
M.G. Trazor 15 days ago
"Myspace page"
Mark L
Mark L 15 days ago
Horrible grammar in this video's name
Johntavious Hardwell
Nothing. They have nothing in common 😒
s hudson
s hudson 15 days ago
Kenny it's -36 Celsius here in your hometown. Hope you get a sunburn!
Wrestling 3:16
Wrestling 3:16 15 days ago
LMFAOOOO I love when AEW does this type of stuff😭😭
elitewrestling Hélder
J Compass
J Compass 16 days ago
That golf gear is a whole vibe
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 16 days ago
Kenny Omega is The AEW Word Champion him is amazing and this is interview is awesome Alex Marvez is amazing interviewer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Axel Foley
Axel Foley 16 days ago
Lol hahahahaha they scrambling trying to get the golf ball into the hole before Kenny notices he didn’t make the shot. Lol AEW keep doing what y’all Doing I love it.... making wrestling interesting again
Chris Gamm
Chris Gamm 16 days ago
How did I know that Marvez would start talking in the back swing. Hilarious
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 16 days ago
How did I miss the background stuff first time around 😂😂😂
F C 16 days ago
I didn't know Kenny played golf!!! Awesome!!Is there anything this man can't do??
Mooshty 15 days ago
Yea, Play golf
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 16 days ago
Why is AEW uploading late from past week?
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 16 days ago
Alex marvez has teleportation power
Eric B
Eric B 16 days ago
Where's the Thunder Rosa match?
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia 16 days ago
Excelente AEW
James Richardson
James Richardson 16 days ago
They both have great respect for Asian culture?
Pranav Choudhary
Pranav Choudhary 16 days ago
They adding videos with intervals and not altogether please don't do this.
Nata 16 days ago
i loved this, Don in the background was just great
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen 16 days ago
Also, when is AEW going to upload the matches of PAC vs Ryan Nemeth and Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson vs Cesar Bonini and Peter Avalon?
Millionaire Dance
Millionaire Dance 16 days ago
he's gonna sell that on his myspace page loll
Sachu Pradeep
Sachu Pradeep 16 days ago
This is how you do wrestling comedy 😂
peter lee
peter lee 11 days ago
@99아민 Im a lot of fun and nothing about that was “funny” at all
Pat Ale
Pat Ale 11 days ago
Comedy? But he’s supposed to be the World Champion and taken seriously.
99아민 13 days ago
@peter lee you must be a fun person...
peter lee
peter lee 13 days ago
Comedy?? What was funny about it
Asokah Anderson
Asokah Anderson 14 days ago
Reggie Wolfpac Whining? That’s what Cornette does 😂😭😭
Wagoo Hud
Wagoo Hud 16 days ago
Lol, what a douche Kenny is
Nate Schwartz
Nate Schwartz 16 days ago
Keep that left arm straight kenny
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen 16 days ago
Alex Marvez should have a gimmick and say: “You can’t attack me. I’m a journalist”.
Grey Fox
Grey Fox 12 days ago
he already has a gimmick, he shows up out of nowhere from behind alleyways and starts asking people for interviews, kenny could be on the international space station to get away from everything, but marvez would somehow show up there too for an interview
Aces High
Aces High 14 days ago
@Linyoshi Belle Doesn't he already ? whenever something big happens he's there... he could be behind you right now !
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett 15 days ago
@Jessica - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE righhht
Jessica - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
I get separation anxiety whenever you’re away. So, I’d be a lot happier if you just never left.
Linyoshi Belle
Linyoshi Belle 16 days ago
He should be able to teleport.
Eremenkko 16 days ago
omnipotent marvez is 10/10 television
Francisco Monteiro
Francisco Monteiro 16 days ago
Everytime Alex Marvez appears.... LMAO!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Dean Woodford
Dean Woodford 16 days ago
The MySpace comment 😂
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 16 days ago
Is alex from alex and miz?
You’re fucking tapped.
Taz 16 days ago
Ya boy Marvez getting all the scoop! Best journalist in the game.
Raymond Frand
Raymond Frand 16 days ago
Tiger who?
Jawan Farmer
Jawan Farmer 16 days ago
The champ got too do what the champ got too do
Baw shawn Taw
Baw shawn Taw 16 days ago
Well both may have once performed in northhhhhhhhhh carrrrrrrollliiinnnaaaa...
Cameo Chris
Cameo Chris 16 days ago
Kenny cutting promos like MR. PERFECT 🤣😎
Cameo Chris
Cameo Chris 13 days ago
@HakboN OK Boomer god forbid anyone tries anything new & entertaining 👍
HakboN 14 days ago
Comparing Mr Perfect with Omega ? Seriously ?! Have respect for Mr Hennig please, even Barry Horowitz is better than Kenny « the lame » Omega , any grown man would agree with me.
Professor X
Professor X 14 days ago
@In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews you’re always hating, actually get an opinion that isn’t corny
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 15 days ago
I love it!
Gost 15 days ago
The only similarity is that the both play a sport during the promo. That’s it.
Mr.Funny Bones
Mr.Funny Bones 16 days ago
So Michael Nakazawa has turned into fulltime Butler
Natalie Big Tits Cream Pie victim
You are so unbelievably sexy to me.
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera 16 days ago
They gotta post the hangman skits tho
The_HBK_23 16 days ago
What is marvez wearing? He is wearing the, I work selling old medical equipment uniform. Ugh he is not something to look at. Look at the fucking shoes!
Jeffrey Mesich
Jeffrey Mesich 16 days ago
That's a one shot penalty for grounding the club in the sand trap, champ.
Johan Karreman
Johan Karreman 16 days ago
@Jeffrey Mesich Hahaha nice
Jeffrey Mesich
Jeffrey Mesich 16 days ago
@Johan Karreman If he did it on purpose, knowing the rule, then it's a stroke (pun intended) of genius.
Johan Karreman
Johan Karreman 16 days ago
First thing that came to my mind as well 😂. I do the maintanance on a golf course in The Netherlands
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 16 days ago
I'lll assume from the title the answer is: White Women
Wan Ridzwan
Wan Ridzwan 16 days ago
This is awesome
Ismeal Vega
Ismeal Vega 16 days ago
yes yes
SirWedgie 16 days ago
Khaki Omega
Md.Tahmid Tahsin
Md.Tahmid Tahsin 16 days ago
Alex Marvez Alert!
Kai 16 days ago
why are you uploading the videos so late ffs...
Cristian Carrillo
Cristian Carrillo 16 days ago
"What Does Tiger Woods and the AEW World Champion Have in Common?" They're both overrated.
Mamadou Ketia Mamadou Ketia
its my birthday
KML Kiddos
KML Kiddos 16 days ago
Augustin Tiberiu
Augustin Tiberiu 16 days ago
LOL in the background Callis putting the ball in the hole from his pocket
YASHIroku 11 days ago
you are lying...if you focus on kenny when he is talking you can see that ball clearly went in....lol
carlmark inopia
carlmark inopia 15 days ago
And that golf hole is still smaller than the Nia Jax Hole
Sarabheswaran T
Sarabheswaran T 16 days ago
A good Uncle!
sam zeeda
sam zeeda 16 days ago
Callis !! LOL
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 16 days ago
Alex Marvez is the stalker in AEW. He appears everywhere. Creepy fkkk. 😂 And Kenny Omega & Don Callis made me laugh to then hate them in the main event. P.S: *MySpace?!!!!*
Jackie Cheng
Jackie Cheng 15 days ago
the myspace line got me lolllls
عاشقه بلا حبيب
Alex Marvez is my fav wrestling interviewer atm
In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews
@Var Varuso 👍🏾
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 8 days ago
@In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews 💩
In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews
@Var Varuso thanks for watching it's a work in progress like aew but unlike them we welcome all feedback good or bad have a nice day.
Var Varuso
Var Varuso 9 days ago
@In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews Your "podcast" is awful!
C T 11 days ago
@In the Key Demos Wrasslin' Reviews he’s shit but the gimmick is hilarious
Byron Henderson
Byron Henderson 16 days ago
I'm still waiting for y'all to post the PAC match. 💀
Daisy belle
Daisy belle 16 days ago
@Dogking he made him a meme 😂😂
JOYOUS AHUJA 16 days ago
@Dogking that was zigglers brother
Dogking 16 days ago
Let me tell you how it went. The other guy got one punch in. Pac made him wish he didn't.
Shawn Lamb
Shawn Lamb 16 days ago
Happy Gilmore reboot with Kenny as Shooter. Please
Tiger the Engineer
Tiger the Artist