What Happened to Cody Rhodes & How did Lee Johnson React after his first Win? | AEW Dynamite 

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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
Daven's BeerDome
Daven's BeerDome 2 days ago
Cody is a homosapiens
Alan Theus
Alan Theus 2 days ago
Qt didn’t like look at his face.
Steve Aguiar
Steve Aguiar 10 days ago
Trash 🗑️
Jeremiah Fletcher
Jeremiah Fletcher 10 days ago
He has a bright future
poisongodmachine3 10 days ago
Cezar Bononi! 🇧🇷
Tom Joe
Tom Joe 10 days ago
Ugh Tony smh as always makes me cringe. "Omg he broke his neck"
saul rothman
saul rothman 10 days ago
When did avalon drop the librarian gimmick?
Pat Ale
Pat Ale 10 days ago
The A in AEW stands for affirmative-action:)
Ze TheGame
Ze TheGame 11 days ago
Lee Johnson looks great. It is unfortunate that he is pairing with the likes of Avalon for the time being. But it is probably just a stepping stone for him before he goes single.
Malik Evans
Malik Evans 11 days ago
Here after jc talked about it
christopher frey
christopher frey 13 days ago
That neck breaker was sick
Jd12many 13 days ago
Who is here to see the injury?
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright 14 days ago
Look at QT in the back. It's going somewhere. Lee thanks everyone EXCEPT the guy who brought him into the company.
x LatinAssazzin
x LatinAssazzin 14 days ago
Oh wow cody won that wasn't so surprising so cody went from mid carter to overrated then back to mid Carter lmao
Doug Martin
Doug Martin 14 days ago
He loses 29 matches on US-first and 0 wins and yet he gets a tag team win on Dynamite. By AEW standards, he’s earn a title shot. Cody is just favoring his arm for storyline reasons. But DSW’s r reporting he’s injured for real. Whatever
Vince Adams
Vince Adams 14 days ago
Finally..you guys wouldn't regret pudh lee johnson
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Marshall was intentional, nice job though 😂 Proper way to get the ball rolling. Cody's not gonna duck Shaq. If anything just do recorded segments for the match while recovering his shoulder.
Limitless Rhodes2
Limitless Rhodes2 14 days ago
Put in the work
Farhan Noor
Farhan Noor 14 days ago
IDK but his voice makes me feel like he is a world champ material superstar..
Patrick Stoddard
Patrick Stoddard 14 days ago
I can't blame him and cody
Omar Alam
Omar Alam 15 days ago
Sign Cezar
Lawrence Bailey
Lawrence Bailey 15 days ago
lol my man even thanked Brandi but not Qt. i want to see where this goes
Bisaflorian 15 days ago
Booooo! PPA all the way!
EAprima 15 days ago
QT was like, "HUH??? WHAT ABOUT ME???? YOU MENTIONED BRANDI BUT WHAT ABOUT ME??" *Death stare with slow claps* Something brewing and I'm interested!
GSKStarfighter 15 days ago
qt needs to lay down for lee
OttoSavvage 15 days ago
Congrats to DDG
Chase Stallings
Chase Stallings 15 days ago
Sorry guys Lee kinda sucks. He also is horrible on the on the mic. Shitty move set as well.
_ Sebbo
_ Sebbo 15 days ago
Guys he has ofiziell singed with aew
William Mortel
William Mortel 15 days ago
Him and nick comoroto getting wins on AEW that was totally nice who's next to win his 1st maybe fuego perhaps???
Salt Bath
Salt Bath 15 days ago
Yall notice QT was like "really"?
Noronha Costa
Noronha Costa 15 days ago
Cezar is a monster! Brazilian Pride!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Steven Davies
Steven Davies 15 days ago
Good for him he deserves it this has been. A long time coming for Lee Johnson.
Paulo H86
Paulo H86 15 days ago
Hopefully Cody’s injury keeps him off tv for awhile 🤞🏻
kyle TeMaro
kyle TeMaro 15 days ago
Mad Sarutobi
Mad Sarutobi 15 days ago
Next week Aron solow get the first win
InterNerd 15 days ago
Cezar bononi 🇧🇷❤
manny smith
manny smith 15 days ago
Not mentioning qt and standing right in from of him almost kind of replacing him in kind of a way Qt vs lee Johnson Storyline and I love it
Ibrahim Shukri
Ibrahim Shukri 15 days ago
Congrats, Lee Johnson.
ArcaneAzmadi 15 days ago
It's always nice to see a hard-working jobber get their first win. Honestly, I would have thought Johnson might have picked up a quiet win on Dark against one of the other jobbers at some point (even Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler had the resolution to their storyline resolved on Dark) so it's quite surprising they held off until he got a match on Dynamite no less. I think it's great that Cody is just looking to help build some new stars whenever he has some downtime between big feuds (since it's not like Jade Cargill and Shaq will be showing up every week) but I hope he recovers quickly from this shoulder injury, it'd suck if he had to drop out of the Shaq match (although if that happens, I suggest Dustin should take his place).
Qtipz123 15 days ago
Well that's awkward. Everyone but QT Marshall got a recognition, even Brandi (QT standing directly behind Lee Johnson) 😅
Marc-Anthony D
Marc-Anthony D 15 days ago
QT look pissed as hell
Reggie Wolfpac
Reggie Wolfpac 15 days ago
There it is most dangerous pin ever the fruit rollup.
Ermac 15 days ago
Johnson vs QT
Derek Jang
Derek Jang 15 days ago
Woahh, Lee Johnson showing some moves. Nice corkscrew. He reminds me of Jay Lethal. Keep it up!
Jagjeet Buttar
Jagjeet Buttar 15 days ago
AEW is full of vanilla midgets
Chanchal 15 days ago
That corkscrew rope drive was insane!
VideoFoodCritic 15 days ago
Hook v. Lee Johnson could have some potential
Blackie Whiterson
Blackie Whiterson 15 days ago
Peter Vaginalon and Cesaro’s Banana for AEW Tag Team Champions 🤣
UthinkUknowme26 15 days ago
Hey cody, stop trying to put over jobbers
Ron Michaels
Ron Michaels 15 days ago
QT mad as hell
Squared Circle Squares
Lee Johnson is next up. Great Talent. Over like rover
The4cp 15 days ago
QT heel turn. Lee and Fuego are gonna get him.
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 15 days ago
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 15 days ago
Zaye 15 days ago
QT Heel Turn Would Be Interesting
Gary White
Gary White 15 days ago
Lee Johnson needs to gain weight, and get a push.
Marquise Alexander
Marquise Alexander 15 days ago
7th Vigilante
7th Vigilante 15 days ago
Pay attention. QT marshall is gonna turn heel on the Lee Johnson & the Knightmare family. Yall didnt peep game. I seen it
Donnie Pendergrass
Donnie Pendergrass 15 days ago
Wait you telling me this dude did a whole winning speech and he's tagged with cody??????? No shit that's a win by default. I thought it was a singles match just to find this bad writing
Junior Lee
Junior Lee 15 days ago
I am so glad. Ever since the matches he had on Dark against Ben Carter and Ricky Starks, I was wondering why he wasn't utilized better. Hopefully this leads to a good run . Interesting that he didn't thank let alone acknowledge QT.
Raymond Huggins
Raymond Huggins 15 days ago
Tony: oh my god....he broke his neck 😂
Franky A
Franky A 15 days ago
This shyt right here gave so much emotion. I’m glad for that man
michael murillo
michael murillo 15 days ago
Either the shaq match was never meant to happen or cody is unlucky. How is it that out of all the matches. Brodie,lance, team taz and even a brutal match with his brother. Going up against peter is what gets him injured. 😵. This world is crazy.
roaches23 15 days ago
Cody Rhodes is a white savior now.
Bebe oVeloze
Bebe oVeloze 15 days ago
Who's the announcer ?
Fernanda 15 days ago
I loved them! it was a really fun fight. It's great to see Lee. I hope Cody recovers. Keep Peter and Bononi as a pair, they have good chemistry. 😃
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams 15 days ago
He did it for the Rhodes
Collinz 15 days ago
ITS PPA ALL DAY!! well done Shotty Lee. Great to see Dark wrestlers getting their opportunities on Dynamite also.
James Pittman
James Pittman 15 days ago
I like Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson they are great wrestlers..
Adam Almighty
Adam Almighty 15 days ago
Shawn Dean next!! Also, did you see QT reaction when Lee Johnson didn't mention him?? Oh boy!
Mariah Brooks
Mariah Brooks 15 days ago
My mom's friend
Blue Marvel
Blue Marvel 15 days ago
QT Marshall is MAD lol
1854 15 days ago
Wow Lee Johnson looking really good
1854 15 days ago
That move over the top rope was amazing
Brandubh 15 days ago
Ehh, he pinned Peter Avalon, AEW's answer to a Red Shirt.
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 15 days ago
Lee has been talented since his start and continues to improve while adding new moves to his list. He's young too so should hopefully enjoy his matches for a long time :)
James Hyder
James Hyder 15 days ago
The most DEVASTATING MOVE in sports entertainment. 😂
DEF.licious22 DeLaAcademia
Finally Lee Johnson!!! Salute!!! It's been a whole Year since I became your fan!! So Happy you finally earned your first win!!!👏👏👏
Pyro 15 days ago
Cody needs to put people over.
Slamsc h
Slamsc h 15 days ago
Lee reminds me of Isiah Scott
Bret Hart
Bret Hart 15 days ago
I'm holding out hope for Lee johnson as his in ring work is good but he needs to work on his promo skills.
The Brave Introvert
He just turned 23...he has time. He has Cody and Dusty looking out for him
Berry Thyv
Berry Thyv 15 days ago
Lee Johnson reminds me of the actor in the Creed movies for some reason. I think he is gonna be a big star in a couple years.
Odd Apprentice
Odd Apprentice 15 days ago
I’ve been saying that. He’s the Killmonger Lee Johnson. And he’s here for the throne! But is it going to lead Cody, the rightful heir to this wrestling kingdom to have to face off against his metaphorical flesh & blood? Family drama has always been the core of the greatest myths and legends.
Maurice Nixon
Maurice Nixon 15 days ago
I've been waiting for AEW to let this young man do his thing. The Captain Shawn Dean hopefully is NEXT
Jatko Useinoski
Jatko Useinoski 15 days ago
Lee has the moveset of every single modern day basic wrestler. Outside the ropes and someone is charging at you? Hit home with the basic kick to the head. Then jump on the top rope to perform a flipy type move. Boring. Show me some personality.
Jatko Useinoski
Jatko Useinoski 14 days ago
@Underworld PlaysI don't care at all about acrobatics. 😴😴😴
Underworld Plays
Underworld Plays 15 days ago
You must be new here, and even more new to Johnson. That kid has been doing A+ work on not only his moves, his selling, but his charisma inside that ring. It is also no mystery that his 2 favorite wrestlers are Omega and Cody. He dresses like Cody and wrestles like Omega. That is not a bad combo by any means. He just wrestled 2 jobbers and expected greatness? Go watch his Dark matches with Ben Carter, Ricky Starks, etc. He is also only 22.
Bob 15 days ago
Peter Avalon and Lee Johnson? Nobody cares about these dweebs.. Have Brian Cage or Rusev or Lance Archer come running down and powerbomb them on the concrete. C'mon AEW, stop showcasing these types of wrestlers
ori naor
ori naor 15 days ago
qt marshall is the best!!!!!!!!!
Brian Stallings
Brian Stallings 15 days ago
Way to pay homage. Congratulations Lee.
Mr Nightmare
Mr Nightmare 15 days ago
man i love the little details in these storylines, love how QT Marshall reacted when Lee didnt mention him. first storyline for Lee incoming?! That would be awesome
Jay Plays
Jay Plays 15 days ago
Khan: We need to push a black talent Cody: Hold my beer...
Pilot 14 days ago
dont be like that. hobbs and Scorpio sky gets pushed to. Everyone has an equal opportunity
Madame Feast
Madame Feast 14 days ago
@คωкωคяdłყ σdd Yeah. Marq Quen is really good
Underworld Plays
Underworld Plays 14 days ago
@คωкωคяdłყ σdd True.
คωкωคяdłყ σdd
@Underworld Plays and private party
Jay Plays
Jay Plays 14 days ago
@Underworld Plays You have a point so let’s say this...AEW outta all MAJOR wrestling promotions push black wrestlers the LEAST
This is how you book a “young baby face”...when a single win actually means something.
Northern Boy
Northern Boy 15 days ago
Lol QT looked pissed
dizzy santiago
dizzy santiago 15 days ago
They just planted the seed with Q.T. Marshall you could see when Lee Johnson thanked anyone even Brandi but left out Q.T. Marshall and how he even changed the way he was applauding. You could see it a mile away.
John Paul Balisado
John Paul Balisado 15 days ago
Heck yeah! If we're getting anything similar to the heel qt from sami's vlog then I'm all for it. He's actually entertaining as a heel.
FZ Essex
FZ Essex 15 days ago
Johnson better ask Fuego to teach him the tornado ddt lol
James Eric
James Eric 15 days ago
Favorite part about AEW is that out of all the major companies they push the young talent the hardest. Hangman Page, Jungle Boy, MJF, Sammy Guavara, Private Party, Top Flight, Pillman Jr./Griff Garrison, Taz' son hook, and more all not even in their late 20s. Now add Lee Johnson! Lee is special you have to push him after this performance!
Own Know
Own Know 15 days ago
*Congratulations on your first official wrestling win in AEW, Lee, but you "forgot" to thank Q. T. Marshall. Now, he's going to "turn heel" on you and "make you famous". 🤣😂😂🤣*
Jah 15 days ago
They should bring more championships to aew . Bring the cruiserweight champion to aew. Bring one more title too & they’ll be set
Rhys Cake
Rhys Cake 15 days ago
He forgot QT
F C 15 days ago
Congrats Lee Johnson on the first win!!! Many more to come💯💯 and can I just say your remind me a little of Ricochet in wrestling style, just sayin.
Dude Duff
Dude Duff 15 days ago
Hope Cody Rhodes recovers from the injury he suffered on his left shoulder.
Dna 15 days ago
if enough marks wish for it, it will happen!
Great Heights
Great Heights 15 days ago
Cezar Benoni is the perfect fit with Avalon. Get him some black trunks to match and get them some wins. PPA. ALL. DAY!
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider 15 days ago
I don’t think the QT snub was part of storyline. He mentioned all the Rhodes’ members and probably forgot QT is a part of it technically. Also I believe QT personally trains Nick Comoroto so maybe the first storyline for the two of them is against each other
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