Who Was the First to Move on in the Eliminator Tournament in the US Bracket? AEW Dynamite 

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AEW Dynamite, 2/10/21
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Feb 12, 2021




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Comments 100   
ItzNicckk 2 days ago
First time watching aew, is this program scripted or no?
Alex Vasquez
Alex Vasquez 9 days ago
And like that aews women's division is rounding out. Great match.
Daniel Bienapfl
Daniel Bienapfl 9 days ago
Thunder Rosa is so amazing
#PPR Craft Cannabis
Why does she just lift her ass off the mat and then it's counted as a kick out? Her shoulders are still very touching the mat. Not a convincing kick out
LMNT XO 11 days ago
How about Rosa wins the tournament but Britt will find a way to insert herself into the championship match (and everyone will hate her even more for doing it), then we'll have a triple threat for the title!
Paul Halpin
Paul Halpin 11 days ago
Leyla should start wearing orange, call herself the suplex machine and start a feud with Taz
Chip Kip
Chip Kip 12 days ago
Thunder Rosa needs to win the entire tournament!
maar13 12 days ago
Man Thunder Rosa is si good!
juan arjona
juan arjona 12 days ago
I want to get at thunder Rosa 👍🏻
Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres 13 days ago
finnaly posted it thanks you
My Dear Journal
My Dear Journal 13 days ago
Leyla is great!
Jake Lumis
Jake Lumis 13 days ago
Tourney predictions : Tay getting an upset over Nyla Yuka winning Japan side Britt winning US Side
why is everyone ignoring the botch finish?
CHUA JIAN PING 13 days ago
Katie Elizabeth
Katie Elizabeth 13 days ago
Leyla is going to be a star 💜
Brunno 13 days ago
El elfo Culero
El elfo Culero 14 days ago
Yes yes
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh 14 days ago
Moxly match winner but you are not show winner , omega boring wrestler so don't promote omega
Jeff Jarvie
Jeff Jarvie 14 days ago
Should have kept Riho in Japan for the tournament to face another Japanese talent, while Ivelisse and Diamanté should have been included. Unless you are planning on doing a Latin American tournament crossover with other promotions like AAA, CMLL, The Crash, and others?
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 14 days ago
Well i hope they have something for shida.
RichieB76 14 days ago
Such a shame Layla was the 1st eliminated, she is a really good wrestler, and could definitely use more screen time.
John Owen
John Owen 14 days ago
They're not gonna have any superstars tomorrow if they keep burying tomorrow's superstars today. With them tracking win/loss records they can't rely on people forgetting that they squashed somebody several dozen times when they're finally ready to give that person a push. Part of why Cutler and Avalon are hard to get any momentum for now.
Vince Adams
Vince Adams 14 days ago
Push leyla hirsch please.. She could be one of the best...she got charisma it just need her to promo her match
knightshousegames 14 days ago
I love how the US bracket of this tournament is mostly non-Americans. First Match, a Russian woman vs a Mexican woman. Like....all but 3 people in the American bracket are not from America. Also....Riho hasn't wrestled on TV for like a year because she is from Japan... is on the American bracket... Maybe should have framed this as an "International" tournament.
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 14 days ago
Gonna comedown to Rosa and Baker, later if either challenge for the Women's World Championship, the other will screw her opponent over later.
Marc-Anthony D
Marc-Anthony D 14 days ago
Hirsch is going to be a big star. She's got it all.
SuaveDrew 14 days ago
if aew ever gets a streaming service, best believe i’m copping it!!!
Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez 14 days ago
Big fan of Leyla Hirsch!
mersid karic
mersid karic 14 days ago
Womens eliminator tournament is going to be AWSOOOOOME,Yuka Sakazaki,Emi Sakura,Aja Kong,etz-they baaaaack,but i dont se Ryho,o man this is awsome,AEW FOR LIFE💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪.
JiggleShrimp 14 days ago
"Everybody talkin like they forgot about Statlander"
Alex Vasquez
Alex Vasquez 9 days ago
The division has really filled out! And all without statlander. When she comes back? Oof. Can't wait.
Blackie Whiterson
Blackie Whiterson 14 days ago
If they give the title to Rose again, I’m done with AEW.
IkEeEe 14 days ago
Maki is gonna lose in the first round isn’t she😔
Jay Austin
Jay Austin 14 days ago
I am a Hirsch fan! This girl is severely underrated. I hope she gets a push soon.
Elusive Handle
Elusive Handle 14 days ago
I just want to see Aja Kong in the finals 🤷‍♂️
Juliette Optima
Juliette Optima 14 days ago
Good show and fight can't mask the fact, that this match was scripted, so Rosa moves on in the tournament! The actual match is just an entertainment.
Great Heights
Great Heights 14 days ago
Hope Thunder Rosa goes all the way. She's the best.
strickly business
strickly business 14 days ago
Lets see who can perform more fancy moves than the other without fundamentals!
Notta Realla
Notta Realla 14 days ago
Great opening for this womens tournament. Hoping this is the start of the reset the division needed. Keep it up, ladies!
demons27 14 days ago
Geez! Leyla Hersch went to the well so many times that she was taking care of the crops all by herself!
Soul Fist
Soul Fist 14 days ago
Hirsch looking like a snack
ZayBreezy 14 days ago
Somebody needs to just give the trophy to Dr. Britt Baker now, at this point. She would benefit the most from facing Shida for the AEW Women's title, and, hell, maybe even win it.
Godot 14 days ago
Hirsch needs to get a monster push in 2021
bazza 14 days ago
It's a shame that Leyla was Knocked out so soon. I really like her. Good match
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo 14 days ago
My❤Thunder Rosa☺Thunder is probably hoping for a rematch vs Serena Deeb but I hope she faces Riho in the 2nd rd. IMO a much more interesting and entertaining matchup
Mistyfall 14 days ago
Am I the only one knowing that riho is coming back to aew?!
Sharan DD
Sharan DD 14 days ago
Thunder Rosa deserves to be in final
The Devils Playground
It's great seeing Thunder Rosa in AEW...She was being wasted in that Poor Man's Version of the NWA run by Billy Corgan...
Dirtx45 14 days ago
Respect for both 👏👏👏
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 14 days ago
This is the only match on the American side that I could correctly predict, this tournament is full of tight matchups
Oscar Alexis
Oscar Alexis 14 days ago
Thunder Rosa Is The Future Of The AEW Women's Division 🔥
Oscar Alexis
Oscar Alexis 11 days ago
@MandosGTIAllDay It Is One Of AEW Priorities And They Will Sign It Sooner Or Later They Will Not Miss That Opportunity
MandosGTIAllDay 13 days ago
She is not signed to aew
Oscar Alexis
Oscar Alexis 13 days ago
@Raymond Heuer It's Just a Matter Of Time For It To Happen Just Wait And See
Raymond Heuer
Raymond Heuer 13 days ago
Don't think so. Thunder Rosa is the present of Mission Pro Wrestling.
Luis E.A.
Luis E.A. 14 days ago
Great combat..
Jose Lulo
Jose Lulo 14 days ago
Can y’all upload all the matches after dynamite please not days later
F Oroburritos
F Oroburritos 14 days ago
This was a good match, and the tournament is a good idea. But can we please have more than one women's march a show? Especially with this tournament if they wanna make it seem like s big deal. Doesn't even have to be every week at this point, but having two tournament matches in some of the upcoming Dynamite shows would do a lot for the division.
Rayan B
Rayan B 14 days ago
Why that late 🤔
Harmony4ever06 14 days ago
Bijay Maharjan
Bijay Maharjan 14 days ago
Amazing... fierce matches no dramas...👍👍💯
Ephraim Colbert
Ephraim Colbert 14 days ago
I met Thunder Rosa a few years ago in Berkeley she was hella cool came onto KPFA radio.
محمد ريمكس
David Wallace
David Wallace 14 days ago
Around the world? Most are Asian 😂😂
The Insider
The Insider 14 days ago
Leyla needs charisma. She has none.
pelu101 14 days ago
Disagree, check out her promos from CZW.
Serpent XI
Serpent XI 14 days ago
Hirsch gives me strong Kurt Angle/Chad Gable vibes.
Aajajj Dnsjsjsjsjdndj
@Kristopher Swift Nuu. nun . . . . ...... :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 7uuu
Aajajj Dnsjsjsjsjdndj
Serpent XI
Serpent XI 13 days ago
@John Owen She was protected a bit in this loss at least, because she was winning handedly against a former world champ when she stuck to her game plan, Thunder Rosa could only really come back when Hirsch went out of her element on the top rope. If Hirsch had stuck to a ground game as you said then Rosa was donzo.
Question The Mark
Question The Mark 14 days ago
@John Owen well I don't see her being pushed over any of the other American women yet, so I don't think it was a waste. Got her more exposure and experience working with Thunder.
John Owen
John Owen 14 days ago
They just need to start letting her work more of a ground game and feed her some legit looking wins. Having her drop the first round of the tournament was a waste.
carlmark inopia
carlmark inopia 15 days ago
Say what we want about Leyla Hirsch, but right now this AEW's downsized Shayna Baszler is better used than the actual Shayna Baszler
Mark Dukett
Mark Dukett 15 days ago
Aew women matches getting better everytime love it
Τhanos Hatzioannou
You can tell by the way Thunder Rosa transitioned in order to defend the armbar that she has mma (or jiu jitsu) background! I like her style, hope they sign her at some point.
Τhanos Hatzioannou
@KairosObjective Oh yes?! Didn't know this. Hence her nickname "Legit" lol!
KairosObjective 14 days ago
Both her and Hirsch (amateur wrestlin') have nice backgrounds.
Knight of Flames
Knight of Flames 15 days ago
I like thunder rosa , thunder cat outfit
jayant gaming
jayant gaming 15 days ago
Hope more classic match gets
Riqardo C. Joulzenn
#2 moment of the week YESSS
7 Star pro
7 Star pro 15 days ago
i love AEW
Frozen Bean
Frozen Bean 15 days ago
Love these 2 and gosh are they beautiful! 😍
Jay Plays
Jay Plays 15 days ago
Soooo what happens after Thunder Rosa doesn’t sign...
The Manohar
The Manohar 15 days ago
Legit Leyla Hirsch will be 2021 Breakout Women's 🌟
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 15 days ago
Although I didn't like Leyla Hirsch being eliminated so early in the Women's Eliminator tournament, Leyla & Thunder Rosa had such a great match. I'm glad the AEW Women's division is finally being given more opportunities to turn the division around for the better. Nice job ladies. Cannot wait for the Joshi side of the bracket to face off.
Alexythimia23 15 days ago
I always laugh my ass off when Layla hirch music comes on like someone awesome is coming out and a 4ft rousey wannabe comes out 🤣
emmanuel aguirre lopez
Sarosh Rana
Sarosh Rana 15 days ago
Leyla hersh for Team Taz! 🔥
Stephane Mayoli
Stephane Mayoli 15 days ago
Rosa je taime
Jonathan Vivanco
Jonathan Vivanco 15 days ago
Thunder Rosa la siguiente campeona
BICHUMON B 15 days ago
This was a smart move by aew holding this clip to include the full card of youtube matches
KairosObjective 12 days ago
@BICHUMON B guess they're tryin to work that algorithm now.
BICHUMON B 14 days ago
@KairosObjective no they usually post it about few hours after dynamite
KairosObjective 14 days ago
?? I dont get it. They always post after Dynamite a day or 2.
Mwila Chola
Mwila Chola 15 days ago
Is Hirsch twinning with Miro?
yvane marchale
yvane marchale 15 days ago
Hello AEW ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Very hard hitting match...these are two of my favorite performers right now.
Message Posted
Message Posted 15 days ago
Great match but Hersch needs to learn the correct way to kick out of a pin.
Kris A
Kris A 15 days ago
These are probably the 2 best in ring workers they have besides Deeb, Shida and Riho. The Japan side has a bunch of vets so this should be good.
MichiganJack 15 days ago
That little kick out attempt by Layla at the end was perfect. Thunder Rosa es magnífica.
Reggie Wolfpac
Reggie Wolfpac 15 days ago
Leyla did alright just not enough for Thunder.
Nick Edge
Nick Edge 15 days ago
AEW US-first page Sucks Fix the Titles of the Videos PLEASE
KairosObjective 12 days ago
@BFA_ᎡɢᏀᴀᴍᴇʀ we shall see.
@KairosObjective i don't think so because according to me its gonna be shida vs britt Baker
KairosObjective 14 days ago
Thats gonna happen and I think ROsa will beat Britt this time.
@Wendigo ok thanks bro
Wendigo 15 days ago
She is!
PristineTX 15 days ago
For people wondering why the videos are trickling out instead of all being dumped immediately, like they used to, it’s probably to encourage people to watch on TV, and to work better with US-first’s algorithm, as US-first limits you to only three notifications per day, even if you upload more than three videos.
KairosObjective 14 days ago
3 a day? Thats stupid on US-first's part.
Craig Holcomb
Craig Holcomb 15 days ago
This tourney shows how to book women's matches
Jawan Farmer
Jawan Farmer 15 days ago
This is a great match between these two ladies
Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman 15 days ago
The booking seriously can't get worse who TF puts the two best wrestlers you have in the first round.
bobby tanqueray
bobby tanqueray 15 days ago
Thunder Rosa is dope
TheRandom ?
TheRandom ? 15 days ago
Whats with aew recently they upload late?
scottisYT 4Life
scottisYT 4Life 15 days ago
Ryo Mizunami looks like a female Okada lol
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 15 days ago
Frist round for The AEW Word Women's Elimination Tournament between Thunder Rosa vs The Legit Leyla Hirsch this is match was epic i like soo much see this is two amazing woman's together are awesome together and this is Tournament is amazing idea for the woman's division 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Thunder Rosa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
Leyla's new gear is sexy
scottisYT 4Life
scottisYT 4Life 15 days ago
Isn't Hirsch Russian? And isn't Thunder Rosa Mexican? Either way this was a good match
Carlos Hevia
Carlos Hevia 14 days ago
Riho moved to the US and is on the US side of the tournament
Ryan Spies
Ryan Spies 14 days ago
I think the American side just means the women who are in America currently lol
ARD Arts
ARD Arts 15 days ago
To say you frankly it's a sexy match
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen 15 days ago
The way AEW uploaded videos on US-first recently shows that there is something wrong behind the scenes.
Raffaele Russo
Raffaele Russo 15 days ago
This US-first channel is very bad. Titles mispelled and misleading
Austin Mignone
Austin Mignone 15 days ago
When thunder Rosa is signed to a contract for aew she will become the face of this division.
Ong Khuong Duy
Ong Khuong Duy 14 days ago
Seems like it is just courtesy for NWA to let her contract finished so it doesn't look like AEW is stealing their talent. She is basically signed to AEW at this point.
Shady 15 days ago
@Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊ or Tony Shcivoni.
Silvia Marques Fankanal ➊
Britt will never allow that to happen!
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