What Happened to Orange Cassidy When He Returned to Action? | AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/17/21
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
_ Sebbo
_ Sebbo 54 minutes ago
Make luther and nakazawa a manger
Rohan Plantboy James
I agree with Cornette, this was crapy use of TV time. Jericho can pull off the fat old man look but Luther can't.
_ Sebbo
_ Sebbo 52 minutes ago
Luther and nakazawa should be a manger
Tim Evans
Tim Evans 3 days ago
Orange cassidy is terrible, he make fun of true wrestlers
sagar sondarva
sagar sondarva 4 days ago
Orange Cassidy is actually made out of the fusion of Rock Howard, Ryan Gosling and a drop of Chuck Norris' blood...
sagar sondarva
sagar sondarva 4 days ago
Chuck Taylor, the future TNT champion... Because he have alot of potential in him to be the champ... Currently he's being underrated...
sagar sondarva
sagar sondarva 4 days ago
Awful waffle must be inducted into the top 3 dangerous moves of AEW... That move is a thing of beauty...
The Joker
The Joker 4 days ago
This is so embarrassing for pro wrestling 😅
the dishonest jeff sokol
53 seconds: "He took a bump that looked like an old man falling off a toilet seat" - Jim Cornette. And he was right too lmfao this is embarrassing.
CatCamryn 4 days ago
I would love to see Orange do more of his comedy spots even in these smaller "in action" matches.
joe kickass
joe kickass 4 days ago
god awful
Help Me
Help Me 4 days ago
This match was booked specifically for Jim Karenette.
rell real
rell real 5 days ago
Wtf 😂
Ibrahim Shukri
Ibrahim Shukri 5 days ago
Welcome back, Orange Cassidy.
Tom85AVFC 5 days ago
These look like children pretending to play wrestle.
C M 5 days ago
Aew is pure garbage
Ze TheGame
Ze TheGame 6 days ago
Best thing about Chaos Project on Dynamite is that you are guaranteed an hilarious Cornette review of the match between these two douches.
Gaming nation 1.3 million
Cassidy attitude is another level
Chris Kayman
Chris Kayman 6 days ago
Lmao, chuck Taylor? Oh man Jim Cornette is gonna lose his shit.
Khayree McCauley
Khayree McCauley 6 days ago
He is PWI'S Most Popular for a reason..... And here it is folks
Random Account
Random Account 6 days ago
Thanks to Luther Joey Janela is only the 2nd worst wrestler on the planet
The Shockmaster
The Shockmaster 7 days ago
its the awful waffle
Harsh Yash
Harsh Yash 7 days ago
Cassidy is best
angelo crisostomo
pro yt yt pro
pro yt yt pro 7 days ago
Kalian semua anjing
Hagfish 7 days ago
Glad to see Cassidy recovered from his penis reduction 👍
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 7 days ago
Nice to see orange Cassidy back in action. Still we need him vs mirro in a decent match first then some gimik match really help set up the fude
MrCreepyKitty 7 days ago
the "former butler" call made me giggle so much. the fact that he didn't mention miro at all just made it sound like chuckie took a strange path to pro wrestling.
Kamlesh Kannaujiya
Orange punch lmao 😝
Shubham Anand
Shubham Anand 7 days ago
Awful Waffle > AA
Mike Spear
Mike Spear 7 days ago
With stuff like this it’s not a surprise that you show little audience growth. Stop allowing useless turds like Luther take up valuable TV time just because he’s friends with Jericho. He was trash in the 90’s, he’s trash now and will be trash in the future
Joshua Bearce
Joshua Bearce 7 days ago
I'm glad Orange is using the Best Friends theme again. However, if Undertaker can get a license to use American Badass, then Tony Khan should purchase a license for Jane from Jefferson Starship. Jane fits Orange like a glove.
De Fowl
De Fowl 7 days ago
Where's trent????
Unkown Source
Unkown Source 7 days ago
"Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy"
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 8 days ago
1:34 Cassidy: "Now..." *takes off elbow pad* "I'll use 45% of my true potential..."
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas 8 days ago
1:01 👍
Pelon Zobaz
Pelon Zobaz 8 days ago
This match should be on AEW extra dark so nobody has to see this shit.
Pelon Zobaz
Pelon Zobaz 5 days ago
@Mike Spear Agree along with Luther, Chuck Taylor , Serpentico and the Dark Odor should a go to Impact this match was horrible.
Mike Spear
Mike Spear 7 days ago
Luther is the type of wrestler that belongs on a show like impact. With their viewership he might get seen by 15 people a week. Anything more than that is simply too much!
Sohai GamingYT
Sohai GamingYT 8 days ago
Orange reigns? Roman cassidy? Orange empire???
Doug Martin
Doug Martin 8 days ago
Orange cassidy’s depushing continues. JR mocking the name “Colossal Waffle Maffle”. I know JR. we feel ur agony and pain in announcing AEW matches”
MrAhmes2001 8 days ago
Lol who’s the fat white Hindu??
vinoth kumar
vinoth kumar 8 days ago
My hero orange cassidy
F C 8 days ago
What happened??? He won!! What do you think lol
G.B. Rana
G.B. Rana 8 days ago
Hahaha children copy Roman supermen punch
TT 8 days ago
Roman wasn't the first person to use the Superman punch in wrestling.
Rocky Bhai
Rocky Bhai 8 days ago
Orange Cassidy 🔥🔥🔥
محمد ريمكس
Rajamrajanayagam Nayagam
Super orange cassidy
King brah
King brah 8 days ago
What happened to Trent? I don’t really watch yo much AEW but I know those 3 are supposed to be thick as thieves?
kimends 8 days ago
Out with a partially torn pec. Should be back within the next few months.
Peter White
Peter White 8 days ago
Awesome match. thanks
cogitoergo 8 days ago
What a mess
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 8 days ago
Best Friends theme suits Orange Cassidy the best tbh. I wasn't really feeling his singles theme. Glad he's using it again.
andydroid1986 8 days ago
Looks like kids play wrestling 🤦‍♂️
Darius 8 days ago
da big man Luther shouldn’t have to be taking these bumps😤😤 but while we’re here THROW EM UP FOR LUTHER 👉🏽🤪
Ken Cossitt
Ken Cossitt 5 days ago
Jim James
Jim James 8 days ago
Awful Waffle > One Winged 🧚‍♀️
Sam Tat
Sam Tat 8 days ago
When Trent returns, I hope his moms van randomly pulls up, and he hops out the back lmao
Kitami Chin
Kitami Chin 8 days ago
roman reigns need to watch this. cassidy can win the match by superman punch
Travis LoneBear
Travis LoneBear 8 days ago
Iam not a chaos project fan tbh
Dota Kỳ Diệu
Dota Kỳ Diệu 8 days ago
Title: "Orange Cassidy back in action" Thumbnail: Orange Cassidy being Orange Cassidy
samie gamin
samie gamin 8 days ago
Copy copy supermanpunch copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy
elliott v
elliott v 8 days ago
Always disappointed that superman punch isn’t called the PULP
Cute cat tarzan
Cute cat tarzan 8 days ago
Wow finally .. orange is back .
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson 8 days ago
They should just use cassidy as a punching bag. Let him do his stupid gimmick and get laid out each time he does one of those slow kicks.
Daven's BeerDome
Daven's BeerDome 8 days ago
Wow that shove by Liger at the beginning, very dangerous.
Gnabi 4u
Gnabi 4u 8 days ago
Luther is getting good week by week🔥
أسامة الابراهيم
Where is miro
Paulo H86
Paulo H86 8 days ago
I know FTR are an overrated tag team but where’s the match from the other night and why did it take so long to update Hardy page.. whoever running you’re US-first account needs sacking MR KHAN community leader.. maybe stop paying impact and other companies for promos and start paying you’re staff who control this awfully run page on US-first
Edwin Vs Gio
Edwin Vs Gio 8 days ago
Luther's wrestling skills wanted
Pritam Fitness
Pritam Fitness 8 days ago
Cheap superman punch not look so good
Om Bahadur galami
my best
The Flying Sailor
Sting2saw 8 days ago
Didnt see this Match on the latest episode of Dynamite, was it there?
Mark Curtis
Mark Curtis 8 days ago
Orange Cassidy is literally the modern day equivalent to the rock in terms of both wrestling and mainstream popularity. Fresh squeezed!
Kadarius Williams
You don't know what real wrestling is until it have he you in the ass you said orange cassidy is the modern day rock but deep down you know that's not true he no where near the rock in terms of Popularity and appearance orange cassidy is not a draw and he not bigger then the rock when it comes to drawing a Mainstream Audience
Mark Curtis
Mark Curtis 8 days ago
@Timmy Bangs your first sentence proves how irrelevant your opinion is. “You need to laid off the drugs bud.” You need to learn English, bud
TT 8 days ago
LOL! I really hope you're joking...
Timmy Bangs
Timmy Bangs 8 days ago
You need to laid off the drugs bud. Popularity? You couldn’t distinguish this twat from a grocery store bagger
Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen 8 days ago
Lets be honest everyone expected miro to come out and attack orange
Rosyati Yati
Rosyati Yati 8 days ago
Good, l miss this man
Shadowbeast Titan
Cant wait till Miro crushes this joke
Bijoy Ahamed Shohag
This is too good for orange cassidy and his friend. Best Bonding..
Gold Canima
Gold Canima 8 days ago
Orange Cassidy is best
Tbh I wish chaos project weren't shown as just jobbers, they are actually damn good I love em but yeah whatever I guess lol
TheEvilstarter44 8 days ago
AEW equals spot wrestling... Lol
abhishek thugs funny video
Orange Cassidy very lazy 🤣🤣🤣
Animesh Bhattacharya
Cm Punk Coming to AEW ???
CYR PIT 8 days ago
Superman Punch for Roman Reigns /// Orange Punch for Cassidy.... but Same finishers
William Ollerton
William Ollerton 8 days ago
Can the referees learn the fucking rules
Dramolcan 8 days ago
Orange needs a real finisher
Was that superman punch...
Derek Floyd
Derek Floyd 8 days ago
No, it was the Orange Punch!
Fredrick Oywer
Fredrick Oywer 8 days ago
I don't like how they don't upload all dynamite videos in quick succession
Wrestling Mini-ClipsZone
That Luther guy doesn’t need to take them bumps on the floor
sayedul islam
sayedul islam 8 days ago
Excellent return! Still cool🍊!
iamdwyanecardiff 8 days ago
My Little Dog Pockets
Jackie Cheng
Jackie Cheng 8 days ago
This is probably the best I've seen Luthor. What an OG Death Dealer!
NSG 8 days ago
Total scripted
Nakoa Ahyee
Nakoa Ahyee 8 days ago
I can't believe this waste of space is on t.v. Aew should pay someone who has talent to wrestle
Dragmire 8 days ago
Yeah I agree Luther actually is trash
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 8 days ago
Luther has to be the son of King Kong Bundy lol
Arifur Chowdhury
Arifur Chowdhury 8 days ago
Why you guyz are uploading it very lately .
pubg lovers
pubg lovers 8 days ago
Chick the and earn money
মানুষের পরিচয় Human identity
Roman reigns copy Superman panch
Baw shawn Taw
Baw shawn Taw 8 days ago
Orange cassidy vs miro That's what i think we will get in revolution but i don't know but why didn't miro appear yesterday...
Baw shawn Taw
Baw shawn Taw 8 days ago
Orange cassidy vs miro That's what i think we will get in revolution but i don't know but why didn't miro appear yesterday...
Dan Fennessey
Dan Fennessey 8 days ago
Awful waffle, washed down with an Orange Punch. Not a good night for the Chaos project.
Adan A.
Adan A. 8 days ago
Deeb should have won! I hate it when AEW tries to push somebody at the cost of better wrestlers. They did this with FTR, they mowed over too many better tag teams to push their FTR vs. Bucks match. AEW if you wanted to have Riho vs Shida, just do it! Don't bury other great wrestlers to get there. That's what mid carders and jobbers are for, Deeb deserves better, She should be AEW champion.
The vice master
The vice master 8 days ago
Orange punch? Why not “the juicer”?
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