"Yeezy’s, a Kendo stick cactus, and Obama?" - Wrestling with the Week 

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"Yeezy’s, a Kendo stick cactus, and Obama?" - Wrestling with the Week Episode 5 | 2/15/21
In this episode, Scorpio Sky and James Willems talk about Sky's appearance on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast and the AEW main event with Kenta & Kenny Omega vs Moxley & Archer. Sky also breaks down changing his in ring style and what makes a hardcore match or a street fight really work. James shoes Sky some cool new shoes that Sky hates and Sky gives James some tips on where to buy the goods. There's also JR stories, Tony Schiavone name yelling, a shot of Brandi, and the REVEAL of James Bussit.
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Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 41   
GordoRamsei Day ago
Came here for James. Loving Scorpio. Please don't cancel this lmao
badm0t0rfinger 7 days ago
Politics is just Kayfabe for government.
Ramzyrizzle 8 days ago
Sky with the fresh Breds! 🙌🔥
Pranav Bhatt
Pranav Bhatt 8 days ago
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 8 days ago
Add James Buss It clip to Scorpios titantron entrance video
Based Salvy
Based Salvy 10 days ago
You know AEW is involved when they make t-shirts over anything.
BiLLz614 10 days ago
That jungle boy impression was one of the worst impressions that also made absolute sense to me. Lol I got where he was going with it... and what he was trying to portray but it also was not good if that makes sense lol Also glad to see James is finally getting more comfortable and being himself. Maybe it was just me but I felt he was a bit held back the first few episodes to maybe feel out Skys humor or something. But this one was great.
Shedmother 10 days ago
Crocs are amazing. They're so comfortable. James thinking his feet would sweat in them.... That's what all the holes are for. 😁
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare 10 days ago
Tom _
Tom _ 10 days ago
There was a video format this whole time???
Dewoyne G2G
Dewoyne G2G 10 days ago
Yellow White Yellow looks better
Misty Wiles
Misty Wiles 10 days ago
James huffing his Target candle, so wholesome lol
The4cp 11 days ago
EEEEEEWWWW OBAMA. No trash please.
Jcrow21 4 days ago
Best President in the last 25 Years facts
Jackie ryan
Jackie ryan 11 days ago
Jesse Ventura did alot of good things for farmers in MN
Proud Mongrovian
Proud Mongrovian 11 days ago
wow this show is so worthless. I've seen ads and thought it would be much better
Tiffany Q
Tiffany Q 11 days ago
Jim Jones on Joe Budden said it perfectly. Someone's political views should never change how you view their work. Judging Kayne on his made Scorpio loose Points in my book.
Krebsmon 11 days ago
I would like to see you two try like a thing where James recommends one game to Scorp every week and he has to play it for like half an hour or whatever and then decide whether he wants to keep playing or go back to Madden or whatever it was.
thevoid99 11 days ago
i never take yelp seriously as they're just a bunch of wannabe writers who don't know shit. i'd rather just be more constructive in the art of criticism. i appreciate the fact that sky wants to do more grounding and technical work. i don't mind high spots and dives but i want grounding and technical work. i don't want everyone doing the same thing. it's boring. it's like watching an episode of RAW which i haven't watched in more than 6 years.
Shadow Star
Shadow Star 11 days ago
Honestly don't bring politic to the ring no one will watch AEW ....... they will boicot the show
Jcrow21 4 days ago
good it sucks
Guijone Campos
Guijone Campos 11 days ago
Here for the James , Stayed for the sky, kept by the beard.
NewWhirledOrder 11 days ago
Nyla Rose (Brandon Degroat) is a man. AEW is for degenerates.
NewWhirledOrder 11 days ago
@KillaKirra There is no medical, magical or mystical procedure that can transform a man into a woman or a woman into a man like a prince from a frog with a kiss from a princess. It is absolutely impossible.
KillaKirra 11 days ago
You've done your research. You must be a superfan.
i watch these for my boy Eric B. once mega64 boy, always mega64 boy.
@Misty Wiles first time someones caught that reference.
Misty Wiles
Misty Wiles 4 days ago
You a Sublime fan as well?
James Pittman
James Pittman 11 days ago
I like scorpion sky he is a great wrestler.
Terence Wiggins
Terence Wiggins 11 days ago
I've got a pair of Crocs for walking around the house and as soon as I put mine own, Sky insulted Crocs
Joshua Mount
Joshua Mount 11 days ago
Take my money! My shirt vote is for just Canceled in white.
Mike H.
Mike H. 11 days ago
Rusty Buquet
Rusty Buquet 11 days ago
This James fella is killing it, maybe AEW should consider a full time role?
BiLLz614 10 days ago
@Tiffany Q don’t think he’s really trying to be lol. He just works for a gaming channel.
Tiffany Q
Tiffany Q 11 days ago
Relax He's no Sam Roberts
Naz Gohin
Naz Gohin 11 days ago
Not really obsessed with shoes like Scorpio Sky but that shoe is pretty. Please stop talking about shoes in every episode tho
miguel tome
miguel tome 11 days ago
Scorpio sky running for office: “This is the worst town...”
Miller Corpus
Miller Corpus 11 days ago
I mean I knew James Willems liked wrestling I didn’t know he would be on the very first AEW US-first video I ever watched, is he just getting bored that Bruce and Adam aren’t at Funhaus anymore
BiLLz614 10 days ago
@Miller Corpus John Smiff is leaving too sadly from what I’ve heard.
Adam Stockton
Adam Stockton 11 days ago
@Zakkary Jenkins yeah I didn't really stop watching for any reason just i think they slowly stopped appearing in my notifications or something. It wasnt until I realised sky and james were doing this that I even considered how long it's actually been.
Zakkary Jenkins
Zakkary Jenkins 11 days ago
@Adam Stockton funhaus videos are still good. Have been the whole time. Ryan is living up to the inside gaming legacy
Adam Stockton
Adam Stockton 11 days ago
@Miller Corpus damn not watched in about a year and a half maybe more but I was watching from the start of funhaus loved Bruce, he was my spirit animal haha
Miller Corpus
Miller Corpus 11 days ago
Adam Stockton Alannah is pretty much gone too it’s only really James, elyse, Jacob, both Johns and Ryan
Cesar Pino
Cesar Pino 11 days ago
Adam Stockton
Adam Stockton 11 days ago
James you need to test scorpio on drunk souls
MrAhmes2001 11 days ago
Screw Obama ... MAGA FOR LIFE
Shaun 11 days ago
I cant stand anything about scorpio sky
Jcrow21 4 days ago
y is that cuz he's black???
The4cp 11 days ago
You don't have 1/32 of his talent.
Adam Stockton
Adam Stockton 11 days ago
So why watch his podcast lol.... Seems a bit reductive like
Jawan Farmer
Jawan Farmer 11 days ago
Wrestling with the week episode 5 let’s go
DB Toys
DB Toys 11 days ago
Reach for the Sky!!!!
Nicholas Setters
Nicholas Setters 11 days ago
Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni 11 days ago
Another amazing episode of Wrestling with the Week with Scorpio Sky and James Willems ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Andre Corbeil
Andre Corbeil 11 days ago
GOLD MAN 11 days ago
LazärheaD 11 days ago
James from Funhaus! What are You doing here?
Rant : AEW Sucks